Find Bride / online dating scams

So sad United Kingdom allows such
Despicable activity to make believe they are providing a service when they
Are actually robbing men blind every day. No morals just stealing dollars and pounds whatever they can squeeze out of men even gay men on
Gay Bride site they developed.
Exploiting women men. Robots whoever they can lure in to work
For peanuts as translators proffessionel daters PPL letter writers
Look in help wanted ads in Russian
And Ukranian newspapers hundreds
Mostly add from the hole in wall
Rat nest agency's in Kiev . Men u are
Dealing with snakes in suits
Report Fake Bride to Scotland Yard
Our FBI in UK anybody who listen
Rise up and be heard . All the rodents
Are doing is pandering men exploiting
Men women robots dealing a Meat market really Human trafficking !
If you cheap thrills talking to men this
Is the place for gay men even better
A example I chatted with a so called
Woman angered. Him he told me come to Kiev we will fight face to face.
The. Confirmation interviews are a joke .I watched a few they lasted 38 seconds and the woman held a fake
Outdated passport in her hand.
Her interview photo did not match her profile photos as the photos online were when she was 10 years younger
Look at a lot profile photos you can see the variance in photos . Now a man stole her profile photos and posted the on other scam sites as love
Me or foriegn Affairs longest running
Scam site with over 5, 000 complaints
Nice. Enough for now beware you are entering Shark infested waters with
Internet PIRATES !!!

Aug 29, 2019

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