Firestone Complete Auto Careunethical behaviour

S Aug 17, 2018

On Friday, August 3rd I took my vehicle into Firestone Store #307228 (Hacks Cross/Centennial Dr.) for a scheduled 2:30pm appointment. I had previously brought my car in for a/c evacuate and recharge service in May 2018. I was told in May that the technician shot dye into the a/c system and to return when the air stopped blowing cool. So, this was the follow-up appointment. I was checked in by technician Adam. I advised him that I would wait on the vehicle. He stated that it should only take a couple of hours. I asked him would the service to complete by 5pm since there was a sign on the door informing customers the repair shop would close early for a meeting. Adam informed me that the meeting was cancelled and the repair shop was open normal business hours.

After about an hour, Adam came into the waiting area to inform me that I had a crack in the a/c hose assembly and it needed to be replaced. I asked him about the price and authorized the repair. Adam returned to the waiting area around 5:15 and told me that the technician was wrapping up and should have me ready to go in a few minutes. Adam then left for the day. At 6pm, the only other customer in the waiting area with me was advised that her vehicle was ready for pick-up. I went to the restroom. When I returned one of the technicians asked me what vehicle I was waiting for. I answered his question and he then told me that the a/c technician had already gone home for the day. I asked him was he kidding me. He responded that no one informed them that I was waiting. He also said there was an issue with the technician getting the hose to fit, so he just left everything until the next day. Adam was supposed to inform me of this issue before he went home. I told him that Adam informed me that my vehicle would be ready in a few more minutes, before he left. He did not mention any issues with the hose or advise me that the vehicle wouldn't be ready until the next day. I told him that was grave lapse in communication. Also, I informed him that that was my primary mode of transportation and that I didn't authorize an over night stay. He apologized and said that lack of communication is a huge issue there. I called a ride to pick me up. I asked him why my vehicle was parked outside the bay door and would it be moved inside. He informed me that the a/c technician left it that way. However, they would park another vehicle next to mine to safeguard against thief. He also told me that the store opened at 7am that next day.

On Saturday, I called the repair shop around 9am. I asked to speak with the store manager Tim Green. I explained the situation from the previous day and asked for an update on my vehicle. He said that he wasn't sure about the status. While on the phone, he reviewed the service notes and stated that 2 hoses had been ordered. I told him that one of the technicians from the previous night mentioned an issue with the a/c hose. Tim assured me that my vehicle would be ready for pick-up by noon. I received a call from Firestone around 11:50am stating the vehicle was ready. I located a ride and was dropped off at Firestone with my toddler around 1pm. I went inside and checked out. When we made it to the car, I crunk the car up so it could be cooling while I got my toddler settled. I noticed that the air wasn't blowing cool. I took my child back out the car and returned inside. I spoke with the technician that checked me out and advised him of the issue. He said I would have to wait and chat with Adam since he initially checked me in. I waited 10 minutes to speak with Adam. When we spoke, he asked if the air was working properly before I left the shop. I told him that I had just checked out and hadn't left the property. The other technician confirmed my statement. Adam then asked for my keys and said he would get someone right on it. After waiting 45 minutes, Adam came to the waiting area to inform me that the hose was fine. However, he was holding something in his hand. It was a broken a/c relay, with 3 holes in the casing. I inquired about it and he stated that they broke the relay trying to test it. He also said that the relay needed to be replaced. He said the relay got broken when they tried to remove it for testing. Adam then informed me that Firestone would be replacing the relay free of charge. He said that he'd called a local Nissan dealership. They had the relay in stock and Firestone was sending a technician to retrieve it. The a/c technician told me he'd be back soon. Around 3:30pm Adam returned to the waiting area. He stated "I'm kinda scared to come in here with this bad news. Basically, Nissan has the relays but they come in a set of 4 for $800. And we just need one, so Firestone won't pay for it. So, my a/c technician created you a junction box to get the compressor to work. Now you have cold air. If you get too cold, just adjust the temperature setting because the compressor might blow up." I responded "What do you mean it might blow up?" He said "No. I didn't mean actually blow up. It just might stop working." I told him "Hold up. So, you're not standing behind your shops work? How is it that your technician just fixed my car, so you say, but you're in here talking about the compressor might blow up? You're very unprofessional. My car has been here for over 24 hours and here you are telling me that you're not confident in your technicians work. I am very disappointed with Firestone." I then asked for my keys. Adam apologized for creating confusion and said the technician was about to pull my car up. About 5 minutes later he called me up to the counter to checkout. He stated that I needed to sign for my keys to be returned. I signed the keypad and he handed me the keys and a printout. On the printout, Adam typed a bogus statement about Firestone jumping the relay to turn on the compressor. And stated I was aware of this. That is false! I was not aware of what the a/c technician actually did to fix the issue.

A few days later, my car wouldn't start. I called my dad. He came and tested the battery and said it was dead. I told him the battery was only 9 months old. We went to Auto Zone to get a new battery. They tested the battery and said it was no good. He installed the new battery, however the car wouldn't start. The fuse on the positive cable and overheated and burnt out. Also, the fuse for the radio and the windshield wipers had burnt out. I replaced those. We also noticed the rigged up relay that Firestone installed. The had taken the broken a/c relay and wrapped it in copper wire. This was placed in the a/c relay slot on the circuit board.

Two days after that, on Wednesday, August 15th, when I started the vehicle, I wasn't able to move the gear out of park. I Googled "how to manually release the gear shift". I drove to Steele-Guiltner on Hacks Cross so they could kick the car out. A few hours later, they returned with a diagnosis. The make shift relay that Firestone created/installed and overloaded that circuit. Steele-Guiltner replaced the a/c relay with a new one and it burnt out. The Asst. Manager and Manager both told me that Nissan would have to reset the computer system in the car to get everything back on track. And the dealership needs to fix the a/c relay. There was nothing else they could do. They both apologized for the poor work I received from Firestone.

I filed a formal complaint with the Headquarters in Nashville, TN on Wednesday @ noon. I have not been contacted by the District Manager yet. The heat index has been over 100 all week and I don't have any air in my vehicle. My toddler has severe bronchitis and allergies. I'm now forced to rent a vehicle. Which is another added expense.

I want Firestone to correct the actions of their employees. My vehicle needs to be repaired by the dealership. Also, the technicians at Firestone need training on communicating with customers and practicing good work ethics. The manager should have made sure that his technicians did legit work. My vehicle did not have these issues when it came to Firestone on August 3rd. That bootleg repair has caused major damage to other components of my vehicle.

I feel that I was taken advantage of because I'm a female. For some reason, shady repair technicians will attempt to belittle the intelligence of their female customers.

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