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Somehow your company gave me two accounts!!

One Fingerhut Account says that I am a Wonderful person in aspects of my buying from fact your firm, just raised my credit limit. However, there is a second account that I know nothing about this cannot continue if I am expected to purchase anymore.

Thank You, I n advanve for your swift and curtious focus to this urgent matter

Brian E Paulson

Note(s) Supporting documentation is attached.

Somehow your company gave me two accounts!!


Shipping with Multiple carriers/ Rude customer service reps etc.

I'am a Fingerhut customer for which i have been for some time but very unhappy for paying for certain products that are completely overpriced when ordering. Also When ordering i continue to have the same problems with Fingerhut, they sub-contract two or more carriers UPS, USPS which ends up losing the product or delaying the product from coming to a reasonable amount of shipping time. When i do communicate to a Fingerhut specialist they refuse to help you and say you have to wait with-out contacting the carriers to find the product, they will not let you speak to a supervisor they are rude and are unhelpful for which they ignore your concerns. This is so unacceptable who holds Fingerhut accountable for their actions when they are completely wrong ? Just find my product with the carrier directly that they use.

Safeline plus

I was realizing that my fingerhut payments wasn't minimizing much so on March 2020 I decided to go thru the billing statements and I'm seen that I'm been charged with $ 15.00 for the safeline plus fee I called fingerhut and told them that I NEVER signed up for Safeline and they gave me the number to Safeline, I called I asked how they charging me for a service I didn't signed up for, , , they granted me a 60 day refund which went to my fingerhut balance, , , but now I'm going to my old Bill's and the oldest one I could find was from October 2018, which shows that Safeline have been collecting money from me, , , , How is it that they just can take it upon themself to charge me for a service I NEVER signed up for

phone payments

My account went into default after I paid my account in full. They harassed me constantly to pay an account I paid in full. A male named roger insisted I paid nothing to fingerhut. I sent fingerhut copies of my bank statement proving I paid but they continued to harass me. Original debt was $ one month alone I paid fingerhut $92.00 which was more than half the debt! All my statements showed no payments! Was roger stealing these payments? What kind of business is fingerhut? Loan sharks?

customer service rep

Spoke to customer service, resolved issue, requested to speak with order department, was transferred to the department, was asked my name and I provided it Alejandrina Borjon, as soon as I stated my name the rep stated they would transfer me to the spanish department. First of all I speak perfect english, the rep had no right to assume that just because of my name that i dont speak english, that is discriminatory and racist . When I got to the spanish department I explained my issue in spanish because I am bilingual and even that rep would not assist me, I repeated myself multiple times to speak with a manager and finally got him to transfer me back to the english line, which then transferred me to a manager where I made my complaint. I did not believe these kinds of things still happened, I mean its 2020 and just because of my name you assume I dont speak English! I'm truly appalled at this and if there is no reconciliation I will continue to pursue this to the highest level

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sony playstation 4

Purchased a fortnight PlayStation 4 bundle. Controller was faulty when I received it. Fingerhut said they could do nothing to help me And referred me to contact Sony. Sony said I'd have to send the controller in And I was responsible for the box an shipment cost. Most Fingerhut products have been faulty. Thank for the junk Fingerhut And thank wasting my time And money

bought a gift for my son but it was broken

We bought a sandbox for our son during a sale but it came in cracked. We had to argue with them to send us a return label for the exchange. Then when we sent it back they claimed that they never got it even though the tracking said that they signed for it and we'd have to reorder it and they'd refund the original order. But we wanted the exchange because the sale was over and we didn't want to pay more for something we already bought. They told us that they would credit us the difference but they never did and when we contacted them again they just said there was no record of the conversation so we could just live with it or we could pay to send it back for a refund.

customer service

I ordered a playstation for my son for Christmas. The order never showed up on the date it was said to be delivered. Come to find out they messed up the address even though I typed my adress in correctly. Then after hours of complaining and dealing with the customer service for hours who were very inexperienced and hard to understand I finally had the item shipped again with the right adress. Well guess what? They messed it up again and now I have to go pick the item up. 45 miles away. I am very upset with this company. I will no longer do business with them and I will be sure to blast their terrible service all over social media including Yelp! I dont know how they are even in business

alcove christmas tree stand

I ordered a Alcove Christmas Tree from fingerhut. When I went to put tree up yesterday the plastic stand was broken. I also did not receive the free gift indicated of the christmas ornament bulbs that stated was free when you bought the tree. I called last night and about getting another stand and the gift. The women said I needed the order number of the free gift and the tree stand would be shipped in 5 to 7 days. I said that would be after Christmas and if she could have the stand shipped over night for me. She stated that she could not do that and I could not receive the free gift neither. I know that the stand could have been shipped before Christmas because other items are still guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

product and service

Dear Customer Service

My name is Julian Dunn (customer number [protected]) I wish to file a complaint about my customer service experienced against Fingerhut for ordering the following:

