FlyDubaibaggage lost

Dear Sir/Madam,
I traveled with flydubai airline on 1st september 2019 from jeddah in flight FZ834 in which i checked in my luggage which i suppossed to be received at karachi airport. my bag was lost and i did not get it there. i lodge a complaint against that which subsequently declined yesterday by flydubai claims department stating that their record shows that bag was loaded on the same flight and that their responsibility is only limited to that step. which must otherwise be ended after handed over to me.they also not offering any meditation between their handling agent and me as no one is accepting any responsibility over my lost bag.
kindly ask them to correspond with the people whom they deliver baggage, Ask them to show receiving statements that on which basis they are claiming that.
flydubai airline made me so much helpless as i still not get my bag after one month and no one is accepting the responsibility of my checked-in bag. the tussle between flydubai and their handling agents at karachi airport made me to suffer since one month.
kindly take action asap to resolve my matter.

Oct 02, 2019

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