Farfetchpayments and purchasing

I tried to buy a scarf I really liked the look of. Twice. I came in to the transaction, and it seemed to proceed smoothly until a solid 25 seconds after my order had been confirmed. At this point I received two emails almost simultaneously. One of them described Farfetch's failure to process my payment info, the next a Curt refund notice. 10 days and all that. You know what? Maybe it really was a failure to process my payment info. I'll just use a different card. Well nope. I tried to order the scarf again, only to get 3 emails on quick succession: Order confirmed, Order cancelled, Refund issued. I'm not yet sure if this is actual credit card fraud or not. Maybe they ran out of stock and are just too embarrassed to tell the customer. Who knows. I wish Farfetch would let me know the particulars of the cancellation, and maybe, just maybe actually send me my scarf. In general I probably would discourage friends and family from using this online shop. It seems like they either can't get their ducks in a line or are scamming their customers. I have been sorely disappointed in all the proceedings thus far, and will probably never use this accursed website again, nor will I allow anyone I know personally to be tricked like I was. I just wanted a scarf. Now Farfetch has two credit cards( yes I know I shouldn't have done that no need to remind me), and I have no scarf to show for it. 0/10. If customer service wants to sort this out I would be more than happy to pay the aforementioned sum of money and buy the darned scarf, but I can't believe they'll have any mind to do so, as so far they have simply taken my money, cancelled my order, and have yet to deliver on their promised refund. Once again 0/10.

Oct 17, 2019

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