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Complaints & Reviews


Dears, I have a complain about shop manager of bershka store citystars (dghesh) as he talk in a very...



Good evening! I had a very bad experience this evening into your store at 21:10, Bucharest, Megamall...


I was very disappointed about the transaction I have had on 16/12/19 at venetian shopping mall. I was fustrated when I made the transaction given back the change in mop. All the shops in the mall was given return hkd if you pay with hkd or mop in return mop. I understand the small change in mop I don't mind but I do not like to accept mop if I was paying in hkd. I ask for a refund, your staff named 廖燕慧tells me if I have a refund she can only give me mop. She tells me this is company policy. Therefore I would like to verify her statement. As a loyal customer I am not satisfied with your policy. My email address: k8ty. [protected]

product and service!

I bought a black blazer dress with a silver chain detail (39.99) from jervis shopping centre in Dublin 2...

selling used item

I notice that the phone case I bought was used already when i got home. When i payed for it The Sales person...



I bought a trench-coat in October and I had to return it two times because the material keeps tearing about. It will be my 3rd time returning this coat because I found another tear within the sleeves. It's very frustrating. I don't want to turn my back on the brand because I love the clothes at Bershka but I may no longer have a choice. The annoying part is that if I reuse a reimbursement, I'll only get a Bershka gift card with the value of the coat which I would prefer getting back my actually money.

customer service in store and payment issues

Good morning
My daughter and I were shopping in Bershka, La Canada, Marbella on Monday October 7th.
My daughter tried to pay for her one item and her card was declined... there was no issue with the card and the money was taken from her bank account... we showed this to the girl on the till and she called the manager. The manager was so unhelpful and incredible rude. She said if our machine shows declined then it hasn't gone through... even though she could clearly see from our banking app the money had been taken. My daughter tried to pay again with another card and it was declined again... again no issue with her card or bank but still declined. I then paid with my card.. and surprise surprise it was declined!! Clearly an issue with the machine at that time... they then tried another machine with the same initial card and the payment was finally accepted... The manager was incredibly unprofessional... it was clearly an issue with their system and not our cards... she kept saying (in a very loud voice so the whole queue could hear)... it's not our fault your bank is declining your payment!!! And we quietly tried to say to her... there is no issue with our cards!! And she did not accept it when we showed her that the money had left our bank even though the machine showed our payment as declined!! The whole incident was very embarrassing. I told her we needed proof for our bank that the money taken from our account needing refunding and she said she could do nothing and told us she needed to serve the other customers!!! Luckily for us the bank refunded the money but that's not down to any assistance from Bershka!!! We spend a lot of money in this store and the way we were treated was not acceptable. They should have given us a declined receipt but they refused.
Then... the same evening my two daughters went shopping... again my daughter (my other child!) paid for one item and it was declined... and guess what?! The money was taken from her account!! She then tried again and the payment went through... but this morning both payments have gone out of the bank! This time the lady was more helpful and was apologetic for the trouble. She gave my daughter her phone number in case of an issue... the number is [protected].
This money needs to be refunded and the staff need training in what to do when these situations arise!
There was no issue with our banks or cards... they worked in every other shop and there was plenty of money available to spend!! Clearly the issue was with the machines in your store. But more importantly than that... the customer service skills of your staff were totally inadequate. They tried to humiliate us and belittle us and were totally unprepared to offer any assistance.
My daughter now has 22.99 taken from her bank and they say they will investigate and it will take 30 days to refund if they decide to do so. At the age of 14 this is a lot of money to her and it's very unfair that she should lose money due to the incompetence of your staff or your technology failing!!!
The receipt number for the item last night paid for by my daughter is ...
361515 transaction 667483 (7th October at 19.32)
This has totally put us off shopping in this store again!!!
Katrina collins-Cole

customer service in store and payment issues


I got a shirt from Bershka and burnt it with iron in when ironing it for the first time. Please let me know...


being accused of stealing by staff

I had just finished trying on 4 items of clothing when a member of staff was trying to open the curtain on...


