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First Gulf Bank [FGB] complaints 316

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - credit card limit reduce request - not yet done

Hi, my name is chandramohan and i am using FGB credit card for past 3 years. I am planning to take personal loan from one of the banks in UAE for emergency medical expenses. In order to process my personal loan i will have to reduce all my credit cards limit to minimum level as much i can. Then only i can get the personal loan total amount as i required. I have reduced my credit card limit from all the banks without any issues except FGB. I have raised a request on 1st of August 2016 and the request number is SR8562934. I called several times to FGB customer service number and explained about my situation, but no one taking action on this. They just simply telling that "we are working on and we will follow up and get it resolve". Normally credit card limit reduce request will take maximum of 4 working days but in my case it took more than 11 days but no solution. FGB team please help me resolve this issue.

Sep 13, 2016

i am also facing the same problem, looks they don't care about customers.
i don't know what they doing and looks they are still in 1980.


First Gulf Bank [FGB] - credit card

I have taken a credit card from FGB its called Abu Dhabi every month am paying credit card bills on time, but my outstanding balance is being the same,
when i call and ask the Customer care service they are telling there is interest rates on your card thats why the outstanding balance is not reducing.and there are two Insurences called FGB Max, and Active 360, i never been asked by the bank about this insurence services. when i call and ask them they are telling me its too late its being six months you should ask before its not possible to cancel any services like that they are telling. what i can suggest you is PLease dont go for any credit card from FGB .the worst Customer care service i have never seen.

Jul 03, 2016

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - pre closure of flexi account

I have apply loan from adcb but for that I want liability letter from fgb because I have total outstanding of aed 21000. Fgb given me liability letter of aed 33543. I asked about them that my total...

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May 30, 2016

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - credit card

I’m trying to find someone who could provide me free legal assistance as I am having problems with the with First Gulf Bank.

I used to have a credit card with initial credit limit of AED 5, 000/- which was increased to AED 15, 000/- which was later on increased to AED 30, 000/-. I was unable to pay my credit card when my husband lost his job in July 2014 and had a hard time keeping with my finances since I am the sole provider of my family. I finally arrived with a settlement with First Gulf Bank in December 2014 where FGB collections agent asked me to sign a security cheque amounting to AED 44, 000/- and advised me that my monthly payment plan to close my credit card dues is AED 1, 400/- per month for 3 years. This was the settlement plan proposed and implemented by FGB. I started paying the monthly installment in January 2015 and tried my best to be back on track with my finances. In January 2016, I started having difficulties paying the monthly installment again so I got behind my dues again. In April 2016, I received a legal notice which states that I have AED 31, +++/- outstanding balance with FGB and that I have to pay AED 4, 400/- immediately. I tried my best to produce that amount of money and paid on 19th April. With that on mind, I assume that my outstanding balance would be AED 27, +++/- approximately. I tried reaching out with First Gulf Bank and requested to reduce my monthly payment plan for me to be able to keep up. One of their representative from the Collections Department told me that it is possible to restructure my payment plan and that I’ll have to pay approximately AED 925/- to AED 950/- monthly for 48 months. I calculated it and it sums up to AED 44, 400/- to AED 45, 600/- for 48 months. It seems that my payment of AED 23, 040/- from January 2015 to date has gone down the drain if I agree with their proposed payment plan. This is not helping me to become debt free.

Please advise as I really need help on this matter.

May 30, 2016

I would rather suggest you to go and register a complain to Central Bank of UAE, surely this bank will take action against your complain..make sure that you lay down all your conversation including the name of the person and time if possible..Bank will eat down every single penny on your hand, They might refer you to court to sign some agreement but it would be a great help im sure.


First Gulf Bank [FGB] - credit card

Grievance: "my fgb credit card was free for life (As told by the agent at the time of documentation). Now, my credit card has been charged 500 aed as annual maintenance charge.". When I complained to customer care [protected], agent "karina - fgs4315" told that I have to pay 500 aed before due date. When I insisted to cancel my card. She said, still I have to pay 500 aed annual charge only then I can request for cancellation of card. If I don't pay 500 aed before 10th april 2016 (Due date), penalty of 200 will be levied and will make my liability to the bank to 700 aed which will increase by 200 aed + interest every month. When I said, I want an email from fgb confirming that I have to pay 500 aed and it will not be reversed. She said, that will not be done. Fgb will never send an email to confirm that annual maintenance charge of 500 aed on my credit card will never be reversed. Do whatever you want as you don't have written proof and no court will accept the same. She offered me reversal of 500 aed only if I take a loan of large amount from the credit card. This is the most unprofessional business tactics I have ever seen by any bank to force a customer to get into a debt in such a volatile job market where jobs are unpredictable and salaries are lowered. Customer care people are deaf and will not listen to understand the issue. They are just after to fulfill their sales quota by hook or by crook.

I am now screwed. I have been penalised for no fault of mine. I warn every reader of this post to never opt for fgb credit card ever in their life. Fgb agent tell that the card is free for life and then bank charges a hefty amount as annual maintenance charge and puts un-necessary mental torture and harassment. 500 aed is not a small amount for anyone. A lot of things can be bought for this amount. Why the hell will I opt to have a credit card with annual charge when the market is flooded with free for life credit cards from a 98% of banks of uae. I don't had any payment dues till date with fgb.

