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Almost six years ago I began my career with Family Dollar Stores. I was told that I would do my training in a store 35 miles away from my home, and then I would be transferred to Stroudsburg, a new store. The new store in Stroudsburg never opened. I accepted store #3155, Allentown, still 35 miles from my home until a location closer to my home would become available. Store #3155 was on the floor, no help, no Assistant Store Manager, schematics were not done in most Departments for 3 years. The stockroom was packed to the ceiling with freight. I had to work the store from open to close for eight weeks. 80 hours per week, no day off. I did all the schematics, emptied the stockroom, hired a staff, and trained an Assistant Store Manager. Inthe six years that I managed the store the sales increased over $400, 000. My store was always neat, clean, and totally recovered. Almost every store visit by my District Manager or Regional Manager I would receive a '5' on the Anytime 5 Reports. I always scored in the upper 90's on my Loss Prevention/Operational Audits. I was always very proud of my store, and it showed. I missed 2 days of work in 6 years. One sick. The other was a very bad ice/snowstorm. I was always asked to go help out in other stores with problems. I always went. I was a very dedicated and loyal employee and wanted to spend the rest of my life with Family Dollar Stores. During my 6 years I had 10 District Managers, and 4 Regional Managers.

About 3 years ago the neighborhood around the store started to turn bad. My old customers left. Bad ones came in. I asked time and time again for more payroll. I was unloading 600 - 800 cartons a week by myself because I could not keep the sales floor covered. I was in the store 16 hours a week by myself. My shrinkage started to increase. I was robbed at gunpoint. All my hair fell out. Never missed work. I was told that Family Dollar Stores would install a camera system. This never happened. Not quite a year went past and I was robbed again at gunpoint. I was told again that Family Dollar Stores would install a camera system. This never happened. However, I did receive a plastic camera to mount above the checkout area. I had to climb the ladder every 7 hours to replace the batteries in it. I was told that all my shrinkage is internal. I replaced most of the employees. Still the store is getting worse and worse. I am still in the store by myself. I worked every Saturday and Sunday open to close because this was when most of the problems occurred. I received no help from any District Manager. Just 'keep your eyes on things'.

Last September, my District Manager 'estimated' my shrinkage at $40.000. I was told that if the numbers don't hold I would be gone. The store is still getting worse. For 3 years I had all the high priced medicines under the checkout with shelf talkers on the counter. When I would receive my Weekly Exception Cycle Counts all medicines were accounted for. I was told to put the medicines back on the counter. Family Dollar Stores would order a special fixture for them to keep them up at the front. This never happened. All the medicines were gone in a week. When I would receive my Weekly Exception Counts anywhere between $60.00 - $100.00 per item were missing. It's all internal I was told. Two weeks before Labor Day I was watching a customer - he showed me a knife. Still by myself in the store.

I would travel back to the store on the nights that I would not close and watch. I would put money in the safe from my pocket to see if it would be there in the morning. I would put tape on the receiving door at the bottom to see if it would be opened after I left. I would draw pencil lines on the stockroom floor where the flex-roller wheels were at the receiving door to see if it was moved. I would place small pieces of wood outside behind the receiving door to see if the door was opened. I would have my friend call with my calling card (so it could not be traced) to ask if my District Manager was there - just to scare them if the employees were up to no good. I did everything I could think of and more. I did everything but run the store for the last 4 months. No help from anyone. None. Every 2 weeks my District Manager would come in and tell me how much more the inventory estimate was short.

My District Manager came to the store the second week in January and told me the shrinkage went up another $45, 000. Still by myself in the store for 10 - 12 hours a week. Continuing to work around 60 hours a week, and still helping out in other stores.

My last day I told my District Manager what I did to try to prevent the losses. I told him that if Store #3155 had the DVD camera system, like every other store has in the Allentown/Bethlehem area, we would not be in this situation. Northing was done to help me stop the losses.


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    Markus May 04, 2009

    Ordered a high end Lumix TZ5A digital camera at a very good price. Called Genius to ask when my order would ship, and talked to a sales rep. They asked if I knew that this was an export model and all the menus were in Japanese? The US version was a higher price. BS-they don't make different versions. You select the language from the setup menus. Rep also said that the model was a demo and had only a 15min battery. Of course, the web page I ordered from did not list any of these conditions. it was all JUST A CON to try to up-sell their high priced accessories. This is called bait and switch and is ILLEGAL. BEWARE! What a waste of time!!

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    CommonSense May 04, 2009

    The non US models do not ship with an English manual, nor do the power adapters have US standard outlet plugs.

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    Dennis Roy May 05, 2009

    I am a retired V.P. of Operation Manager when I entered a family dollar store to buy some Batteries and sun tan lotion, when I over heard the district manager yelling at the manager in front of customers. Who ever hired this women was off their rocker!!! this why you have preformance reports lady and you set goals, which help develop your people, (your staff are only as good as you develope/train them) very unfortunate. Minutes later the manager was yelling at the assistant manager to work faster, "hell she was the only one working out of the whole bunch", and if I were to do a time study she (the assistant manager as cashier would have exceeded her quota, unbelieveable. Can you believe these people, workers need to educate themselves and file grievences and even sue when properly allocated, suggest the employees do every thing written documentation is essential to stand up to these monsters.

