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Complaints & Reviews

Returning Policy

I ordered some shoes from this company and immediately noticed the return receipt was not like anything I had ever seen.

I wanted to return the shoes because the quality was cheesy looking. The shoes cost me $60.00. I have got one response from someone asking me if I can state why I want to return the merchandise but on the return card it specifically stated anyone returning an item without contacting their Customer Service Department first will be denied a refund. No phone number to call, etc.

PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this company. I should have read the reviews first.

I have order 3 dresses at 3 separate times they were all dresses. I never received

I have order 3 dresses at 3 separate times they where all dresses. I never received My dresses if you look my...

unethical behaviour, products never received

Don't buy from these liars and crooks! They need to be shut down and give online shopping a bad name. They...

ericdress.com refuses to honor its stated return policy

I purchased a dress online in a standard US size 6. When it arrived the dress was not a standard size 6 - the waist size is more like a 2 and the chest size more like a 12. The company will not give me a US address for returns, even though the website states there is a US address in Los Angeles available upon request, insisting that I ship the dress to CHINA. They also will only refund $50 of the $140 price, which barely covers the shipping cost. Their stated policy is that formal dresses are returnable within 7 days for a full refund. They should be banned from selling in the United States.

product/shipping/customer service

I ordered two pairs of shoes on 02/26/19, it does state it takes up to 22days to receive order.. after 22 days... nothing.. not even a email confirmation with tracking, shipping info.. I only received such notification after the fact that i reached out... which is not great customer service... i received 1 pair of heels which came towards the end of march... had a really strong chemical odor... still no info on my second pair.. i again sent another email... they replied it would take 2-3days to ship... i waited patiently still no tracking info... i emailed again... very frudtrated to receive a reply that i can expect my 2nd part of my order in 2-3weeks now?????? What in the world... i spent close to $200 on these shoes. And this is the service i get???? They had the nerve to telk me i can cancel. And also offered 10% off my next order... why would i order again???? This company js terrible... i want my shoes... and 10% off a next purchase is not compensation for the terrible customer service ... DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

product/shipping/customer service
product/shipping/customer service
product/shipping/customer service
product/shipping/customer service
product/shipping/customer service

  • Updated by Mrshall0902 · Apr 09, 2019

    After waiting almost 3 months i get a pair of shoes that look cheap. And look like they were made by a two year old just ridiculous

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beware - chinese rip off company

Do not waste money buying from this online scam company I have had a similar experience to other customer...

men's clothing

Do not even think of buying from this company. I ordered over $200 from ericdress. First order was wrong...

lapel plain zipper vintage men's thick winter coat jacket ([protected]) - misleading and dishonest

Do not buy anything from erricdress. I brought a jacket that did not show, in any photos, the badge it had on the left sleeve. I contacted ericdress and said I felt misled as the badge wasn't shown and that I wanted a full refund and for them to cover the return postage cost. After several weeks and several emails where they tried to claim the badge was visible and that they would not cover the return postage cost, they agreed they were in the wrong and would refund me in full including postage. Note that they said the badge was visible because looking at the jacket from the front you can see the edge of the badge in the site photo. This is true but the photo shows the edge of the badge which was about a millimetre thick and barely noticeable. You can't see what the badge looks like, you can just barely see the edge of something on the sleeve. You can't even identify it as a badge. So I was refunded the cost of the jacket but they went back on there word and said they'd only cover part of the postage cost and not the full cost. This really annoyed me because I have it in writing that they would give me a full refund including postage.
Ericdress is not an honourable company.in fact they outright lie. From the moment I tried to return the jacket they have made it as difficult as possible to do. And even after making promises they now refuse to honour that promise.
I will never buy anything from them again.

lapel plain zipper vintage men's thick winter coat jacket ([protected]) - misleading and dishonest
lapel plain zipper vintage men's thick winter coat jacket ([protected]) - misleading and dishonest
lapel plain zipper vintage men's thick winter coat jacket ([protected]) - misleading and dishonest


