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Fingerhut Complaints & Reviews

FingerHut / payments

BoyDog on May 17, 2017
Date of Incident 5/17/2017 Since we have set up an account with Fingerhut, as everyone else would assume it was fine. We received our product on time, and in great condition. As far as payment, we can never seem to login to our online account. Our email we registered with just magically...

FingerHut / Customer service billing issues and late fees

K ol on May 10, 2017
I have had an account w/ fingerhut for 7 months and it has been the worst 7 months of my life. Every single month I go them not billing me or changing my recurring payment status and every month i have to spend hours getting it taken care. You would think they would learn the first time...

FingerHut / Fraudulent account

sorinelp on May 5, 2017
Someone used my identity to open a fingerhut account . I have disputed this account in all the ways possible i have submitted police reports 2 of them and still they wont do anything to remove it off my credit report . This has been going on for years . My credit is below average because...

FingerHut / Victim of identity fraud

Rachell Nicole on Mar 28, 2017
My tax returns were stolen from my Mom's mail box and since then, I been bombarded with phone calls this people trying to open new accounts on my name. I reside in Sacramento and I don't get my mail, but my Mom does and by the time I got this statement with a balance, I called your Compay...

FingerHut / sleepsofa

Beverly Butts on Feb 6, 2017
I received a sleep sofa on february 3 ed 2017. Only two people have sat on it. Have not have not slept on it, but the set pillow is already bubbling on the side. This couch is a lot of money (800.00) just getting this product is a bad quality to have the name serta behind it!!! I'm going...

FingerHut / Return policies / ripoff / terrible service

MV MV on Jan 27, 2017
I want to start by saying that Fingerhut has got to have the worst return policy ever. I placed an order for an HP computer desktop then when I saw the price I decided to return The computer . The box had a label return and a questionnaire as to why you're returning the item . I simply said...

FingerHut / Somebody is using my information and opened an account with you guys

Aneudi on Jan 21, 2017
My name is Aneudi Ramos and I'm here because somebody is using my information and opened up an account with you guys. I never opened an account with you guys . reason I know about all this because I checked my credit and it said I owe $182 when I never opened an account with you guys. So I...

FingerHut / Fraud

Marlene McIntosh on Dec 17, 2016
I contacted Fingerhut about a fraudulent application for credit and I got a police report I faxed it to you guys and I'm waiting for there's someone supposed to be sending me and that the application that was filled out in my name to help with the investigation I've received no application...

FingerHut / Setup for autopay with min payment... Screwed

BFree1961 on Dec 14, 2016
I was setup for autopay with fingerhut since I began with them and then a year into it they started DOUBLE dipping into my checking account, instead of the min payment I had setup they doubled it. I immediately called them and they said 'oh it must have been a system error' yeah whatever -...

FingerHut / Fraudulent hard inquiry on my reports

RaiderNation on Dec 5, 2016
Three days ago fingerhut placed a hard inquiry on all my reports. I know for a fact this was not me requesting this inquiry because I am getting ready to buy a home and have been working very hard to raise my credit scores. I have not and would not allow any credit providers to run my...

FingerHut / Account

Robert Hutchison123 on Dec 1, 2016
Hello I am writing this company to advise you that you opened an account fraudulantly and allowed the theif to charge this account up. I have justed recently pulled my credit report and seen that you guys are claiming a negative account under my information. Note that I have not given...

FingerHut / Safeline plus

MoniqueT67 on Nov 2, 2016
I never signed for safeline plus and have asked to have it removed when asked how much I have paid I was told $1181.45 and the only credit offered was $67.13...on NO that is not acceptable and will not work with me. Then I was told I can NOT call resolutions they will have to call me...

FingerHut / Alcove sliding shelf media cabinet

Unsatisfied708 on Sep 26, 2016
I ordered a bookshelf from fingerhut nearly two months ago. Since then I've had over six calls and or emails to customer service as I only received 1/2 of the boxes that contained the necessary pieces for me to assemble the shelf I bought. I was told by the first three representatives that...

FingerHut / Shipping

Larkio on Sep 5, 2016
I've ordered something from this website which cost me about $100. Not that expensive. But when I saw the shipping fee I was shocked and immediately contacted customer service and asked them to cancel my order as soon as possible. They said that was impossible because my order was already...

FingerHut / Credit fraud, fraud department malpractice.

jmrefer7 on Sep 1, 2016
I received an unauthorized package from fingerhut to where i called to report as a fraudulent transaction. I explained i had never done business with them in the past. my identity has been compromised in the past to where i have an alert setup with all major credit agencies yet they...

FingerHut / Defective products

rlombardi on May 11, 2016
Finger Hut sold me a Black comforter at online shopping, the comforter was defective, had 1000 pin holes in it and the stuffing was coming out. They exchanged it for a Grey one and with-in a few months this grey comforter was also defective, cheap, again many, many holes in it, stuffing...

FingerHut / Very rude and unprofessional customer service

Samuel on Apr 18, 2016
Fingerhut stuff is very rude and unprofessional, I guess they don't even know the meaning of the word "manners"! I paid for express shipping and it was pretty expensive, but delivery was very late and for weeks I had no idea what was happening with my order. So I contacted Fingerhut...

FingerHut / They automatically signed me up for their membership!

LoskLida on Mar 31, 2016
I decided to try www.fingerhut.com and purchased several items from them. They also offered me to sign up and to become a member, but I refused and said that I just wanted to order something and not interested in any memberships. So I received my items and was very happy. Quality was great...

FingerHut / Delivery 1Z555W780360153307

Susan Slyfield on Mar 18, 2016
1Z555W780360153307 17 and 18 March 2016 Never had any problem with UPS. Could set a clock by them. About a month or more ago, the delivery person said I was not there to sign for delivery of MEDICINE. I was both of 3 times . I called and UPS was nasty, not helpful and said I would have...

FingerHut / Very poor customer service and company!

Mojo on Feb 5, 2016
Worst experience I've ever had! Fingerhut reps don't speak or understand English. It is impossible to explain them anything. Back in November I bought a chair and received it three weeks ago. They completely sent the wrong chair, so I had to return it back. I also paid form my pocket to...

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