Resolution: I want senior management of fgb to look into this matter seriously. Reverse 500 aed back to my credit card and then confirm by email that my card is free for life or else cancel my card after making my liability to zero.

Kind regards,
Sharique rais
Sharique. [protected]

May 15, 2016

This is the same case for me also. I took their credit card 5 years before as the salesman told its free for life time no extra charges.
From the second year on wards they started charging me for this Annual Maintenance fee of 500 AED for nothing. I call their customer care, they were asking me to take a quick cash or make a purchase for some amount with in one month but i refused to do so. So finally they agreed to reimburse this amount by deducting all my reward points and by linking my salik account with them. The same issue happened to me for the next three years - it is a real mental torture. Last time in 2015 they promised me this will not happen again in 2016.
Now i am outside uae, but i saw that they are charging this Fee again for this year and put fine for not paying it. Till date i don't have any payment dues with FGB. So i would like FGB higher management to take necessary action on this subject.

[email protected]

Mar 17, 2016

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - credit card

In the month of December 2015 second week I received call on my mobile from FGB introducing some Life insurance and coverage of and a ransom amount of AED 10000/- (AED Ten thousand) if I loss my job, that I need not return to bank. I requested to send me all these details term and conditions to me thru email. Instead, they did my insurance and send me the documents of these thru email. In the month of Jan 16 I got my FGB bill showing the due amount of 360 outstanding for these insurance policy they did that to without my consent. I wrote detailed email in this regard. They didn't responded to my email. On Jan 28, 2016, they send again one more insurance paper to me. In the month of Feb the bill showed the outstanding double. I have enclosed the screen shots of the two insurance they did for me for the same period. I wrote mails, I approached the branch at King Faisal Street Sharja. They verbally replied they will do reversal on this. I get the third bill from FGB today. It show same out standing and more over AED 250 interest as I didn't made the payment for last two bill for with, I am at all not responsible.

Mar 07, 2016

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - customer service

Do not trust this bank specially when it comes to credit card I wanted to close my credit card and so I paid the entire amount and requested them to close the card. That took almost 3 calls (I...

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Jan 28, 2016

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - insurance policy charged twice within 4 month time.

I have been charged by First Gulf Bank for LSP which was registered in my account on August 2015 (aed-350) and after 4 month time on November 2015 they again charged aed 350 for LSP renewal. I had...

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Nov 17, 2015

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - active 360 insurance and lifestyle insurance

hello! my name is john pragata. one of your insurance agent offer me your product and if i get that product i will get reward of 5000 point and 250 voucher which i can use to purchase in the mall...

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Oct 03, 2015

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - first savings certificate

Impossible to cash in my First Savings Certificate - three times I've tried at UAE Exchange at different offices and despite the right ID, OTP codes and the certificate always informed there is a...

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Sep 12, 2015

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - insurance premium

I received a call from fgb asking me to provide my nomination details, and took my credit card details, to add my nomination benefits. But I was not informed that it is about insurance policy.
Upon receiving a mail from fgb insurance, I realized it is about the policy and replied on the same day to the mail that I am not looking for any insurance policy and not given permission to charge on my credit card, but still they charged on my card in the next bill.
I called the respective customer care many times and they told the policy will be cancelled. Though I sent many mail, i've not received any replies, I believed the policy is cancelled and i'll be getting the money back.
But on the next bill also they have charged me for the same insurance policy and still now I have got no replies from fgb.
Whenever I call the customer care, they always says someone will get back to me, but no one showed up.

Jul 24, 2016

I have just received the same thing. Gosh, I wish i read about this before. I received a call on Thursday from someone who said he did not call to sell anything but because I have been a good customer, the bank is reducing my fee. Then he asked me to confirm the email address that the bank sent me the statement and also the name of my nomination detail. At no point at all he say anything about the insurance. On Sunday I received an email from the bank with detail of my insurance. I called the bank immediately and same thing, someone will call me back and they never did. I am still waiting. This is a scam. This bank is a thief.

Jun 28, 2016

I received a call from FGB asking me to provide my nomination details, and took my credit card details, to add my nomination benefits. But I was not informed that it is about insurance policy. and it will cost. Up on receiving the statement from Bank I noticed there is a amount of 350.00 and to be pay 12 installment. I contact Customer care department they are saying they cannot do any thing . and not giving any information like person who contact which date they called what i agreed . this is actually trapping the person Please care Any call from FGB

Mar 22, 2016

pls make justice with the customers or cancel the card dont cheat like this i also facing same problem they activated not one two insurence policies around 700 dhs who will bare this not fare i hope avoid such fraud call and insurences


First Gulf Bank [FGB] - first gulf bank credit card

In 2013, FGB has issued me a credit card and saying that the membership is free for life. Then from 2014, I have never used the card again, and now they have charged me 500AED for the Annual Membership fee. On 2014, I tried to cancel the card but they insist, instead they gave me a reduced interest rate. And now they are saying I should have cancelled the card first before I got the bill. I will not use the card anymore but still they want me to pay this fee. Worst bank ever!


