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Stylewe / will not refund me almost $500

Jun 05, 2019

I ordered seven dresses back in March 2019. It took forever for them to arrive, and I received them in multiple packages. Right off the bat I knew returns would be tricky because the 30 day clock to return the first shipment was almost up by the time I received the last one. The quality of...

Stylewe / 1 dress and 2 pant suits sets

May 17, 2019

Company could not ship within the stated " standard shipping delays" so I cancelled my order immediately upon hearing this. Company charges me 15% cancellation fee and keeps ignoring my messages and sending robot answers It is like talking to a wall and not getting any responses. I do...

[Resolved] Stylewe / stylewe

Apr 22, 2019

Trying to return merchandise is horrendous. 1) the sizing is off. A large fits a small. 2) you receive the package. It has return instructions which state you must submit An email for a return label. 3) you submit an email for a return label and you get the same instructions to submit an email for...

[Resolved] Stylewe / two dresses

Apr 10, 2019

I been asking for an address to return the ogle rugs the send and after 2 weeks I still don't get anything from them. This company Stylewe have a big advertising adds all over the web. The clothing they have on the pictures is not the one they send, the fit and the fabrics are very poor.The order # is 32099595 and #5472628 was shipped on 03/16/20019

[Resolved] Stylewe / order j2010561 and order j2005882

Apr 04, 2019

The 2 orders I placed with them which were for over $300 each, were utter disasters! Firstly they took over 2 months to even ship them, though in the order email they promised the items would be shipped in 7 days. And when they finally arrived, the items were very poorly made and...

[Resolved] Stylewe / pam huntley

Mar 08, 2019

Please respond with answer to cancel this order I placed on March 8th. After it was placed I was going to use my discover card instead this pay pal came up and everything was gone. I don't use pay pal! so please cancel this order. [email protected] Don't ship this order. I have left...

Stylewe / poor quality items (dresses)

Feb 22, 2019

This is absolutely ridiculous that this site gets away with scamming people. This site is so fake, making it look like they have quality products and they are from the US. They even go as far as to make some comments in their FAQs that they have fulfillment in North America so again not...

Stylewe / missing shipment

Feb 18, 2019

I ordered 3 dresses from StyleWe. I waited for a confirmation receipt and tracking number. After waiting for the confirmation I decided to contact Customer Service. I was given an "Invalid" tracking number with FedEx. I emailed Customer Service again and let them know the tracking wasn't...

Stylewe / return money never received

Feb 13, 2019

Company StyleWe keeps saying they have not received the package. It has been 3 months since I sent the items. Items quality was bad (sleeves short and materials we cheap) I decided I will return the whole order as I did not like it and spent over $100 to ship it back to China. I would be...

[Resolved] Stylewe / return scam

Dec 30, 2018

I ordered two size 2 dresses at the same time. One fits perfectly, and the other is too small. How is anyone to know what size to order when the sizing is not consistent. Their solution was to giving me a $10.00 cash refund or $13.00 store credit on a $66.00 dress. I was excited to have...

[Resolved] Stylewe / you will never get your money back on a return.

Dec 29, 2018

I bought two items from StyleWe in August. They were awful--shoddily made, small, ugly fabric. I tried to return them and found out that they needed to be shipped to China. StyleWe offered me a 20% discount on another purchase. I had no confidence that anything I bought from them would be...

[Resolved] Stylewe / return

Dec 21, 2018

I have been contacting StyleWe for 3 days trying to get a return label. I have had no response even though they say they will get back to you in 24 hours. I want to return my item ASAP!!! The phone number they provide is nothing more than leaving a message. And I have send numerous emails. It's wrong not to respond in a timely manner to a customer.

[Resolved] Stylewe / over $200 is clothing lost in china

Dec 13, 2018

I purchased over $200 in clothing from StyleWe...looked fabulous on the website. What I received was substandard and super small. I requested a return label and received the return label and instructions, paid over $30 to return in early July 2018. By August, the status was still "in...

