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unauthorized payment / won't refund

I deleted my account, but they still accepted the subscription fee the following month. Contacted support and they refuse to do anything, keep repeating terms of use.
They accepted payment on a deleted account, no services were used or could have been used. No reason not to refund. I have the long chain of email as proof of their poor customer service. Anna (assuming Service Manager) doesn't answer questions, only replies with quotes to reactivate the account...
Avoid this company at all cost. Most profiles are fake and scams.

billing issue

My name is oscar nevarez email is [protected]@gmail.com I was suppose to have a free trail and I look at my bank statements and they took out 42 dollar and then 5 dollars off my card I want a refund this site ain't no good that is fraud my card ending in 7262 address 1045 cr 2260 mineola tx 75773
Phone number [protected] you can contact me her to

billing issue

selling fake memberships

This app is a complete rip off. 90% of females on here don't exist
(they are either fake or bots programmed to keep men in the game and keep paying for a fake membership) except in the sick minds of the ownership of meetville.Weareonlyheretorobyoujustlikeacriminalcarnavalbarker.Thisappsucks!menbewareandstayclear!!! jsisiejejwkwf dj. Sjsjehrjw. Jshehdudiwjwjdbwjw. Sjeuejejejdjd

Subscription Fees

Hi, 1 hour ago I subscribed to the free trial. Then I just got a message from my bank that I was charged for the 6 months subscription through my Google Play. And it already got charged on my credit card. And I using the app rarely, still not sure if i'm going to be on it for a long time. I tried to cancel the subscription from my google but it was too late. Is there a way to get a refund for that? I am not ready financially for this kind of payment.

meetville was charging me, even till now after only using the free trial. never signed up!

I only did the free trial on the MeetVille App and just found out that I have been paying on this app since March 2018! Not only that but I was charged not even 4 days after I used then app, not even the full 7-day trial before they started charging me! The app doesn't even exist anymore and how am I still being charged! I am absolutely furious about them scamming me out of over $700 to date!

Is there any way to get my money refunded?! Through the Itunes?

meetville was charging me, even till now after only using the free trial. never signed up!
meetville was charging me, even till now after only using the free trial. never signed up!

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my account was deleted

Hello, I just finished creating account and immediately I clicked on start chatting the next thing I saw was my account have been deleted. please I need y'all to reactivate my account. I see this dating sites as the best and that's why I want to give it a try and I'm not given the chance. I will be glad if I will have access to my account again.
email: [protected]@gmail.com
Thanks meetville team

subscription charges taken after deactivating and deleting account

This is so unfair as I could see an amount of 3, 500/- had been taken after me using just the free trail. After free trial I have unsubscribed and also deactivated/deleting the account as the app was of no purpose for me. I request you to kindly take this as priority and do the refund as soon as possible. Provide an Indian customer service desk/person number.

subscription charges taken after deactivating and deleting account

access to meetville dating account

Hi my name is geoff Allen echuca Victoria australia paid $60 subscription on 16 June 2019 by credit card information sorry I wrote on my profile page receipt number but I have no access as u claim I need to re pay I under stood I paid 6 month subscription o only now people cont me and I cannot reply thNk you regards geoff
Receipt number is [protected]
Password original widgiewa40nsw
New password 6deb32 only now after a month I receive replays and have no access love your site hope you can rectify asap regards Geoff Allen australia

about subscription charge

I had took a free subscription of Meetville last week and I had deleted the account next day. On 7th of July, I got a sms that Rs.3500/- have been deducted from my RBL BMk Credit Card limkedvto my google play store using my email [protected]@gmail.com. I couldn't understand that even after deleting my account why my Subscription was activated. Please look towards the matter.

billing issue

Dear teram, i joined meetville, but i didnt find it cool so i was about to delete my account meetville offered me first month free subscription, i thought i should use the free service first for a month.. i had given my credit card details to access free subscription. the moment it activated my credit card got charge for 3500 INR. meetville was completly fake they make there own fake profiles to attract customers.. i launched the refund complain the very moment and now they are denying to give my money back. i want to launch a complain against my refund.
Name sanchit mehta
e mail - sanchit.[protected]@gmail.com
i am waiting for a quick response against the refund issue

wrong - subscription charge

My Account which was created with manmeet.[protected]@gmail.com and the Free Month Trail was used with my Google Pay.