First of all, all the 5 starts comments are bots for sure, do not be a fool.
⛔️secondly, I got a dress and waited for so long and when I wrote to them they said they were making one. ‼️I didn't see any out of stock sign.
I would never buy if the dress was not available because my engagement is coming and I have to make sure I have everything. But then after they took the money I had to wait, and of course it's from china so it took ages. ⛔️as soon as I received the dress I started to cry how ugly and cheap is this. My whole plans were ruined. I took pictures and wrote an email for return immediately⛔️. I bought if for $107.36 and what they offered me was $15 return because they made the dress for me. I was in shock. I can not even get my money back. I am still dealing with these scammers via email. Now they are offering $60. This is insane guys. What they are doing is finding good dresses online and posting them like it's theirs. And when someone orders they are hiring cheap people to make the dress as cheap as possible. ⛔️ they literally told me 'dress looks fine' after my complaining. Crazy...
⛔️1) they are lying on their website about full refund
⛔️2) they will give you less than your money and resell the dress again make money out of poor people like me!
⛔️3) they do not have a sign for out of stock or order dress make!
⛔️4) customer service is only one person: rose which she will never act professionally.
‼️‼️my days are hell, few weeks left for my engagement, I do not have will to look more dress, I can not get my money back. I am just lost.
⛔️please be aware that all dress will be so cheap and if you are okay with this go ahead but if you don't want anything this shady don't even bother going to their website.
⛔️never trust a company if they are blaming the customer, not refunding or not trying to clear their pride but ruining the reputation even more.
‼️amazon is the best experience I ever had, as soon as I write return they are returning in seconds. By them doing this they are keeping me shopping there. Because I feel safe.
⛔️ericdress, rose, and all the rest from that company you are all scammers! #ericdress #china #chinese #chinesescam #scam #scammer


bad sizing... terrible return policy... stay away!

Adults stay away!! I typically wear a men's US XL shirt and they are slightly oversized. I ordered a 4XL from Ericdress to compensate for the Asian size factor. The 4XL shirt I received can't even be buttoned it's so small. I would equate it to a US men's medium. As their return policy requires the buyer to pay all shipping costs (even though their size chart is wrong), it's not worth returning. So unless you are buying clothes for a small child, I would suggest staying far away for this company. They are a rip off.

baby dress

Do not buy from them!! They send you items that aren't true to size or color from what you order. You reach out to them for a refund and they refuse to give you your money back. First they said they would compensate me 60%, then they change their mind to "some of the money" and the next day they change their mind again and say they can't refund me and they will offer me a "discount for your new order." are you kidding me??? Every day they changed their mind on their return policy. And no I would not like a discount on my new order, because I will never be ordering from you again!

baby dress

no refund no communication

Please don't be fooled into buying from ericdress!! Save your money and time. I bought a coat for my husband after carefully checking all the measurements on their size guide. It took six week to arrive from china and was three sizes too small and only passable in quality terms (nothing like the picture). They finally offered me an exchange if I sent it back to china and paid 17 dollars extra. I followed all the shipping instructions to the letter and now they say they haven't got it so now i'm fighting them for the extra charge back 🙄🙄😫😫. Great pictures but ericdress is an absolutely awful company with no customer service and subpar quality. Save your time and money.

dresses that were hemmed way too short

I ordered 2 dresses. When I took them out of the packaging, it was clear that they looked like the bottom...


Ordered a jacket for my wife. First of all took almost 45 days to arrive so it was late for christmas.
Second, she wore it three times and it ripped right down the back. They offered me $10.00 to repair it myself. I asked for a full refund and they offered me $15.00. Than they offered me $20.00.
Than they said they would give me a refund if I mailed it back to them but stated that I would only get a refund if the item was in good shape. So I wanted to clarify that I would get the refund because of my troubles and they offered me $20.00 again. These folks have no idea what they are doing and i'm still fighting with them as I type this. Its very frustrating.
Not only is the quality poor, but their customer service sucks. I didnt expect much from a $40.00 jacket but I expected a little more than this.
Reason of review: bad quality.


  • Updated by Pilzdad · Feb 02, 2018

    Refunded money for jacket. Not shipping.