    It is apparent the powers above don't give a dam about their staff, only focus on bottom line and profit, what a shame. I will no longer buy from family dollar I choose to take my business else where.

    SouthWest Texas (El Paso) Store Location on George Deiter by Lowes grocery store.

    San Ramon, California

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    Car0l McDougal May 25, 2009

    Being a e employee of Family Dollar I too will not shop Family Dollar stores. The manager was always yelling at me, I was too slow at the register, I wasn, t working hard enough. I didn't get this or that done. I was always being called into the office over things that I had no control over. It got to the place that I had to quit, even though I needed the job. I was having nightmares about her. I knew that if I didn't quit I was going to have a nervous breakdown. You are right Family Dollar stores do not care about their employees. In the 2 years I was there I never missed any work, was always on time, never took breaks. I considered myself a hard worker, but no matter how hard you worked it was never hard enough or good enough.

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    Xiala Aug 21, 2009

    What does this have to do with Family Dollar, exactly?

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    gabbie01 Jun 16, 2010

    when i first move to here when all the trouble begain, . i live next door. my first day at the new house. all the employees includiung the manger was over at my house. just walk in like the own the place. a neighbor across the street. said the previous owner move because they were breaking and enter. the were harrassed everyday all day long and most of the night. so they move. the landlord said that on the other side of the fence was our property not theirs. i wasn't alowd to have a job.
    last summer my three year nephew unlocked the door. there store manager came over and open my side door. walk in took off with my nephew. i look up after seeing her through the window. she wasn't with anybody. i camr out to check the mail. when the guy cutting the grass. told me that she was looking in house to see if she steal something. he told me that she had of mine. well i look toward the store i didn't see anything.i was going to go to the store to get some trash bag and some pinesol. when i realize i still had the mail in my hand. when i walk in i notice how quite house was. my sister went to the bathroom. only find out my door was open. cop at my door banging. they took my nephew away and my sister got arrested. so i called them for the district manager. the manager said oh go what did i do now. the young black guy said. well you called the police on them your alway over there house. i called the manager who was on vacations. got chewed out. then last jan. hadn't been a month since my mom died. i went over there again. the store manager start asking about my nephew. after i paid for my stuff. two employees start yelling at me. cussing me out. when i went home in tears. i went to pick my mail. the store manger and the one employees came over to my house and threaten to stab with a knife. i threaten to call the police. i called the manager never did call me back.

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    Mawna Jan 17, 2011

    I imagine there may be many overbearing, over re-acting Managers in quite a few stores Nation wide, no matter what corporation, whether Family Dollar or Dollar General, Dollar Tree, etc, ... People working under Managers, must understand that these Managers and District Managers are under a huge amount of stress. And some Managers allow this stress to run downhill, which affects their employees moral. On the other hand, I do know that many people hire on with a company, with too high expectations of how they are going to have a grand life, walking in roses and peachy keen. When the work or the job is not exactly what they expected, they will become whiney, moaning and groaning about how bad they have it. In today's economy we have very many spoiled people, now having to work in jobs they would never even considered before Some expect to be pampered. If you are one of these types, more than likely you maybe be adding to the toxic envirnoment of the work place. If you find that you are moaning and whinning more times than not, perhaps you need to move on and find something more to you liking. Do not stay and make everyone else's live's miserable by becoming a toxic employee. Hand in your 2 week notice and spend those two weeks looking for another job you may find that fits you better. You may find one and in the process you will be leaving an opening for someone else who is willing to work under the circumstances you found intolerable. Let it go and move on.

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    rockinrickowen Mar 17, 2011

    I've been working in a Family Dollar store for over a year now, and have had no inkling that anybody in Corporate has ever worked behind a cash register. There are lots of people working their butts off in the stores, and getting slammed for it, in some cases by the customers themselves (in bad areas). My store is a good example, being wedged between two ghettos, and with a poor air conditioning system. Every manager who has worked there has FAILED to get the store in working order to corporate satisfaction, even though many of them had years of experience. Mawna's comments miss the point utterly. It's not a case of being spoiled, it's a case of being put under stress by a variety of ignorant corporate decisions.

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    milicent36 May 18, 2011

    I was an assistant manager in Mitchell, SD. I started in Nov. 2010 and was wrongfully resigned in April 2011. I had a family emergency in another state. The store manager knew we were delayed getting back. Apparently family members can't have emergency surgeries when you are scheduled to work. The district manager said to NOT put me in as a rehire, but the store manager did. She also paid me cash to go in and stock after they let me go. I still come up green when I fill out apps. I was a hard worker who loves the company. I knew how much everyone made because the store manager told me. The coworkers were dishonest and back stabbing. The store manager took home D100's to sell on the inernet and make a profit, yet, I am no longer with the company. What's wrong with this picture??? EVERYTHING!

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