My account got disabled in 1 day on 2nd June and i also raised a customer complaint through the app, however i was still charged with the monthly subscription.

First of all when I took the 1 month free trail how can you deduct subscription for the same month and most importantly when the account is disabled how can you charge the customer.

I want MeetVille to credit the amount in my account ASAP.

And most importantly i was suggested that I will receive a reply from the customer service within 24 hours which I have not received till date.

This is very disappointing.

Google Pay - Manmeet Singh (HDFC Account) from which the amount got debited.

Best Regards,

  • Updated by Manmeet Malhotra · Jun 04, 2019

    Following my previous complaint email id - [email protected]

    Please note if I do not get the amount back in 2 working days i will sue the company for fake charges and customer harassment and will ask for a compensation.

    Best Regards,

  • Updated by Manmeet Malhotra · Jun 07, 2019

    Can someone please revert to my complaint raised earlier.
    This is very annoying and disappointing.

    I need the company to explain me why was my subscription charged when I was on a 1 month free trail period.
    Secondly how come you can charge someone when my ID is no more available in MeetVille.

    my id was created with the google account - [email protected]

    Please revert ASAP else if I do not get the amount back in 2 working days i will sue the company in the consumer court for fake charges and customer harassment and will ask for a compensation.


This app / service is 100% a complete scam! I purchased a 3 month subscription and messaged countless women with absolutely zero response from any of them. Even when I asked them to just reply with a "hi" to know the site was real. NOTHING at all in return! At the end of my 3 months where I could no longer access member profiles ... what do you know, I started receiving inbox messages from a few members out of the blue. When I would click on the message I would be redirected to meetvilles billing page to sign up for another 3 months. This app is garbage and the people running it should be ashamed of themselves for literally stealing money from people legitly looki ng to meet someone. Do not pay a dime to this company, you WILL be in the exact same position.

  • Az
    azguy61 Jul 11, 2019

    I had the same experience. It is a ripoff. Supposedly I had 30 who favorited me and got zero response. tried chatting with over 100 women and got nothing back. I know I am ugly, but not that ugly LOL
    some of the pics are funny as well. One said she didn't smoke or drink, but her pic showed her with a smoke and a glass of wine.
    Or women in the late 50's early 60's, never married and they still want kids

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dating site

I want my email removed from your list. I won't be giving you or any other internet business or site my card number to begin with and I closed my profile a while back wether your site took it or not. I no longer want any emails, notifications, or anything else related to Meetville. My email is [protected]@yahoo.com, remove all information, notifications, emails, pictures, and anything else that are being sent from 'Meetville to this email.

bogus service

I have tried to contact over 100 women on meetville without not one syllable in return. I have been on other dating sites without this issue. There are many complaints on forums and no one is doing anything about it. Some say they (meetville) continue to take money from their account even after they cancel their subscription. My signup subscription is through Google and it was cancelled but afraid they will continue to take my money without providing legit service.

  • Updated by Denny Grider · Apr 21, 2019

    I want my money back for 3 months, but hear no one has achieved it. I have talked with meetville's department but they keep blaming it on me. Next it will have to be consumer affairs

hi this is kanna

మీట్ వెల్ యాజమాన్యాలకు నమస్కారం మీట్ వెల్ ఆప్ లో నేను ఒక సభ్యులుగా ఉన్నందుకు చాలా సంతోషిస్తున్నాను కానీ యాప్...

unauthorized charge

Hello, Between Feb 19th and 20th I did not authorize this charge for CRC 47, 100 colones (6 month...

a subscribed it was an unauthorized charge

There was an unauthoried charged to my debit card of $87.39. These people have charged alot of things to my account and all has refunded me my money but yall. yall have taken the longest. If you need anything to prove any of this I will. If you need any information from me I will be more than happy to yall. I never authorize this. My e-mail is [protected]@gmail.com.

  • Updated by Margaret Busby · Jan 10, 2019

    My card number ending in 7119


Meetville. Com has been charging my account $42 and some odd sense every month since at least May 2018 I may...

loss of payment amount

I have not subscribed to meetville and I am not using this app for any purpose. Please refund my amount a...

Hyderabad Credit Cards

my fake account

Someone on Meetville has created my fake account and he/she has been using my pictures since a year now I...

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