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Food City Complaints & Reviews

Food City / gas n go store

kathy godinez on Oct 17, 2017
To whom it may concern: I stopped today, October 17, 2017 at the Elizabethton Tennessee Gas n Go store, I purchased a 32 oz. Mountain Dew Icee which was supposed to be 1.39 the cashier charged me 2.39 I asked her about it and she said it was because I got a 32 oz styrofoam cup. I did not...

Food City / deli

JonnyB990 on Oct 3, 2017
While eating there I was subjected to bloody chicken and foul language . The food at the salad bar was crusty and nasty looking. A complaint was requarded with snippy attitude by a woman who claimed to be the assistant manager. Two male managers were sharing photographs of another manager...

Food City / unsanitary needs

TrinityNicole on Sep 25, 2017
The incident occurred on Monday September 25, 2017. While I was shopping for groceries in the local Food City store, it came to my attention that some of the other customers had brought three animals, in a stroller, inside the store. When I discussed with the managers about the issue, they...

Food City / coca-cola product 2for 10

Tammie Cogburn on Sep 15, 2017
I went into the store 710 that I always shop in to purchase the coke products that was on sell When I select the product one diet dr.pepper from the massive display and one coke I go to the register the cashier stops me before we even get to her and states that dr pepper is not scanning on...

Food City / fraud complaint spiking prices on goods

randy branham on Aug 23, 2017
i'm here to fraud going off at food city of south Williamson ky the store keeps on spiking prices on there products after somebody buys that product it's been going off here for along time since i caught on what they was doing spiking prices way up there after somebody buys the product and...

Food City / food city fiesta soda

Supermansodadrinker777 on Aug 18, 2017
It has been 2 months now that my family and I have noticed that the fiesta 12 pk of cola and 2 liters have tasted off.They taste like maybe the strawberry flavor got mixed with it .Please return it to its original taste, I like getting it at the end of month when I am low on money, it is a...

Food City / about service

Dulmina Sajitha on Aug 6, 2017
Complaint about the service of cargills food city gampaha branch no.2. There is no enough staff.So it wastes time .Not only us, so many people leave angrily from cargills food city(2nd branch).So many people move to another super markets.Please respond to this feedback.(this is nott he...

Food City / deli order

Butch Rogers on Aug 4, 2017
Today 8-4-17 my sister ordered 10 chicken legs which are .69 each. On picking them up for her they were 1.03 each because they were out and got them from the meat department. There were 7 of the .69 in there tray. So I walked off and left them. Very dissatisfied with this process. Thi...

Food City / clerk/western union money orders

Yangyurn on Aug 2, 2017
Yes I purchased three money orders at the Hazard Kentucky food city. 8/1/2017. I accidentally filled one out to the wrong place. So I took my transaction receipt from food and the money order. I asked the young man at the office if he. Luke reissue a new one. He said no. I replied then...

Food City / meat dept lebanon va.

mike whitey on Jul 11, 2017
I recently called the food city of lebanon to have a pork loin sliced and marinated I told them I did not buy it there and there response was no problem we can slice it and marinate it for a small fee and it would take 15 min to do. So I proceed to the store and arrive at the meat dept...

Food City / store manager kenny greene store#685

Kenneth Large on Jul 3, 2017
I was going through the gas station of food city when a screw went in my driver side front tire. I went in and asked to speak to a manager and the guy said I have to speak to the store manager. I called him on July 3, 2017 at 3pm but was busy then he called me back at 3:11pm and said " how...

Food City / mayfield chocolate overload cones

Eric Taylor2581 on Jul 2, 2017
Everytime I buy a box of this ice cream the waffle cones are soft. The stockers at Chilhowie Food City let the ice cream thaw, as it refreezes it causes the cones to become soft and no longer crunchy. Ive had this problem multiple times and it shouldn't happen. I can buy the same product...

Food City / fuel bucks gas credits

Shappire on Jun 1, 2017
This is the second time I went to used my 15 cent off per gallon, And it wasn't there. It takes me a while to earn them.. And before you can suggest somebody used them, I'm widowed and nobody else has my card. I want my credits back . My food city card is 40003838531. There should be no...

Food City / bakery deli manager

HaleyR on May 9, 2017
Foodcity overall is a great place to work for but i've got to say foodcity in gray is probably the worst experience I had. For the first few months it was great! Everyone liked each other and got along, that is until we got a new manager and everyone turned on each other. I was told I...

Food City / bakery/deli manager amber curtis

AvaMorgan on May 9, 2017
The bakery deli manager at the Gray Food City location, Amber Curtis, is very rude. She usually can not be bothered to help her employees if there are multiple customers and when she does ask customers what they need she then proceeds to have another deli clerk come take care of the...

Food City / pharmacy upcharging medication due to "availability"x

RamaNefru on Apr 28, 2017
We went to pick up a monthly, common prescription, but this time, they over charged $50! And the reason, or more like the excuse they used, was "it cost more this time due to availability". How is that for one, good customer service, for a regular customer, and for two, how is that legal?...

Food City / marinated steak

Carol tester on Apr 2, 2017
I always come to Food City to get my marinated steak but this time was different the clerk told me you know you have to pay $0.50 extra for marinated steak I ask the clerk I said when did you start this hey so we've always done this I told him that guy who usually does it as always well...

Food City / reese hard shell topping for ice cream

Lois tackett on Mar 13, 2017
Ok we bought ice cream & all fresh strawberries, bananas & the rest of the stuff to make banana splits. Well we made them but the Reese hard shell ruined our ice cream party bc we o Ky used it on one the safe wrap was on the seal of lid I thought but we only put it on a few, needless to...

Food City / store manager, travis

missied on Jan 28, 2017
As of Nov. 2017 I had worked @ Food City for 2 yrs. I started as a cashier, and quickly worked my way to a front end manager, also learning other departments in the store. On Nov.18 2017, our store was having our Thanksgiving dinner for the associates. I had clocked out for my lunch, and...

Food City / pharmacy

Shannon.hammontree34 on Dec 1, 2016
Pharmacist named Missy is very discriminative against people on suboxone... it's a hassle every time I go to get my meds, always to early or some other reason that I can't get my meds!! Can't stand judgemental people who have not been in your shoes, if it wasn't for people like me and...

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