Family Dollar Stores โ€” I am complaining about my boss

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hi my name is ashley arias i am an employee(6483483#) at the family dollar located on fm 969, i have several complaints about my boss desire bleu. Friday 7/5/2019 i was scheduled to work i told her i couldnt come in, bu tprior to that i had asked her question about the pay period, we discussed it then she told me to come in and talk to her, i said ok but it wont be today which was friday 7/5/2019. As i walkin today 7/7/2019 my asm told me that desire had told her to tell me that once i came in send me because i never came in to talk to her, but not once did she(desire) tell me that i can not come in on my schedule day to work which is today. I find it funny and unprofessional for her to not tell me herself with her being the boss and all. My other complaint about is i had vacation time from June13-25, when i had asked my co worker via text to send me the schedule she(desire) had not put me on the schedule, when i saw desire on 6/25/2-19 she told me she had recieved complaints about my customer service, now her being the boss and all i expected her to tell me this before i went for vacation due to the fact that she told all my co workers about me not coming back without my knowledge. Now there is no reason nor does she have a right to speak about me amongst my co workers and tell themabout me not being an employee or not. She expects others to jump at her every beckon call when she steps out of the store to smoke her cigarettes multiple times, now to my knowledge what one of my co workers told me she knew about these customer complaints prior to me leaving for my vacation not only that every encounter i would have with a customer i would leave a note so that way she can know. I know for a fact that is not proper protocol i have been working for 15 years and not once have i ever had to deal with a boss who gossips about others employments without the actual employer being present, she is very unprofessional in many ways. I have gotten a second job and because of that she has only put me on for two days as if she wants to willingly quit, which im not going to do, if she wants to take the necessary steps as to do she she has to learn how to be a boss. I started there 4/24/2019 and I have proof of our messages if need be. Thank you for your time

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    terrible place to work at


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