12-2-19 Order Number: ORD0100084590 (Cancelled)
12-3-19 Order Number: ORD0100148894 (Cancelled)

I am complaining because I ordered the following items above to only have them both cancelled days later. With that said I received a call from Fingerhut on December 4, 2019 with a general message to call Fingerhut. I returned the call to question why was one of the orders showing cancelled?

The representative couldn't explain to me why this happened, but offered to transfer me to a department to order it again. I inquiry about the second order and the representative assured me this order was scheduled to be deliver on December 11, 2019.

On December 6, 2019 I called customer services back to check on the status of my order, because it was showing cancelled again online. Again I was assured the order was still pending delivery for December 11, 2019.

On December 12, 2019 I called back to check on the order and was told, it was cancelled by the Fraud Department. I asked for an explanation and was told I need to speak to fraud at [protected]. At this very point I became frustrated with the lack of customer services and spoke with the Fraud Department.

Once I got Fraud Department the phone and explained my scenario. The representative asked several questions to authenticate me. I explained to her it's not unusual to change your mailing address to the have the package come to your job. The goal is to prevent it being left outside. The representative kept apologizes for my inconvenience, I furthermore explained how dissatisfied with the customer services. There need to be a better way to authenticate customers in a more seamless manner. For example sending a text with a code that would need to be repeated back to the representative to authenticate the customer. The current method is redundant and outdated delaying further customer service to resolve the issue.

The constant questions and repetitive questions is a disservice to long time clients like me. The representative furthermore wanted to ask for a copy of my driver license, at this point I have had an enough.

I requested for a manager to call me and did not receive a call concerning the matter from Fingerhut. I have been completely inconvenience from Fingerhut by not receiving my products on time for the Holidays. Let alone told incorrect information from several customer services representatives.

I'm requesting for the block to be remove from my account and letter of apology for the inconvenience I have greatly experienced.

customer service fingerhut xmas promo code error

Fingerhuts 25% off coupon on the 11th didn't work; I worked late came home & tried to use the coupon before 12am ct which is when it expired & it said it had already expired & it was being promoted on the site & it clearly said it didn't expire until 12am ct So I called customer service the next day were they told me that they couldn't give me the 25% off coupon because they couldn't find one but they were going to give me a 20% off coupon and a $20 credit for the inconvenience of not being able to give me the 25% off coupon and she told me that I would receive it today in my email because I chose haven't received my email instead of mail because obviously need it immediately while here it is today and I receive the $20 credit but not the coupon so I called customer service can't work they told me that there wasn't one sent to me only the $20 credit and they don't have a 20% off coupon that they can give me nor can I fix the mistake of the website where I got gypped out of my 25% off I have four kids I need my Christmas for I needed that 25% off I've been in and out of the hospital this year and that is the only Christmas I'm going to be able to get them and we all know fingerhuts extremely high so $1100 is not going to go very far between 4 boys and we all need shoes but I will obviously go without you so that they can have Christmas But that 25% off coupon would have saved me an extra $275 and that was 275 more dollars that I could've spent on Christmas and the customer service can't fix it how can they not fix that how can I not have some kind of way to incentivize customers and fix problems and help them $20 credit is nothing that's one percent that's less than 1% at that 25% off coupon would have saved me an extra $275 and that's $275 I could've spent on Christmas and a customer service agent can't fix it how can They not fix that how can they not have some kind of way to incentivize customers and fix problems and help them ... a $20 credit is nothing that's 1% actually that's less than 1% I would rather not have the $20 credit I would rather have the 20% off or the 25% off that I was meant to Be able to use please fingerhut if anyone out there seeing this and they can help me please help me You will be making 4 little boys very happy


