First Gulf Bankcredit limit decrease

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To make a long story short, I one day found out that my credit card account had gone down to just about -8000 (That's negative eight thousand). My credit limit had apparently been reduced.

The reason? I wouldn't know — because I was never informed.

To make matters worse, the bank had been asking me to pay the minimum amount due, calculated against the total outstanding balance which had accrued finance charges.

It's like all of a sudden the bank decides to cut off my purchasing ability and make me pay the outstanding amount off.

If that was the way I would've wanted it to be, I should have gotten a personal loan instead!

Have you ever heard of a credit card which you cannot use for credit? The card now is completely useless.

I understand there's a recession and all, (And this bank is probably going bankrupt.. Oh haha, funny!) but this is just insane.

I'm sure somewhere within the annals of this country's law books, this can be characterized as illegal.

  • Updated by ibrahimmk · May 21, 2019


    my cc already not use was cc claimed now not claim so please don't putt late payment
    i need balance EMI,
    kindly remove late fee payment

    Reason: My job was 28/06/2018 Termination from My company

  • Updated by Delma 2019 · Jul 24, 2019

    FAB help line not easy to contact, wasting much time, All other banking services are much better than FAB .
    FAB need to improve customer services .


  • Co
    CONCERN CITIZEN Jun 11, 2009


    Me & my friends have encountered the same problem with this bank... and when I was lay off from my job I informed them immediately so that I can use my Credit Sheild since Im paying 130-145 AED every month take note they told me that it's impossible and so many other excuses they were telling me... well to make the story short they keep on calling me to pay my dues, harassing me & recently I found out that they deposit to my account the security cheque which I gave them to claim the full amount I owe from them. I don't know what to do at the moment. Can anyone advise me???

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  • Mi
    MIF Jul 16, 2009

    my hubby lost his job, he has a cc on FGB, when he lost his job he immediately informed the bank to claim for insurance as we were paying for credit shield insurance, but unfortunately this bank rejected our application, they deposited the security cheque & now my hubby has a travel ban.. hows that??? FIRST GULF BANK is totally &^%%#$%$^$%&^%&^ !!!

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  • Zh
    Zheri Sep 13, 2009

    Fgb collection department called me that my credit sheild ha been approved. They ask me to pay some amount and gave me form like Easy buys plan when im not asking for this. I am asking for CC waiver form .When I ask him to discuss with me the terms and condition they said this form will be use by the insurance to pay the bank in installment plan so I did not ask for more about that. Another thing I ask, the money which they collect me 600 aed they said its payment for form and in closing my file. They also gave me instruction to exit the country because this is the insurance what they ask for to waive my outstanding balance. So I book a ticket but i did cancel it because till the last minute my doubt still there so I call the customer service to inquire this easy buy plan exactly same I understand it was an installment plan on my side. My gosh!!! what I am thinking now they ask me to sign the installment plan and they ask me to exit so what is waiting for me in the immigration . Police will be there to catch me and that situation they assume I can find a way in paying all my outstanding balance . Obviously they want to trap me and that so scarry why they have to do this things just to collect money in cheating its very bad.
    I have a credit sheild which I am fighting for. I am paying this for three years. What will they do to the money I paid, it will only go for nothing. Please say your comments I need your opinion

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  • We
    webadmin Jan 03, 2010

    First Gulf Bank is truly the worst bank not only in terms of banking but also as an organization which is a very UNFAIR EMPLOYER!!!
    This is especially true about the department Corporate Communications and until it has the RUDE, RACIST, IMMORAL, IGNORANT woman who thinks that she knows the world better as the head of that department, it will continue to remain in this present PATHETIC state!