Dear Customer Service Team 9 August 2019 I attached a picture of the receipt. Number of the...


unprofessional attitude of the cashier girl while returning a low quality item

Thursday (25.07.19)at about 7:00 pm.. I went to the cashier desk of Bershka Berlin, with a smile and...


return not accepted despite in original condition

Dear Bershka Team,

Today at about 16:00 I tried to return a top I bought on 12.07. at the Alexa Berlin location. The tag had come off in the changing cabin, so I just tied it back on. And bought it. No mention was made of this tag condition when I bought it. I do not blame the cashier as it was a busy Friday afternoon. It was a small purchase that I thought would work with another item at home. It didn't, so I wanted to return it today. When I tried to they told me because the tag was re-attached it was no longer in original condition so they would not take it back. When I explained that this was how I had bought it, they said no that is not possible, mentioning that millions of customers pull this tag trick. They basically accused me of lying to save 7, 99 Euros. It is not the money that bothers me at all, but the dismissal of my explanation out of hand. And the accusation that I (like millions of others) was trying to cheat them. I just thought your customer service team should know about how this was handled and re-train some of your Berlin staff. The top, by the way, is in perfect condition, only having been tried on once.

It is unlikely that I will shop with Bershka again, given this treatment.

Warmest regards,
Victoria Bishop Kendzia

price, mom shaming, rude store manager

Today I have visited this store, and I faced my self (first time in my life) with being treated with disrespect by store manager (blond lady, 3 am)
My stepdaughter was waiting in the line to try on trousers she wanted to buy (line was long), and I was holding baby in my arms. Baby was very fussy, so I offered my brest to feed her (it was very discreet, in the corner of the store) and I went back holding my baby in arms and waiting my stepdaughter to see if trousers fits her.
Store manager approached me to say I am not welcome to feed my baby and showed me corner of store so I can go there feeding my baby. With no chair or any adecvate space...
Is this how you treet mothers and babys, is this your policy?????
Do you have sign on your doors BREST FEEDING MOMS ARE NOT WELCOME HERE? NO!!!
If this is your policy, put that sign on your doors please, so you don't put people in occured situation...
Later she has bought troussers with price 12.99, and they charge us for 17.99, when we went back to see why they charged us more, same store manager very rude told us that is not her problem, they have that price in the sistem, she didn't care for price written on the
price tag. She told me some of the customers could put the price on them. When I showed her fhew more troussers with the same price on which shows the stuff did mistake by not taking off reduced price, she insisted on her story, not admitting mistake.
I am very very disepointed the way you treat your customers. This was day when I promissed myself to never walk in the store again, not recomend store to anyone. Also, i will seek for my legal rights, was I supose to treated like that just for feeding my baby.

price, mom shaming, rude store manager

boys swimming suit

I bought a boy swimming suit on June 3rd at Bersheka, mall of arabia branch, Egypt, and after usage twice it was torn as the fabrics seemed to be defected. I never thought that Bersheka is using low quality fabrics; that is why I did not keep the sale receipt; however the transaction is shown on my debit card statement. I am very disappointed of the low quality of the swimming suit and I request full refund.
Email: [protected]@
Phone number : 002 [protected]

boys swimming suit
boys swimming suit

  • Updated by Rola Nabil · Jul 06, 2019

    Name and last name: Rola Nabil
    Phone: 01001050369
    Email: [email protected]
    Market: Bersheka, Egypt, mall of arabia
    I bought a boy swimming suit on June3rd, 2019 from Bersheka, mall of arabia branch in Egypt. The swimming suit was torn in less than a month. I donot have the sales receipt but I have the debit card statment showing my transaction( I never imagined that Bersheka's fabric will be defected that is why I did not bother to keep the sales receipt). I took the swimming suit and went to mall of Arabaia branch and met Mr. Ahmed Fekry ( branch manager) and Ahmed Said( deputy) and they refused to exchange the defected swimming suit claiming that it was wrongly worn!!!and that they can see no reason why the swimming suit is torn and consequently refusing to exchange.
    I am very dissatisfied from the waste of money and time and dissappointed from the bad quality. I usually buy from Bersheka Egypt and Austria but it is the first time where I find such a problem and an inprofessional reply like the one received from the branch manager.
    I hereby request an exchange of the defected swimming suit and if not available then a full refund of the amount.
    Attached is the photo of the swimming suit and the debit card statement.

fake campaign at anghami app

Unfortunately i'm so upset I found game spin and win for bershka and I win 50 $ vouchers I went to Alexandria...


salesperson at milan duomo store

There is a short hair blonde girl working at changing room, the rudest and stupidest person I've ever met. Super undereducated and crazy. I know this is just Bershka not Loro Piana, but at least treat your customer like a human. I was going to try on some clothes and misunderstood the entrance and exit if changing rooms (No signs ). She started to yell at me saying "stop that crazy girl, where is she going? Who does she think she is." I was shocked and furious, never being treated like this in a store ever.

mobile case

we baught a mobile case from Bershka Mall of Arabia, it is sold as an 8+ cover, however after paying and...