First Gulf Bank [FGB] - points redemption rate change not informed

I was using the FGB credit card since 2010 for all my personal purchases thru online as well as direct. I regulary receives nearly 10 sms per month with the different offers from FGB. i was getting...

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First Gulf Bank [FGB] - do not trust this bank...

Do not trust this bank...
I had a very bad experience with personal loan. The customer care executive promised me 10.28% interest and the bank charged me 13+%

They are protecting their customer care executives from anything. This is not only my case; my colleagues also had the same problem. If anybody wants some proof... I can give

Credit card - the are charging insurance and they will tell that is in their t&c... Who reads the t&c carefully? We all believe the customer care executives as they are coming from a bank... Never ever trust any customer care agent from this bank.

If you still want some service from this first gb, get a written document mentioning all the details without any stars (*)

Sep 11, 2014
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - delay in presentation of cheque

11 September 2014 Head of Consumer Banking First Gulf Bank Abu Dhabi, UAE Dear Sir Subj: Complaint CC # [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected] I hold the...

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May 07, 2014

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - rebate on fgb credit card

Fgb credit card settlement
I have first gulf bank credit card with me for more than 5 yrs aed 21000 plus the current balance. For more than 5 yrs I am paying it.. I only pay minimum due and I am having some delay payments due insufficient funds and less salary. I wanted to settle and close my credit card.. I just want to know if fgb are giving some rebates or discount upon settlement for such cases. I only owe them 21000 plus but if you will going to compute all my total payments for more than 5 yrs.. You can even double the amount of the current balance due. Please I need help from anyone who have any information about my case. For more than 5 yrs I am struggling, I wasn't able to save money, having some serious depressions and stress because of this credit card. I wanted to leave the country for good but I am incapable to do it like I am stuck because of this problem. I wanted to know if first gulf bank do give some discounts upon settlement of credit card dues. Many thanks for your kind help. Kindly e-mail me on [protected] god bless!

Feb 07, 2014
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - unprofessionalism of employees

I'm frustrated because till now Employees at this bank are unprofessional and not being helpful in closing my case. I have sent many many many emails and requests and SMS and calls and complaint...

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Jan 18, 2014

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - balance transfer

I have been working as a customer with First Gulf Bank almost 3 years this first time harshly disappointed you service because of your sales representative.

She called me from Extn No :[protected] requesting for Easy cash & balance transfer as you can see my profile many times I have done same without delay of payment.

I request her to do balance transfer one of my credit card to finance House and before am doing this I had requested more than 10times this money should be reached before 27th of NOV and she promised many times don’t worry sir it will be done before 27th of NOV and I had requested again are you sure, she said 100% yes sir –(Kindly collect recorded of Telephone conversation)

Then I called again on 26th to follow up and her answer is no worry we are here to help you and it will be done.

Again I called on 27th morning she said proceeded already 2.30pm will be reached, and around 5.30pm I called center they said still not done,

Therefore, I had penalty of 200AED, Totally mistake of Bank which was accepted by call center associates, now bank need to compensate or find out who made mistakes from that Person.

You service total disappointed.

I believe that you will take action and get back to consequence. And am waiting g for your valued reply….

Thank you & regards,

Jan 14, 2014
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - charging of financial charges

I have applied a personal loan for 20, 000 AED and on Dec.05, 2013 the FGB had credited 19, 500 AED to my bank account. But form their (bank) side didn't send any mail or letter showing the A/C no...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

First Gulf Bank [FGB] - credit card complaint

I have a first gulf bank platinum credit card which I agreed to take after a lot of convincing from the sales personnel.
He promised the card would allow access to buy one get one free movie tickets across all the cinemas in UAE, which is untrue information. This I learnt after I received the card.

I have been using the card for the past few months. I was told by the same sales personnel that the interest would be charged only on the remaining amount of the outstanding payment, if the minimum payment was done.
In december, i let some amount carry forward and was charged an interest of AED 212, on the whole amount and not only on the remaining amount.
If this wasn't enough, I placed a complain against the concerned sales personnel on 29th Dec 2013 and received no call back till today (12th Jan 2013). I had to follow up 9 times over a period of 15 days to just get someone to cater to my complain. The call I received today, was a sham. The sales personnel declined having told me any of the above information and my complain was closed(which I got to know via an SMS) without any resolution.

This experience really put me off, I asked the customer care representative to cancel my card as Noone really seems to care about my complain or the inconvenience they caused me.
I would like to bring to your notice, that all personnel who dealt with my case lacked empathy. Noone would want to deal with a bank that only wants to makes money, at the expense of their clientele and lacks transparency in their transactions.

Jun 10, 2014

للاسف اسوء خدمه بنك انا شوفتها فى حياتى وعمرى ما هتعامل مع البنك دة تانى ولا هنصح اى حد يتعامل مع البنك حوالى اربع اشهر ولا حد بيكلمنى لحل مشكلتى ولا خدمه العملاء ولا البنك نفسه للاسف

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