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Fingerhut Complaints & Reviews

Fingerhut / Online credit application

txcwby95 on Dec 12, 2018

Last night 12/11/18 I apply for credit and am told I have an online account and must log in to do that, so I did. My application was refused because my address was wrong. I have moved twice since that online account, but nowhere online did it ask me to verify my information only my phone...

Fingerhut / wedding band

Rose B70 on Nov 28, 2018

Order a personalized size 10 wedding band...received a size 8. Fingerhut refused to exchange the product for the correct size and treating to dispose of the ring and insist I pay for the ring away...very bad business. I returned the product called and explained the situation but received...

Fingerhut / order delivered to wrong address

natasha101 on Nov 22, 2018

I placed an order and it was sent to the wrong address// half of the order was returned back to Fingerhut by the wrong addressee but half was not //now I have filed a police report and a none received item affidavit by them and they are saying just because it was not returned then that...

Fingerhut / account credit

Laura4764 on Nov 15, 2018

Last year I opened a Fresh Start account which I proudly paid on time until my last $10 payment. I had to be rushed to the hospital around that time and ended up being admitted for almost 2 months. At age 32 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. A year & half ago it came back with a...

Fingerhut / ord0092587343 return

EReyes94 on Nov 9, 2018

Hoover WindTunnel Pet Upright Vacuum and Hoover Power Scrub Elite Multi-Floor Pet Carpet Cleaner - FH50256PC On 10/6/2018 I ordered the above items and request for them to be shipped to chicago by mistake, I immediately called back and changed the shipping address to ship to Georgia. Unfortunately I...

Fingerhut / fraud account

Teresa Goebel on Nov 1, 2018

i never opened an account i disputed on my transunion as fraud in April, it was deleted. Then someone charged on jt in june or july. i called fingerhut and no one ever cled me back. i get papers in mail saying its my account and I charged it. i havent lived at that address in over a year...

Fingerhut / android tablet

Cristina Nanez on Oct 10, 2018

I ordered a tablet that was never received. I contacted fingerhut to let them know they advised me they would be sending me paperwork when i never received anything from them yet again i contacted them i was advised nothing could be done time has exceeded to investigate. I asked if...

Fingerhut / order

JenniferBryan Leach on Oct 2, 2018

Do not order from this company!! It's a scam!! I placed an order last week on Friday with the understanding I'm supposed to receive my car seats today which is Tuesday!! Online it said today !! They told me an argued stating their poilcy is that it does not ship till 1st payment i...

Fingerhut / bear waterfall

rickspoohbear on Sep 26, 2018

I received a box that appeared to have been left out in the rain. As it was water damaged, After opening the box there was no instructions inside the box. I contacted the CUSTOMER SERVICE and told them about the situation as was informed to get another box from the post office and pack it...

Fingerhut / customer service/lack of communications/billing-accounts

DarBon on Sep 22, 2018

I have received 22 calls and 27 emails in regards to my account. The last 2 just today, the 22nd. Last time I called Fingerhut I spoke to one of several supervisors. I stated I have the Safeline protection plus for my account. I missed Sept 7th payment due to illness. He informed me the...

Fingerhut / poulon pro lawn mower

Johnny Sheffey on Sep 5, 2018

I received a lawn mower that was broken when I took it out of the box. I haven't opened the box when I first got it. I opened it 6 weeks later. I was told by fingerhut to call assurian. Once I called assurian they told me since it was broken when I first opened it to send it back to...

Fingerhut / fraud

Naomi A on Aug 28, 2018

Shoyontah clay 7/16/1982 194-62-2890 stole my identity and open account with FINGERHUT. Trans union caught it early checked with me, I informed them that I did not apply. I contacted the company and they inform me that the credit was not going to be given. Less than a month later, $400...

Fingerhut / dell laptop computer

LaQuesha Alston on Aug 27, 2018

I purchased a laptop computer through Fingerhut. Received the item on June the item stopped working due to battery issues! Contacted dell recall on item! Returned item to fingerhut ! But, due to outsourcing to the Philappines the customer service representative could and would not...

Fingerhut / bill arrangement

tammie kirkham on Aug 25, 2018

Arrangements were made money being debited every month, was told no more charges surgery Nov 5 times on head so needed to make arrangements. I get a letter every month that I owe more and more and am not paying anything, by someone. Not going to stay on phone with you guys every month...

Fingerhut / fraudulent credit check on me

Kerry Neely on Aug 24, 2018

I am applying for a new mortgage and yesterday during my final credit check the mortgage company found that I had filed for credit with Fingerhut per Equifax. This is completely wrong! I have never and would never purchase from Fingerhut because I think they prey on the poor with cheap but...

Fingerhut / merchandise returned

Dan Henry 1953 on Aug 1, 2018

I order from fingering several months back Everything was wrong on the order sent it back I reordered It was also wrong Sent it back also THEY are telling me I owe shipping cost Their mistake not mine Now the cost is over 100 dollars and is being reported to credit bureau Affecting my credit I think now is the time for a lawyer to get involved Thank you

Fingerhut / bear waterfall

rickspoohbear on Jun 24, 2018

When received the box was torn up and upside down. When inspected it had no instructions and was not as depicted in the picture in the book. The pump box was damaged as if it had set out in the rain. I have called and talked to a supervisor, who stated that I should go to my local post...

Fingerhut / customer service, pricing hidden policies

Mcgarrett99 on Jun 9, 2018

I became a customer of Fingerhut 6 weeks ago and regret it. Non competitive pricing, ridiculous interest rates, and ignorant employees. The harassing and annoying robo calls with payment reminders to any and all phones, start 11 days prior to the due date. Landline or mobile, makes no...

Fingerhut / payment refused / name change by the foreign workers.

Blakes on Jun 8, 2018

Fimgerhut refused to accept my name change due to me being and refused to accepty husband payment. He have told them that I have permission time and time again because I maintain the bills. But the foreigner on the ship Refuse. Webbank will not he getting a payment for me this day forward...

Fingerhut / jordan 3-pc. colored wood bistro

mamawas on May 28, 2018

On December 2, 2017, I ordered the Jordan 3-Pc. Colored Wood Bistro. It is a wooden 2 — piece set and folds up. I have contacted Fingerhut regarding this order. Within a month the one chair was starting to come apart. One of the slats actually broke. The same chair is now leaning way off to...