Family Dollar Storesa issue that's going on in the workplace.

My name is deja d williams. I work at the family dollars in hattiesburg ms #05360
I have been having this same probably with my store manager austin for a while now, since I came back with the company about the nastiness n not working. He's very rude and doesn't know how to talk to the employees. Many employees have left the company and switch store because of austin and his attitude. All he does is walk around n jump on the shop lifters. Just october 1st he ran after a shoplifter knocking him off his bike in the middle of the road, everybody thought the man on the bike was injured. I tried going to my district manager ms. Barbara but instead of her handling it. She forward my store manager austin hearn all my messages n conversation to him making a big problem at work. Now I don't feel comfortable at my own job now and I feel like ms. Barbara didn't not have that to do. Our conversation was suppose to be between me and her. I hope somebody does something about this before things get worse.
Thank you...

Oct 03, 2019

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