  • Updated by Pilzdad · Feb 06, 2018

    Refunded money for shipping. Issue resolved

  • Ma
    Marylou Cirilo Oct 08, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Major Scam Artists – Very Cheap About Defective Product Return Requests

    Terrible experience in attempts to return a dirty tight coat that I purchased in August 2018. It is October 2018 now and I am still trying to obtain a refund for the dirty tight coat that I received. I have sent over seven emails to Eric Dress Customer Service, they are very unprofessional and try to accuse the customer of not following the sizing chart then try to wheel and deal the amount of the refund they are willing to propose to you after the receive the returned item. I have sent a photograph showing the dirty stain on the coat that was prepackaged with the stain. They insist on accusing the third party shipping for making the stain during delivery. Then they offered me a $10.00 discount if I ordered another coat and keep the stain dirty coat as a so called “gift.” This is the most ridiculous customer service product return experience I have ever encountered as a consumer who places orders on-line. Customer Service refuses to get me the return address for Los Angeles, CA as I understand Eric Dress has a return/distribution center in Los Angeles. They are very sneaky in dealing with unsatisfied customers; and do not offer prepaid product return labels to their customers like Macy’s and Amazon.com does.
    Below is an example of the poor English language email communication I recently received when I asked for the seven time for a return address to return the defective coat that I received from them. It is like talking to the bloody wall trying to get customer service to actually offer customer service to an unsatisfied customer. A Big Scam! Never Again!
    “Thanks for your concern of Ericdress.The item price be paid on this item 3109794 is 22$ $ (shipping fee on it is 8$ )
    As we mentioend in last email, the dirst problem caused during the transit, also it is just a little .
    The main problem is the size be chosen does not fit you well .
    10$ is the most we can apply for you on your new order if you can accept it .
    We can also accept your return for refund, but sorry to tell you that we have no return lable, the customer need to pay the returning cost according to the policy. The full item price should be refunded on once we get it, but we applied for you with 25$ if return .
    Please kidnly understand that and let us know your final decision 。
    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will reply you as soon as possible.
    Thank you and best regards, Holly
    Customer Service Department.Email:[email protected]

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I ordered a top several weeks ago and waited and waited. Finally emailed them and a couple of days later I hear from them that the top is not available so go and choose another top. Well I check the site and the top is still there on sale. Wonder if it has to do with me paying with paypal, because paypal has all kinds of complaints against this company. Do not be fooled because there is something fishy about the site.

ordered a dress

I ordered a dress on 10/21/17 - it's now a month later and no dress. Checked the system and it said order wa...

not a reputable company

I ordered a wedding dress from them. The dress arrived in a small package, a little bit dirty. When I opened it I was shocked by what I saw.
The dress was very tiny. You know, I would find a way if it was bigger, but if it's small you can't fix it.
I sent them several emails and none of them were answered. They just took my money and disappeared.
It was my first and last time dealing with your horrible store.
I won't give up and get my money back.

  • Sh
    ShakiraBrien Oct 13, 2017

    So sorry to hear that you had some problems on your order, could you please let me know your order number at [email protected] so that I could be able to help you? Thank you and looking forward to your reply.

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So I ordered my jacket on September 19 and still haven't received it . No response other then then they say it's been shipped. No it hasn't, and after reading the other complants I realize what a bad mistake I've made dealing with this company. They are crooks I know if do receive it it's probably gonna be a piece of garbage so you people enjoy ripping me off you won't get another chance too .money lost $35.00

[Resolved] returns

This company has HORRIBLE customer service. I am trying to return dresses that I dislike. The quality of the dresses is horrible. There is glitter on the dresses when there were supposed to be sequins or stones. They barely respond to e-mails but when they do, they just say sorry and ask for explanations of return and NEVER provide return address for refunds thus making the time for returns lapse and therefore NEVER BEING ABLE FOR REFUND. Also, they say in the e-mail that if I do return items, I have to agree to a 50% of the item price refund. WTF??!!! HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE.


Customer service contacted me, provided return address, received the dress and will refund most of my money.

  • Updated by Paula Leone · Dec 05, 2017

    275 E. Redondo Beach Blvd. Gardena, CA, USA  90248


Have you already shipped my order or not? How will I know about it?
You gave me a non-existent tracking number and it doesn't work at all.
I sent numerous emails and called them 100 times and I got only one answer from them stating that yes, they didn't ship anything, but I don't have to worry about it.
Tell this to someone who didn't spend weeks on your stupid website trying to find out what my money was spent on. tGreat you didn't send anything. Wonderful. You're so fast in shipping out. The fastest in the world.
I'm so angry and disappointed at the same time.

  • Sh
    sherry001 Sep 18, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So sorry to hear that you had some problems on your order. Could you please let me know your order number at [email protected] so that I could be able to help you? Thank you.

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