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  • Rr
    rRajan Mar 04, 2010

    hi all

    I have been receiving calls at my landline no. from a repreesentative who addresses herself as HEMA JOSHI her mail id [email protected] that she is calling on behalf of First Gulf bank from a Mumbai based agency on asking the details she bluntly replies that we do not give address to any third party...the irony is that she ends up calling on the very same no. The calls are with such impunity that she does not bother calling apprx 70-to 80 times in three days the calls are attended by my mother who is an senior citizen who is not comfortable on the phone yet this creep keeps on calling even though the said holder of the cared is not available, she has a sadistic approach which is a very dangerous trend i dont think the agency or the bank is aware of such a immune behaviour of this lady. I personally feel that she is nither sincere towards her employer or her profession. She even sings lewd songs on the phone. I personally deem that she has strong criminal tendencies or that she needs a psychiatric evaluation . I have no malice against the agency or the bank which i would like to to reiterate. i am already in persual of this caller with the respective bank and the governing bodies and other authorised agency if any of the agency supervisor goes thru this plz let me know.

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  • Of
    ofw_2010 Mar 15, 2010

    hi, good day to everyone..please give me an advise.
    i have a FGB credit card. i left dubai on sept 2008 and got another job in other country, i was paying my monthly dues until sept 2009, since i lost my im home in my own country. And just this date i received a message from a local law firm (law firm from our country) giving me a warning..that i should pay my outstanding balance in FGB or else they will file a civil case against me..i probably got imprisoned they said.
    Please give me some advice what's the best thing to do.
    Thanks in advance.
    Godbless us all.

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  • Kn
    knightdom Sep 01, 2010

    I agree with you guys. these people are animals in disguise harrassing customers. even their call center is full of crap.

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  • Ha
    HATE FGB Nov 24, 2010

    Well all i will say about FGB is that - i think the Bank is pour and the Managers are struggling to pay their own salaries at the expense of its customers. During the recession time that is the time where everyone come to see the true colours of the banks. Most banks yes, they called people, but FGB went the extra mile, reducing by half or even lower the credit limit, and then assisging customers with "easy installment plans" which actually increased your available credit (interest of the plan), and if you failed to pay one installment they will fine you your previous outstanding + their interest + monthly installments which accumulate more interest. Well there is nothing we the client can do but to take all the crap they throw at us. One thing i am sure they have really lost a good market of potential clients. I dont know really what they will do to me but i can only pray to God to give us the strength to clear with this demon.

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  • Na
    Natasha29 Jan 17, 2011

    I agree they are the worst bank ever. I have taken a loan of 50, 000 in the year 2006 and paid all dues and above and yet they demanded 25, 000 dhs as late payment fees. With a heavy heart am wondering how am going to pay this back to them moreover knowing that what am doing is wrong. The staffs ar the crulest of the lot. I guess they get their traning to be cruel. You miss a payment and you pay a late payment of Dhs 1000 that's what has happened in my case. Can someone tell me the cheapest way to sort this problem.

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  • Sa
    Saddam Hussein :) Jun 02, 2011

    Hi everyone, me too have this FGB credit card, last august 2010 i have resigned from my company because they cut my salary in half due to recession. I have -6000 dirhams credit due by that time and FGB always harrassing me to pay the interest or just pay 12000 dirhams in full to cover and to close my account. I dont have that amount by that time so after when my company process my visa cancellation, i get out of the country immediately without informing the bank. last april 2011, i entered my etisalat sim card to my mobile and dudz i've got a message from FGB that my current due amount to pay in full is 10 th. dirhams (only interest).:), but now my question is, do i need to inform the bank that i am no longer in Dubai?
    Now I have a job offer in Saudi Arabia, what troubles will i face in immigration?

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  • Lo
    Lonetaff Nov 30, 2011

    @Saddam i guess they have filed case already but they can't claim the money from insurance until you have been convicted in court and jailed so they will try everything they can to find you and try other ways of ruining your life until you pay up. They know your out of the country because once they file a police complaint, the police will enter you on the ban list and they will be informed by immigration that you have left the country so no need to inform them, they are now trying to track you down. This message maybe a way to get you to contact them, don't trust this bank believe me they will bring you to your knees for money.

