Fashion Novamerchandise I returned and never refundex

K Aug 11, 2018

I purchased two of the same dresses from Fashion Nova. The first was too small and the dye was running into the white part of the dress. The second one fit but the dye was running into the white part again. I contacted their customer service via email explaining the issue. I also explained that I had ordered another that was too small with the same issue. I mailed the merchandise back immediately it wasn't until after mailing the merchandise back that I received a response from fashion Nova asking me to take pictures of the damage it was too late i had already mailed the merchandise at the post office with tracking. I recently got an email for a refund for one dress and not the other and now they are trying to say they did not receive the other dress which is lie. I just want my money or the same dress. I am very upset about this. I am owed $50.00

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