Don't buy from them!! everyone from bottom level agent to highest level manager yanis and "Wubant" all lies. I bought 5 tickets to go to peru, airline changed my flight and added 35 hours layover without hotel. I called to cancel the flight i was told in 24 hours u will receive an email with refund confirmation then 30 days refund will be there. Since the first call it has been over 2 months not a single email regards to my refund. every time i call i get someone saying oh the agent never did then someone saying oh the agent did. speaking to supervisor who can't do anything speaking to "highest" level manager yanis who just lies to tell u everything is good. my 1500$ CAD has been stuck for over two months and no one would give me a right answer. I don't know who to call what to do.
I have called over 40 times and spoken to over 60 agents. each call has been 1 hours long minimum

Oct 04, 2019

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