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  • Ge
    George Joka Jan 05, 2019

    Hi all i have big issue i transfer amount from my bank in Egypt to my bank Dib here in Dubai throw FAb the amount since long time still the amount not reflect

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  • Ir
    Irish Richardson Jan 22, 2019

    I paid via cheque deposit last sunday January 13, 2019 but until now it has not posted on my account. The customer service is very difficult to connect to. 1 hr sometimes of 45mins but still on hold.
    Pls notice my complain
    Thank you

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  • De
    Deepz Caroleanne Bless Jan 22, 2019

    I am your credit card holder which is not yet activated. But now they are asking to pay a charge after a year saying that it is credit card fee.
    Plz do something about it
    Thanks 050 2847444

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  • Lh
    Lheen0612 Feb 12, 2019

    After service maintenance of fgb machine i had a huge balance of my bill, that suposedly one month balance only after converting my credit card into loan by an agent 7 months ago,

    Pls help me to fix this issue, why my old balance was return to its original bill after settling it to an agent.. that supposedly one month bill only

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  • Mo
    mohamed111 Apr 30, 2019

    I need to cancel my UAE signature card so I can get the Etihad guest card urgently because the bank reject the limit of Etihad guest signature.

    note Need the UAE signature credit card to be cancel urgently in order to process the Etihad guest signature.

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  • Ib
    ibrahimmk May 27, 2019


    my cc already not use was cc claimed now not claim so please don't putt late payment
    i need balance EMI,
    kindly remove late fee payment

    Reason: My job was 28/06/2018 Termination from My company

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  • An
    anandca02 Jun 08, 2019

    I am trying to connect with FAB customer care form last 7 days but even after 30 minutes no customer care people picked phone. This is really a very poor service. Even they didnt called back. I would like to redeem my FAB points but there is no option for online redemption.

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  • Sh
    shaheer kp Jun 16, 2019

    its totally disappointed customer service fab rolex tower, we have 3 company .after the merging they change everything, even they dont have information about the company,
    need to close the account asap.

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  • Ai
    Aijazs3 Jun 29, 2019

    I got call from fab executive and offer me to give first points and quick cash. When i agreed they executive cheat on by not giving points and when i call she is not picking up my call.

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  • Ba
    basheershibu Jul 20, 2019

    I have created complaint on may 29 th COMPLAINT NO SR12013409, aed 2000 i deposited in cdm, its not credited to my ac still today (12/07/19), many time i make cal to l customer care no finally i got new complaint no CAS-01275G6H8C8 (25/06/19)
    pls give me solution, kindly solve this case,

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  • De
    Delma 2019 Jul 29, 2019

    FAB help line is not easy to contact wasting much time, also any issue cannot be resolved easily, all other banking services are much better than FAB

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  • Ad
    Adam Javed Aug 24, 2019

    I have settled all dues and still waiting to get clearance letter and calling customer service, branch staff, compliance department unfortunately as of now nothing happened.
    It's rediculious service after taken by FGB.
    NBAD was really good bank deal with them for 12 years without any problems.

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  • Am
    Amy2014 Sep 02, 2019

    I applied for liability letter. When I call to customer service to check status, they are not pick up the phone.nearly half an hour I wAit. Like this three times I call first time I wait 40 min
    2nd time 30 min no one answering my call

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  • An
    Ancy SHIBU Sep 14, 2019

    I have applied for new credit card about a month ..i called the follow up centre..they informed me that they issued the card in the system still I didn't received the card. It was really a big issue.i don't know whether it misplaced or delivered to a wrong person.please do the needful.. I called many times nobody solved my problem..

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  • Ch
    Chris123# Oct 07, 2019

    No one is answering our calls., Ive waited for long time and just hearing the voice immediate and active customer service representative at all.

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  • Th
    Thamira Gunaratne Oct 08, 2019

    FAB call center is the last place I would like to call my life. No one picks your call in the first 30 minutes for sure. Last time I had to wait 58 minutes and actually hang up.

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  • Pa
    Pandav Mar 02, 2020

    Card no 5213140138383019 settlement finish last Feb 2019 according to them agreement still I didn't get clearance letter
    0522395871 my contact number please sorted out issue of clearances letter for reference I attached letter of settlement

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