First Abu Dhabi Bank [FAB]aecb credit score low due to fab not updating my file after I paid the full due amount

S Oct 14, 2019

I have payed my due amount for my credit card in full AED 23, 000/- and i was hoping that my score will be updated in order to apply for a top up on my loan. The score is still low and in the AECB report it shows that my credit card issue is still there. I have visited the branch and i was told to send e-mail with all details to [email protected] and i did sent around 15 e-mails and after a week or so someone asked for my contact NR when they already have that in their system and they give me a miss call and after that they message me that they are trying to reach me and asked me to call back on theis nr. i did call but no answer for 3 days x 20 min waiting for each call. it is interesting how they could find me when they asked me to pay the due amount and now they cannot reach me. I just need someone to call me and discuss with me and i will explain everything and i have all the proving documents that payment has been done and i am all clear and no issue should be in my score report from FAB.

My contact NR is [protected]

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