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A 4 pack of toilet paper $9.00, one gallon of milk $7.50??????

This is price gouging and it's unfair!! I am telling everyone I see about this. It's. Nothing but greed. I am talking about the stores in Knoxville TN. This is not right to do to folks just because there is a virus going around. It's. It everyone's fault that people are buying I'm bulk and being stupid

Wheat thins

I bought wheat thins week ago and wife went to eat. She said it tasted stale and hurt her stomach. I looked at the box and it was expired dec 2019. For main grocery not good at all. Food city selling expired is a very bad thing. It tells you that there not checking there stock. Hopefully district office will fix it. Before some one gets more then a bad stomach ache and the poops.

Western union

I just left my local Food City located at 1205 N. Eastman Rd, Kingsport, TN. I arrived at 11:40/11:45pm. I came to buy a money order. After standing at the western union desk for a moment, I walked over to two cashiers who were watching me. An older redhead, about 40-45 years old and an old lady, maybe 60 years old. They never once offered to help me or see what I needed. I walked up and told them I needed to buy a money order. I was told that the front office closed at 11pm and that I couldn't get a money order. No apology, no offer to let me know when I could get one, nothing. This is ridiculous. Why would you offer western union service until midnight if I can't use them? And why do your employees just stand there and stare at a customer instead of seeing what they need? I understand that it was near closing time but that means you should hurry up and serve the customer so you can go home as soon as possible.

rude management

I was a customer at the Food City location Deane Hill Centre in Knoxville Tennessee. My husband and I were in there around 7pm or later 01/12/2020. We went through the self check out lanes. The gentleman that was monitoring the lanes was so kind and very sweet. You could tell he was under a lot of pressure, there was more than one issue going on with customers in the lanes. He was trying his best to handle it all. He had to call a manager for a cash refund for a customer in a lane. The manager walks up, snatches the receipt out of his hand and said who is it and what do they want?? I was appalled. He went over to the customer gave him his cash, not apology for inconvenience, no have a good night. Nothing. He saw there were other issues, he never bothered to ask to assist. Someone left groceries behind and he looks down and then points to my husband and said, is this yours? My husband so no we aren't in that lane. He said but someone had left them. His response, oh well. Grabs bag and tells someone to restock. He was so rude to so many that I was sicken and wondered how he even got to that position. I won't go back to that location. I feel for the staff that has to work under him.

the pharmacist at food city in dayton tn

The Pharmacist *Jennifer Serig *at the Dayton TN store is absolutely unprofessional and very rude to...

deli employee and bag boy

I ask deli to slice me 2 pound of Kahns Beef Bologna she did so and I had doubts she had the correct bologna...

Food City Clintwood VA

cashier complaint

I went into food city on Rossville boulevard in Rossville Georgia to get cash back off of my debit card. I told the cashier I was going to pay her a dollar in cash and I needed to get cash back off of my card. She cashed out the entire transaction and did not give me my cash back and told me that she ASSUMED I was using it EBT card. When she got the manager Involved the manager asked me if I was using a plasma donation card and I specifically told them no I'm using a debit card. I find it very rude and very inconsiderate that both the manager and the cashier assumed that I did not have a normal debit card and I was using either a plasma card or an EBT card to pay for my transaction the fact that the cashier was even getting an attitude with me was uncalled for. I've worked in customer service and have been a cashier for 7 years what I experienced today is exactly why people mis treat cashiers in the business in the 1st place is because of that behavior that I experience I will not be returning to that food city again. I was unable to get the managers name but the cashiers name is Dotti I believe. I seen her name tag, it says she is a new employee for your company and I must say that your training for your new employees should include diversity training. You should never JUDGE or ASSUME anything about any customer that comes into the store. The fact that I was being judged is very offensive to me. I am a young African American female and I had my youngest daughter with me at the time of the incident and I want to know what it is about me that made them judge me in that way. I am 27 years old, happily married and have a great career with financial stability and the fact that I feel like I was being judged in a stereotypical way because of the comments made to me is very upsetting. It also makes me concerned about this happening to someone else. This is the first time I've had an issue with any cashier at this location but I will say that due to the level of ignorance I experienced I will not be returning at all!