I bought some trousers from Bershka tried them on not checking the trousers fully I purchased them . When I...

quality of product (shoes)

I bought a white shoes on 02/2019 by amount of EGP 399 ( after sale), I used it two times only, then I had to...


diamonte belt

I brought a belt on the 6/5/19 in Westfield shopping centre but wore it for the first time last night, within...



I ordered some shoes from bershka last night at 5pm and I paid extra for fast ‘same day' delivery. The reason...



I went into the Bershka store where I saw a lady who looked like a manager. I approached her and when I did...


the customer services

Hello I went today to bershka in Algeria what a shame the staff were playing around joking no one was in the...



Please find attached photographs of a coat that I purchased in January 2019.

It went in the wash for the first time this weekend 13/14 April 2019 and it has come apart literally at the seams.

I followed closely the washing instructions and am very upset that it has fallen apart so easily.

I would be grateful for comments.

Kind regards
Katie Matthews


rude employees

Zalan Maoug Loodsenstraat 33 9000 GHENT BELGIUM Dear On 8 February 2019 around 19.35h I went with my family...


Dear Team Bershka, I shop quite often from your outlet in Abu Dhabi mall, because of my last experience I...


white jeans/ see photo attached

Hello! I bought a pair of white jeans from Bershka - promenada mall- bucharest, i thing one month ago. And...


i'm complaining about lying to customers

I bought something on sale today and i wanted to check its old price since there was a few price tags above each other the price that was showen was different from the old price why would you lie to customers ! It was 109 riyals before the sale and on the sale it shows that it was 189 and became 39 riyals . I just want your brand to be on top and not lie to customers thats it.


I want to complain regarding the workers at Saudi Arabia, Riyadh . Hyat mall branch . The workers are...

red hoodie I bought from china outlet online

1. I brought a red hoodie on 18-10-2018 online in Chinese outlet. Unfortunately, the clothes I received is second hand and used one(I have a lots of pictures as proof). Also with bad quality, dirty mark on the sleeve, wire leap drop out, broken hangtag...etc. it was a really really bad experience of shopping I ever had in my life. The price of hoodie is 279¥.
2. After I found these problems I contact their support staff. They said they will provide 10¥ for my compensation as the apology. I was shock with their poor service. Before I brought I already spent 10¥ just for courier fee, I don't care this small money. Later they try to offer me to send clothe back and refund my money. But the thing is I'm in Maldives, this is not easy to find a person to bring stuff for me. I have no way to back to China to send it back and refund. It's really really ridiculous because I mentioned this reason and they still keep saying same thing and don't want to sort it out for me. 3.I'm really really sorry for your bad service and bad quality you have. I followed bershka for 3 years. It's very bad experience I have in your company. Now I just want to want my money back I don't want to spend 279¥ to buy second hand used product especially clothing!!!
Please contact me after seeing my message my email is [protected]

I'm depressed with your service and quality now.

red hoodie I bought from china outlet online
red hoodie I bought from china outlet online
red hoodie I bought from china outlet online
red hoodie I bought from china outlet online
red hoodie I bought from china outlet online
red hoodie I bought from china outlet online
red hoodie I bought from china outlet online


تحية طيبة وبعد مرسل لشركتم الموقرة من احمد اشرف موسي مدير تشغيل شركة the venue for project management المالكة...

corduroy mom fit trousers

Purchased these beige corduroy trousers yesterday whilst in a Bershka store in Kraków, Poland, everything wa...



I'm totally disappointed!!! I spent so much money on the jeans, and neither of these 2 pairs lasted for more than 2 months of every day wear! Check the huge holes that I got after 2 months! Horrible material ! Seriously I'm so shocked, and the fact that I didn't notice those homes in the first place and walked like that makes it even more embarrassing!!!


customer service

Today is was in the store in Berlin at kurfstendam . I was amazed by the new collection and already tried...


I have been bought a red shirt and after 2 weeks while washing it, there was a color affect on the other...

pants, i’m complaining about employee who gave the receipt after payment!

I'm Complaining about employee who gave me the receipt after payment. The problem that he didn't take off the...



In August I have bought pair of trousers in bershka shop in Riga. That meant to be work trousers for me which...

the product's quality

i went to the store and i wanted to refund the shirt or at least make an exchange with something else because...

customer service

Almost two weeks ago I was in your Bershka store in Jervis Shopping Centre, Henry St. I purchased jeans there...

purchase security tag left on

I purchased a dress in bershka In mahon I always shop here never really had no issues but they left the tag...