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I was at the store i slipped and fell a lady went helped me get up and she went to the front to tell the cashe and the man at the regester i heard him laugh and yell at another employee that someone fell and couldnt get up they were both very rude didnt get any help getting up or anything my left arm got scrapped and shoulder hurts and got no help so i will probly be getting an attorney to help with his opinion and his service thank you


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      Dec 02, 2019

    So because you are careless and could not watch where you were walking you want to sue. Next time do not let go of mommys hand.

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  •   Dec 03, 2019

    I wish you wrote where you were. Cause if it rained or snowed where you were last night, then that's it.

    How can anyone slip to the point of falling so you can't get up even happen in a store where there wasn't a huge spill of something obvious???

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  •   Dec 03, 2019

    Your post is lacking in detail. Nothing about how you fell or if you tripped over merchandise. An attorney would need a videotape of the incident for you to prove negligence. Your word isn’t enough for a lawsuit and clumsiness isn’t an excuse.

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