  • Updated by Destini Crane · Nov 29, 2019

    I have had plenty of rude and inconsiderate customers in my years working. But its suppose to be ok to ASSUME ANYTHING ABOUT ANYONE!!! I think not. I do not think poorly of anybody and the diversity training is supposed to teach people how to deal with the public and not make assumptions about anyone regardless of race or anything else. I was not making this a race issues since your so smart, I did not mistreat her by any means because I understand that you don't mistreat people that work in customer service since I've worked in the industry as long as I have but the fact that I felt like I was being mistreated is the point and now I'm being attacked because I felt that I was being mistreated because of her comments to me shows your ignorance. I have no shame for myself or my race. I am half white and half black and my mother always told me I have the best of both worlds and I believe that cause I do. However when someone gives me an attitude over THEIR mistake that pisses me off. Regardless of whether I've worked in the industry and it's a "fellow colleague" the point is they had no reason to assume anything about me and neither do you. Teaching every human how to not ASSUME ANYTHING ABOUT OTHERS is the point of diversity training it's not about race, it's about not making ignorant judgments that offend people whether it's intended or not does not change the fact that I was offend

  • SubSquirrel Nov 29, 2019

    She assumed that you were using an EBT card because you’re black. I’m sure things happens continually and it must be frustrating. Prejudice is prominent in the USA in certain areas and all you can do is complain to corporate and stop giving them your money

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The girls that work in the pharmacy at Food City in Kodak, Tn. Are some of the rudest people ever. They have NO customer service skills at all. I don't know how you go about hiring the staff but when 3 out of 3 are rude and obnoxious you need to maybe consider the way you chose the staff. There is no logical reason to have to make 3 or 4 trips to pick up meds. I've heard other customers complain about the rude girls.


Food City, rude, dishonest employee I left my card and receit in the machine and your employee comes out the door and yells across the parking lot to me that I didnt pay for my order. Really, that was a bold face lie and humiliating. Instead of being a good employee and just bringing my card and receipt he kept insisting I come back in because I haven't paid I go back in and the machine is there beeping with the screen saying remove card. But when I am walking in he turns around and gives me the dirtiest look so I said this is ridiculous. He was helping someone of his color so I feel this treatment was because of my color. I used to work at super saver in one of the worst areas here and I have shopped and worked at Bi-Lo, and my brothers worked at red food. In all these years I have never seen, them heard of or experienced such a rude, horrible old man, experience. He was so rude and chose to give me a look like he wished I was dead.

front manager return/deli 11/21/19 @ 11:30 am wednesday

I have to shop while my child is at school. I had a return the front manager was on self check out. When I...

I was very insulted by the cashier named trina

I recently went into the location on 67th Av. and Thomas which is closest to my Home until today I was shopping at food city a total of 3 to 4 times a week but after the service I received today and the insult because a cashier was mad because Apparently some other employees walked Off the job and And she had an attitude I asked her her name because I miss heard her She was telling the customers to go to cashier number six I thought she said she was off at six And there was a line around the store practically I apologize to her for asking her name because I thought she said she was off at six she continued to have a funky attitude and told me the customers are the reason why people are quitting and I told her I would let her corporate office know that we are the reason that they're quitting apparently and she told me to go ahead and contact corporate that nothing would happen because they are shortstaffed I understand the frustration but when she is telling your customers it's their fault to their face that's a bit out of line I will never shop in that store again so she Won't have to worry about customers pretty soon because with her attitude you guys will probably lose more than just me and if anybody mentions the name food city I will definitely tell them not to go there for anything because the way I was treated i would not have a job had I said that to a customer the customers are the reason they are short staffed and going on about how nothing would happen if I told management of my experience she is above the food city policy apparently and is confident so I will not shop there anymore The customer is why the young lady has a job and you have a company I feel like exercising my first amendment rights and standing outside the location and informing my fellow customers of there worth to that store and I will be contacting the BBB about this experience as well Thanks for your time and God bless

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 22, 2019

    Hi Charles! Please be more considerate of Food City Associates in the future. They are people who are trying to help you. Thanks!

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  • SubSquirrel Oct 23, 2019

    ... for your punctuation

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milk container is the worst ever.

This is the worst container ever. It falls over easily; it's slippery and it overflows when you pick it up. Please go to the standard container with a handle.

I recently bought the gallon container, and it was hard to work with, too. It didn't fit well into the refrigerator, and it was hard to pour from. The container Food City used to use was just fine, but the new ones are just annoying.

milk container is the worst ever.