I placed my order 10/26/19. As of 11/1/19 my order STILL has not been picked up by UPS! Customer service is an absolute waste of time. They read scripted responses to your questions, provide ABSOLUTELY NO resolution and quite simply don't know how to or don't have the capacity to act in the manner to which customer service is supposed to. First the website starts counting down the days until I receive my order, (Oct 30) wrong! I call in because each day subsequent to placing my order I'm checking for tracking finally get it and with that I see NO MOVEMENT from the warehouse in MN. Did I mention that it showed that "a label was created"on three different days for the same order?? Of course my order never showed on the 30th. Imagine my surprise when I call to get clarification on the conflicting messages between UPS and Fingerhut only to learn that UPS NEVER RECEIVED THE PACKAGE!! Fingerhut kept telling Mr that my oder had shipped and was on its way to buy that the system hasn't updated to reflect such. Once I got UPS and Fingerhut on a conference call to sort this mess out the F.h. rep finally admits that my order is still in the FREAKING WAREHOUSE IN MINNESOTA!! After expressing my outrage, dismay and total frustration one of the managers offered me a $20 credit towards further purchases! Not only do I NEVER want anything else from this company, I was denied ab expedited shipment! They refused to contact the warehouse to find out where the disconnect happened and make this right! That's customer service I'm used to by companies who don't outsource and know the TRUE value of the people who support their business.

unauthorized charges to my card.

On October 4th, I called to place an order. I provided my information to the customer service representative. They told him they couldn't accept his Direct Express card. Subsequently I found out that they had made a charge against my card in the amount of $30. I called Fingerhut back, and they are telling me that they cannot put a stop on the transaction. They are saying that they can't refund the money for 24 to 48 hours. I did not give them permission to charge my card.


June 24th i called Fingerhut to explain to them that the product that I have received had a leak in it they told me that they would send me a label back and to return it as soon as possible I explain to them that I was a flight attendant and I am not home consistently every day the customer service representative begin to explain to me that it was OK and to send the product back as soon as I had the chance. I sent it back on July 24 because that was the only time that I had to send it back so I called customer service because they have been constantly calling me telling me that I have a balance of $37 I explain to them that I returned the product and they told me that they cannot accept it
And i have explained to them i have been a loyal customer for about 3 almost 4 years and I have purchased this bed twice already and this bed had a leak twice I threw the 1st one away because i had itnivwr a year and again and ordered this one and this also has a leak this is totally unacceptable and I just want my account credited back

I continue to harass and threatening and by fingerhut

I will get directly to the point and I work so very hard getting this account advantage and with finger hut...

website and logistics department

I placed an order and my order was not mailed in one shipment. The prices were altered from statement to...

account balance

My account was paid off March 2019. I made an overpayment and has to request a refund. Took forever but I got one by check. Now their charging me for the same overpayments I made. They confirmed my balance is 0 but now it's still not noted and every customer service I speak to acts like they can't understand anything!!! I refuse to have this affect my credit


I was ordering from Fingerhut and noticed that my address was wrong but when I bought it to there attention I got the runaround and then was sent to the fraud department and was told to send my documents Bank statement, rental information, picture of state ID, passport, social security card so that made me suspicious all i wanted was them to put the down payment of 30.00dollars back on my card for weeks they gave me the runaround and would not put my money back i told them that I did not want to do business with them and that I was unhappy with the service.


Re: (# [protected])
(Safeline/Fingerhut )

Disability benefit/Safeline insurance.
I paid premium for four years along with
my regular payment.I
Visit/appointment with optometrist, on April 2o,
2018.Never used the premium before.
After having problems with my vision.
It got to the point I was very concerned there
was something seriously going on.
A large cataract was discovered on my left
eye.My diagnosis was that it had to be removed
as it could worsen, and it was already interfering
with my daily living and activities.

April 5, 2019 Dr.Jesse Richman, removed the

April 11, 2019 insurance forms were filled out by
Dr.Jesse Richman.
No reply from Safeline at all.(1st request)

May 16, 2019 Another form filled out again no reply
by Safeline (2nd).

I called the office Safeline four times already.
spoke with four agents trying to get this resolved.
I was told each time that I'd be contacted, within
24-48 hours.
Received one phone call from Joshua, missed the called.
He left message saying, that another form had to be filled
out by the doctor.Because question #3 was not answered.
Which is false, as the doctor answered all the questions.
(I have copy).
I have tried to resolve this and there has be no resolve.
I need this matter taken care of, I would appreciate it.
Feel free to contact me, in the effort of fair justice in
doing so.
Thank you,
Francine Bastone


When you buy three pair of shoes at the same time and your orders are coming in different why is it youwhen you buy a pair of shoes at different times and the ones you bought at first come in after the ones you bought second why is it cuz it's always saying pending pending pending pending it gets kind of old my husband bought a pair of shoesone day the two days later he buys another pair of shoes and in the first Pair he bought or pending and the second pair he ordered our shipping that gets kind of old.

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