Fashion Novatheir phony "easy return" process

I placed my order on August 22nd and the order number is #[protected] (I now remember this by heart due to how many times I've submitted a return through them). I submitted a return and refund for 4 out of 9 items I purchased and it took them two weeks to respond to me with a non-generic message. I completed my purchase for the shipping return label or whatever its called so I can have an "easy return". It took them four days and an email from me for them to actually send me my purchased information. When I went to my local postal office with my paid shipping return label, they told me it was invalid and concluded with me spending an additional $25 OUT OF POCKET to actually ship it(this was September 14th, 2019). After almost two weeks and no word from anyone, I emailed them for the SIXTH TIME for a status on my return. took them another week and three more emails from me for them to respond. All they asked me to do is repeat my issue and information and nothing was done. Now its October 2nd, 2019 and they have the nerve to tell me that they never received my returned products which is absolute ludicrous because I sent the returned items to the location they provided with not one but TWO completed return slips.

Oct 02, 2019

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