Farfetchgucci handbag

I purchased a Gucci handbag on, and having paid quite a lot of money for this, I had the expectation that my order (which was coming from their partner store Browns UK) would arrive to me in pristine condition with its original Gucci box, Swing Tag and Authenticity cards - I.E the original Gucci packaging belonging to my handbag.

This did not happen, I received my handbag, which was wrapped in 2 plain dustbags and a Gucci silk dustbag in an unmarked cardboard box, without it's Gucci Box, Swing Tags and Authenticity cards.

I have phoned Farfetch three times, and after being told that Browns located the original Gucci Box, and would send both the box, and authenticity/ swing tags I was then told that the box was lost and the one that Browns located wouldn't fit my handbag. I asked for the swing tags and authenticity cards to still be sent to me, and they arrived today, only to be a swing tag with buttons belonging to Gucci tiger print tie neck blouse.

This clarifies that my handbag, which was full price had either been used, or was obviously either returned, (but how it was accepted as a return without it's original packaging is beyond me(. If it was a display item, the tags should have still been tucked within the interior of the handbag.

Farfetch have provided the lowest level of service and not a very luxury experience at all in purchasing this designer piece. They are dishonest, and I will never be shopping with Farfetch again. I strongly recommend buyers steer clear of them if wanting to purchase new luxury designer pieces.

Apr 18, 2019

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