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E Aug 13, 2018


I bought a ticket flight to Québec-La Paz on the August 11th 2018 . I have received by mail my confirmation (no confirmation [protected]) with the e-ticket. The price was 548, 95 CAN.

Five hours later, I received an other e-mail telling me that finally my reservation that had been confirmed was cancelled... I had to rebook a ticket today (august 13th 2018) on literally the same flight, but the price had change to 709, 95 CAN (no confirmation [protected]) after 25 CAN credit.

Because the transaction has been made in Québec, Canada, there are laws that protect the consumer. I called the Office de la protection du consommateur.

In the Code Civil, article 1640 says that once the buyer and seller have settled (confirmed the transaction) that there is an obligation to deliver what has been negotiated . In the case, provide me with my ticket at the price discussed. Also, when there is a price displayed (under the article 224.C of the Code Civil) it should be the one paid. You cannot change it once the transaction as been made.

I ask a refund of 138 CAN on my credit card. It represents the price difference between the two tickets. If it is refused, I will have no choice then to begin to fill a lawsuit and send to you a final notice.

Thank you in advance,

Emmanuelle Angers-Gosselin

username : e.angers.[protected]
date of birth 20-01-1992
cellphone [protected]

Sorry for my spelling, English is not my first language.

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