[Resolved] Stylewe / unable to obtain refund

Oct 23, 2018

This experience with StyleWe has been the most frustrating online purchase ever. I ordered 6 dresses and paid an additional $32 for expedited shipping, stating that the shipment would be received in 5-7 business days. I needed them for an event. They did refund me $20 of the $32 expedited...

[Resolved] Stylewe / unethical behavior

Oct 19, 2018

I placed several orders with stylewe, but need to return all the dresses because nothing fit and the quality was substandard. Nobody has contacted me on where to return my items and receive a refund. I have contacted the phone number 877-277-7109 several times leaving my order numbers and...

[Resolved] Stylewe / returns

Oct 16, 2018

I have nothing but misery trying to do a return with this company. I have ordered several things and been pleased. However, if you are not pleased and try to return something it is pure misery. Too bad too, I like the things I have and would buy more I doubt I will get my money back, I feel...

[Resolved] Stylewe / refunds for sandals which only lasted a day before they broke.

Oct 14, 2018

I ordered a pair of sandals on Monday the 10th of September, which took an incredibly long time to even be processed, so I tried to cancel the order. This wasn't possible according to a reply by email. I went away on holiday without the shoes, and they were delivered after I returned. Thi...

[Resolved] Stylewe / chinese scammers! false advertising, crappy return process

Sep 30, 2018

Bought three dresses advertised as cotton/linen. Three week AFTER processing credit card, I get an email indicating they don't have one of the items, would I like to order something else. I reply I do not and it takes several more weeks for them to process a refund to my card. (Note...

[Resolved] / beware!

Sep 14, 2018

BEWARE! The clothing is AWFUL. The red dress with flowers that looks like a heavy cotton on Stylewe website is made of a cheap parachute material, and the green cotton dress is HUGE. It looks like a tent. I immediately returned the items, which they make the buyer ship directly to China...

[Resolved] / return and refund

Sep 05, 2018

SUBJECT: Feilihuating 1-1-301 Beijing New Jersey China - 100096 Dear Sir/Madam, This company has many nice pictures with beautiful models wearing unique clothes that made you want to buy. But once you place the order, it took 2 to 4 months to receive them. The quality of the...

[Resolved] Stylewe / clothing

Aug 26, 2018

This is a Bait and Switch Scam company. First, if you pay for expedited shipping, you do not get it. It takes weeks for your package to arrive. Second, the clothing is nothing like those depicted on the website photos. It is faded color, cheaply made (for example, the buttons were held on...

Stylewe / #scam

Aug 07, 2018

Order#1657934/1662537 I ordered 3 dresses since July and now its August I only received one dress everytime I sent them an email they keep telling me they shipped the items and when I tracked them with the tracking number they provided the # doesn't listed in the ups list or its invalid!...

Stylewe / clothing

Jul 30, 2018

I would agree with others who call this a SCAM company. I placed an order for 5 items on June 27th. order # I 1618817 for $240.10!! It is now July 30th and I have gotten 3 of the 5 items, in 2 different packages. The dresses are not as they look on the site and they DO NOT fit and when I...

Stylewe / order: i1564406

Jul 26, 2018

First: Products ordered together comes separately and can take as long as 2 months. Second: Sizes are never consistent and are not US sizes. I typically fit into a small/size6 and according to their charts/measurements, I ordered a Large. Large is still too small. Third: Due to the...

Stylewe / dresses to return to china

Jul 24, 2018

I ordered two dresses from this company that looked great on the website . I waited a month for them and so the occasion had gone that I needed them for when it said it would be 7-10 days delivery . Eventually one dress arrived that is horrible in style and quality ; not like the picture...

Stylewe / clothing return

Jul 19, 2018

I ordered five dresses from stylewe. I received two and one of them was very poor quality and did not fit the material is very uncomfortable. I contacted the Customer service through their website form and received an email offering me 20% or 15% discount on the item instead. I do not want... / not refunding me my money after returning the items

Jul 16, 2018

Good morning, I am lodging a complaint about stylewe. I ordered 2 dresses from them early in June for wedding. the items arrived after the wedding and did not fit order number I1500948 I had a first response from them on 9/6/18 offering me 15% cash or 20% store credit . I refused this offer...

