Firestone Complete Auto Carepoor customer services and poor quality of services.

Request an oil change in June 2019. On Friday, September 27, request an appointment for another oil change because, the signal was announced oil change. When my car will be around 110, 000 miles, and the schedule for this oil change was for November 2019 with 113, 000 miles.

The car was in the Firestone Logan, NJ inside the mechanical room. When the mechanic opened the car to do his job, he detected the oil did not have a dipstick that serves as a lid and an oil meter and that is why the oil had leaked out and sprayed on different parts of the car.

The worst was the bad treatment given to me by the store manager, Bill Greathead and he not assumes his responsibility and any solution. He said "this store has not responsibility for that dipstick missing, that is your responsibility" he said me too "today I have not time to do this oil change job, go to Nissan to find a solution." or come back next week ... " I was very confused with the situation and was just thinking about my commitments without my car.

I have some questions for you ... Who made the oil change in the June, 2019. Additionally in July, I requested the engine diagnostic service for that service my car needed it.

I have another question ... What happened in the diagnosis what not they not observed a piece missing?

I had to resolve this situation soon as possible, that was not addressed in Firestone by store manager Bill Greathead.

I went same day to another store mechanic around of city and received great treated me with understanding and was responsible for offering a service with quality and respect. The result was that my car was clean, with new oil and the lid. Just at 3:00 pm that same day Friday, September 27.

On Saturday, September 28, I had time to come back to Firestone store. I needed to show my complaint to the store manager because obviously his poor customer service caused me severe stress and risks for my car and for me.

When I arrived at the store, his arrogance and body language towards me with such superior behavior without any kindness towards me was so horribly . I said "I have my Nissan car here in the parking lot, this was ready yesterday at 3 p.m., " he said sarcastically ahhh well.

He keeper that the problem was my responsibility because I went to the engine diagnostic service in July 2019 and this piece was missing from this day.

What?! Could you explain why this piece was missing? why Firestone was not putting this piece when they oil change ? Who controlled the oil change last June, and who made the Engine Diagnostic last July 2019?

His poor answers was: " this is your responsibility and this is your opinion" For this reason this store have all bad complaint and I am another client with bad treat and never I will be looking for a service there

Sep 29, 2019

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