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I did a reservation for a ticket (1000$). 2 days later, I wanted to buy one for my child. Your employee told me that I need to cancel my ticket first for 100$ - in order to get a refund. I call again a spoke to 3 differents agents asking to speak to a supervisor and one hang up on me. After, I was able to speak to a agent to request an invoice confirming the amount of the refund, the supervisor told me I would only partly refund (749$ refund + 100$ fee) and still not able to book a ticket for my child. I call again and spoke to 4 others employees and 2 supervisors - no one were able to help and the last supervisor hang up on me as well. No french services. Horrible customer services.
Still dont have a ticket for my son and I still don't know if my ticket is valid or not.

Feb 22, 2019

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