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I went into the store to make a purchase my change back was 1.45 cents I didn't know the cashier gave me a quarter dollar. So I went back inside the store to tell her she didn't give me the dollar she only gave me change she argued with me that she gave it to me so I exit the store to go back to my car to get the change she gave me and she did give me the quarter dollars so I ask her can she give me a regular dollar bill instead of that quarter dollar. Which was no problem I explained to her that she should let a customer know she giving them that type of change the manager came up talking crap to me telling me it's just a dollar why is I'm complaining saying he have plenty money he will give me a dollar out of his pocket as he walked away he called me a [censored]. I'm pretty sure with him being a manager he knows not to talk to any customer that way you never disrespect a customer and there was plenty customer in the store willing to tell the police that he was wrong because he got on his phone acting like he was calling the police but he didn't because he knew he was wrong. I shop at this store all the time but after tonight I don't think I will never go there again. I will really appreciate it if actions be taking upon this worker or I will go deeper into this matter the manger did not want to provide me with his name . Store #11433 -time 20:31:55 date 09/10/2018


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    what_ever Sep 14, 2018

    The manager should've counted the till to verify if it was over by a dollar or not.

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