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Food City Pharmacy
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Phone: +1 865-484-0263

Food City Complaints & Reviews

Food City / Store manager, travis

missied on Jan 28, 2017
As of Nov. 2017 I had worked @ Food City for 2 yrs. I started as a cashier, and quickly worked my way to a front end manager, also learning other departments in the store. On Nov.18 2017, our store was having our Thanksgiving dinner for the associates. I had clocked out for my lunch, and...

Food City / Pharmacy

Shannon.hammontree34 on Dec 1, 2016
Pharmacist named Missy is very discriminative against people on suboxone... it's a hassle every time I go to get my meds, always to early or some other reason that I can't get my meds!! Can't stand judgemental people who have not been in your shoes, if it wasn't for people like me and...

Food City / The EOE and how harassing, discrimination, and slander is allowed in front of, and about customers

Hot customer on Nov 28, 2016
I recently visited a food city located in Bristol Tn off Virginia Ave. They have no respect among employees and customers. First I encounter a blonde worker telling a customer she hated another employee and was out to get her fired. Then told this fellow she heard he had Aids. His face...

Food City / Refusal to complete transaction

Lapennove on Nov 27, 2016
On the evening of Nov 26, I called my 25 year old son and asked him to run by the store to purchase a bottle of wine for me. I am currently limited to traveling due to a broken foot. So he stopped by Food City in Chatsworth Ga while he was out with his girlfriend to get it for me. He got...

Food City / Food city fresh milk

Daniel G Lee on Nov 27, 2016
Food City has implemented a new gallon shape for their milk cartons. I'm all for innovation and trying something new, but these gallons just don't work. My family, when we were buying the new gallons, would constantly spill milk when trying to pour it. The gallon also does not fit in our...

Food City / Oak ridge

SandySowders on Nov 2, 2016
I was buying mucus relief. The dollar zone ones because I have asthma and take them to aid in my congestion. The cashier was ringing me up and my husband was buying beer and the cashier wasn't old enough to ring it up. She called for I guess a front end manager which was a young female...

Food City / Poor customer treatment

spurg70 on Nov 1, 2016
During trick or treat last night I had brought my son into Food City store 438 to get his treat. He is only 13yrs old and was wearing a mask with a fake go-tee. I was wearing a costume as well. I was planning to make a purchase after he got his treat. After he walked up to the expre...

Food City / (Cashier discrimination against me and my family)

joshuaseals81 on Aug 4, 2016
On 8-3-16 around 11pm at the Whitesburg, KY store me an my family stopped by after traveling all day seeing my grandmother that is dying with cancer. I seen they was only 1 register open besides the express lane which is 10 items or less the cashier Matt said sorry this is a 10 items or...

Food City Pharmacy / Service of pharmacy assistants

Vlentz on Jun 9, 2016
Today I called Food City Pharmacy in Dandridge, Tn. And asked a simple question. What is the next highest milligram on a extented release medication I was currently taking. Because on a medication that I take with this is an immdiate release, the milligrams are being lowered on it and I...

Food City / Unfair treatment/ Manager Lied on report of accident

letymh on Aug 25, 2015
August 18th 2015 ;10:00am I have just been treated very unfairly by this supermarket. while doing our weekly grocery shopping, I slipped and fell in their produce department. As witness was the produce clerk, who was putting out lettuce. he assisted me and asked me were I had hit myself...

Food City / Cashier Bianca Shannon

Sonja Joanna Martinez on Jul 27, 2015
Today I was humiliated in line by a cashier at store #157, I am 6 months pregnant trying to purchase my WIC when the cashier by the name of Bianca Shannon. She made a big scene about my signature there was a line of customers behind me. Every time I write my signature it comes out...

Food City / Cashier

b cain on Jun 12, 2015
i went to super dollar, which is a subsidiary of food city, they said i had a outstanding balance, when i called KVAT, we found out it was a Cashier named Angie Greer, who had used my driver license on the customer that was behind me in line so she would not have to ask the other customer...

Food City / drugged out employees

I happen to know for a fact of employees that work third shift that do drugs, Justin Charvis is one of them, he has gone to work high, had marijuana delivered to him while at work, has smoked in the bathroom while on break, there are other employees that also work third shift who do pill...

Food City / marlowe holman

jublivont on Aug 17, 2013
This man harrasess all his co workers cusses at them and gets away with ot still when its been something said .he does prescription pills that are not even his.hes rude to customers. .hes a big bully if somethong doesnt get there will be a law suit with the harassmen . From marlowe...

Food City / sue shelby

typeonegative on Apr 27, 2013
There is a woman by the name of sue shelby a head cashier at 664. She is a cruel woman, all she cares about is herself and making herself look good for the company. She is a tool will do anything to make herself look better towards bigger authority with in the company. She is the biggest...

Food City / poory run store

santhony2 on Feb 14, 2013
Produce was ### .Falling off shelves. not a drop of skim milk in store!!! NEEDS A MANAGEMENT CHANGE!!!

Food City / gas attendent

danny and suzette on Mar 20, 2012
On March 17 the Saturday night at 11:30 pm I pulled up next to gas station lights were still on and a person was walking up to gas attendant to pay for his gas, since thee customer was older I let him pay in front of me. I waited maybe 2 or 3 min thee attendantgave thee customer his change...

Food City / harassment

I've been working at the Newport, TN Food City for 2 years. Since i started, I've been harassed and picked at by the head cashier named Cathy. She's made the job a nightmare for me. Last year she accused me of having my cell phone while on the clock (it was in my locker) and...

Food City / Rude Cashier

While my daughter and I were shopping at our local Food City in Lebanon Virginia we were treated very badly by the cashier. We had decided to buy four candy bars so we could come home and make treats, while checking out my daughter was laying the candy bars on the counter and the cashier...

Food City / inappropriate grasping of cutomers wallet

While purchasing beer, I showed the cashier my drivers license which were in a plastic see through in my bill fold. I told her my birth date 11-25-46 which could be seen all but the 46. When I told her to release my wallet which she had grasped from my hand, she asked did I want to see a...

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