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Rodney, this container uses less plastic than the old fashioned container. The planet is dying and we have to do everything we can to stop plastic from going into the oceans and killing fish! I hope this clears things up!

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Why is the Food City on Eastman Road in Kingsport so HOT all the time? I've seen customers complaining of feeling faint, I see employees fanning themselves and sweating like dogs after being out in the heat. If the company is too cheap to make sure the customers and employees are comfortable, what's that say about everything else? Are the coolers keeping things cool enough? Who knows. You just see the manager sitting in his office all the time, or standing around not doing anything, so he probably has no idea. I feel like ever since I started seeing that guy there, that Food City location has gotten worse. I've started shopping at Kroger just so that I don't leave the store sweating.


I wasn't going to submit a complaint and let it be water under the bridge, however, the selective bias I saw towards my father today truly doesn't set well with me. My father was attempting to buy 2 items from the alcohol aisle when he was carded, as he should be, but the retailer said she required mine as well without reason. I did not hold nor attempt to purchase any alcohol. Walking with my father in the store long enough for him to buy what he needs, even if it's alcohol, is something I've done since I was little. After leaving and speaking to her manager, the retailer refused to sell it to him saying policy was the reason. As we were exiting, my father said to the manager, "I'm a 40 year old man and this is ridiculous, " she then openly laughed at my dad and said, "That's our policy." All eyes were on us for a event that happens daily (Parents purchasing alcohol while their children are with them) for undisclosed reasons. If this is true policy to card both parent and child, it has never been reinforced until now and should be more confidently. As for compensation for my father, well, it sounds like Food City owes him a beer.

  • Updated by Javen Blankenship · Aug 23, 2019

    I would like to say this was the Food City locates ay 1135 Claypool Hill Mall Rd, Cedar Bluff, Va 24609


I went into the Claypool Hill Va store on Friday August 23rd 2019 to purchase some groceries and a six pack of beer after a long day at work. Not only did the manager refuse to sell the alcohol to me because my 14 year old son was with me which I could have overlooked but she was incredibly rude and embarrassed me in front of the entire store. I have done my grocery shopping with Food City for years but that has come to an end tonight. I am not the type to complain about policy but she didn't have to be so rude and degrading making it out like I was trying to buy the alcohol for my teenage son. I seriously think this manager needs to be addressed and taught the proper way to handle customers and not humiliate long time customers.


I stopped by the middlesboro, Ky store to pick up a gallon of milk. The price on the milk said in bold letters $2.59. When I checked out I was charged $2.99. I asked the clerk about it and he sent someone to check the price before he returned a manager came over and told me that it was $2.59 if I bought 3 gallons. I will no longer purchase anything from ur store. Milk at Walmart is only $2.49 a gallon. I was fine with paying.10 cents more but I won't pay .50 cents more. Also if the price says $2.59 then that's what I should pay

new milk containers

My elderly mother cannot lift the new milk containers. She needs a handle in order to manage the container by herself. I will have to buy her milk elsewhere. Please make some half-gallon milk bottles with a handle!

These new containers are taller than the previous ones and don't fit easily in the refrigerator unless they are tilted sideways. They are slippery as well. My mother dropped the sleek, new and slippery container. What a mess and very dangerous as a falling hazard.

To summarize, the new handlesless half-gallon milk containers sold at Food City:

Are difficult to grip
Have no handle
Are too tall
Are slippery
Are easy to drop
Provide a falling hazard for elderly when they are dropped

I am not able to buy milk at Food City.
Please consider returning to the milk jugs WITH HANDLES!

Thank you,
Susan Scott
Wytheville, VA


At the food city on jay bird street the employees are rude and have no personality. One of the employees had a very obvious hickey on his next and it was uncomfortable and not pleasant to look at. The employees never seem to be actually doing their jobs for example I walked in and a bunch of the workers were messing around. The one with the hickey had been flirting to another worker and wasn't doing his job. They need to fix this unprofessional. Employees also need to at least look decent and not have hickeys and dress proper to a working environment.

a roach climbed out of a pop cycle box

I'm so devastated. Yesterday I went to the food city in Oliver springs and I bought a box off 100 count...

Food City


Today at 13:08:46 I tried to get food through wic and only grabbed items marked "wic" as I thought...