Stylewe / buyer beware - this company gets your money, you won't see it again!

Jul 15, 2018

Buyer Beware! This Chinese company distributes their products from a US location but if you want to return something, you have to ship it to Mainland China and you will have to pay international shipping and customs charges which are about $25 but that is not the problem. I ordered a...

Stylewe / articles of clothing ordered were never received. I have been charged in full for these articles

Jul 13, 2018

order number 11615651 I ordered four items of clothing .I received two of these articles of clothing the end of June with an email that said hat the other two articles would be delivered separately. Thy were never received. They were paid for in full. I called and left a message at your c...

[Resolved] Stylewe / return to where — china?? big expense

Jul 12, 2018

Returned a dress: FANTASY YOU ORDER # 1339089 on May 23, 2018...( via instruction) : Paid 53.95 to return, i sent photos, tracking number etc. Now keep getting emails from your company saying "never received" ... Received email stating" will refund 30% of dress...(doesnt even cover...

[Resolved] Stylewe / order no i1570831 and no i1572472

Jul 10, 2018

Dear Board Members: Two orders were placed on June 6, 2018. The payment was made via Paypal. The order NO I1570831 came in as scheduled on June 28, 2018. The items were very low quality, but the customer service ignores my numerous requests for the return labels. NO I1572472 was never...

[Resolved] Stylewe / continuous lack of response from customer service

Jul 05, 2018

On May 22, I ordered 3 items from them and was immediately charged the $159 via PayPal. I received the 1st item rather quickly but was extremely disappointed in the quality of the workmanship. Seams were crooked and didn't meet. After many, many emails regarding the rest of the order, and...

[Resolved] Stylewe / style we

Jun 30, 2018

This sham of a company reminds us all that we should be wary of anything purchased online. We purchased an $80 dress for our daughter and when it arrived it was missing the belt. After contacting them they promised to send it, and never did. We returned the dress, at an expense of $23 a...

[Resolved] Stylewe / refund not received

Jun 26, 2018

Hello, I have ordered a dress online and It did not fit properly. I have sent back the dress about three weeks ago and still have not received my money back. I need the refund back as soon as possible before I take any further action. Below is the list of all the information needed. Please...

[Resolved] Stylewe / dress order never delivered - i1514963

Jun 15, 2018

Ordered and attempted follow up. Item was not delivered. I called the shipper (SF) who said item was not released to the USPS. Now the tracking number given me by SF is invalid. Kitty tells me it's delivered and continues to tell me what I need to do instead of researching the matter. The...

[Resolved] Stylewe / dress size

Jun 04, 2018

order a dress for mother day had no idea it takes one month to receive merchandise and when I get the dress it was to big I order a size 12 and was sent a size 14 and when I E-Mail them about this Issue well I was told I could return it at my expense so I decline to send it back and just...

[Resolved] Stylewe / women dress

Jun 02, 2018

I order a dress from this company it took about a month for it to arrive, after trying on the dress it was to small on the same day i try to return it because it was for a wedding and I had no time to wait for another one to come. i'm still waiting for a return address and i have send them...

Stylewe / wrongful charged

May 23, 2018

I was wrongfully charged for merchandise I never ordered nor received. I was refunded most of the monies with an outstanding balance of $119.85 of which I was told I would receive in a check within 8 weeks . I spoke with Alvin on 2/14/18. I have yet to receive the check. The transaction #...

[Resolved] Stylewe / order status

May 19, 2018

I purchased 2 dresses and a pair of shoes almost 2 months ago, the shoes came about a week ago. I contacted the company thru email on May 3 and did get a response. Here it is at this point still no products or update. Please give me the info on what has happen so I can go from there. My...

[Resolved] Stylewe / dress purchase

May 17, 2018

I finally received a dress I ordered after months of waiting. Dress was of poor quality and way too large. When I tried to go to website to get return label, it would start off in English and then once I hit button on sign in to return it would go to what appears to be Arabic. Obviously I...