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I have worked for family dollar for only 4 months and it is hell. My job title is a cashier however you have to do everything in the store at the same time. If you've ever been in a family dollar you know how busy it is and you're expected to run the register alone, stock the shelves, clean up, you're usually given about 6 things to do "inbetween customers" when there is no in between because its so busy . you dont get a break at all no matter how many hours you work. I was even told by the manager that she can't give breaks because it will take time away from what she has to do. The district managers harass the store mangers forcing all this pressure on them to get all these things done when its impossible with only two people in the store working. I never walked into any other store and saw only 2 people working. One person in family dollar has to do the jobs of 3 people for minimum wage this is modern day slavery .


  • Family Dollar in East Brady, Pennsylvania is a JOKE! There are 3 good male workers there (I***c, R**n and A*****o), the most polite cashiers and manager (I***c) you will ever deal with, anywhere. Without them I don't think anyone would go into that place.

    The one female "manager", and I use the Term lightly, M*****a, is rude and yells at customers. She was reported 3 months ago and now has a chip on her shoulder from that incident. I cannot believe a large Corporation would allow one of their workers, let alone a manager, yell at customers and treat them rudely. We walked in, as a family, one night at 5 til 9pm, not realizing that on Sunday's they close at 9pm, instead of 10pm.

    We had our young child with us. The female "Manager" met us at the door, outside with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, as we walked through her cloud of smoke (directly in front of the door) and yelled (yes, yelled) "You got 30 seconds to get in and get out! Hurry up!" (Mind you they had their clock set about 5 minutes early so they can clock out early)…..I thought she was joking!

    So I replied, "What? Are you joking or are you serious?" She replied, "I'm dead serious, 30 seconds, get what you need, and get out! Go, go, go! Hurry up. We don't have time for this, I need to go home.". Mind you, we are in our 40's, with our young child with us, we're not kids or teenagers, and there was another customer at the counter with an entire cart full. We ran and got the 3 things we came for and were up at the counter by 8:59pm (according to BOTH of our cell phones).

    I was saying to my husband, "I can't believe she is talking to customers this way." She responded, "Well I am! Deal with it!" I wish you could hear her annoying man voice that is in a constant yelling state. There's no normal talking voice coming from this woman ever, I think smoking has destroyed her female voice.

    I blurted out I was calling the manager on Monday, and her manly voice replied, "I am the Manager." I was shocked! No other Corporation in the right mind would have this woman as a manager. She continued to speak very loudly (yell) that we live here so we should know the hours, etc...and we were saying "No, we don't know your exact hours, we don't work here." She just kept yelling (now in the store) "Well you should, you should, you should."

    She ended up telling the female cashier (J***) that she wasn't allowed to check us out and forced us to put our stuff down and walk out. It was exactly 9pm. She refused to service us. The other customer was still being checked out.

    Fast forward 3 months, to just recently. I went into the store as usual, on [protected], but this time I was alone, normally with my family. (There is no other store in our Town, besides a small gas station, so we are basically forced to shop here.) I get a cart, start walking towards an aisle and glance over my shoulder to see her standing at the register with two other male cashiers. I continue down the aisle. Her loud manly voice, which carries like a sick and injured dog, says to the two cashiers: "There's the one that turned me on. Oh my God, I can't stand that lady. GGgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr." Yes, she growled, like a dog, like she wanted to punch me from behind the counter. She purposely said it loud enough for me to hear, while down an aisle.

    I instantly turned my cart around and walked out of the aisle, towards the counter, and said, "And I'll turn you in again if you don't stop running your mouth about me." She started yelling, "Go ahead, turn me in, turn me, I don't care...turn me in." I replied, "You know, my husband is from here and people tell us all the time how you talk bad about us in the store." she starts yelling, "You're not, You're not from here, you're not from here." like a LUNATIC. She sounded like a crazy person. There were other customers in the store as this is going on. I replied back, "I have lived here for 24 years, so it doesn't matter, everyone knows us and tells us everything. You've lived here for maybe 3 years, so you're not from here." Like that should have anything to do with how she treats customers, LOL

    To top it off these two female cashiers (her and another one, J***), were taking smoke breaks every 5-10 minutes, and smoking directly outside of the front doors, where customers (including children, babies and elderly) had to walk through thick clouds of smoke on a daily basis, whenever these two women worked. I brought that up the first time we had the altercation and M****** was yelling outside to me "That's not of your business, that's not of your Business." Well, apparently it WAS my business because I turned them in for that and now she's telling people "We have to smoke 20 feet from the door." LOL, But they still aren't 20 feet away. I'm assuming she doesn't know how to measure.

    Later that evening, I assumed she would be gone, at 8:30pm, she was outside again on the phone with someone and she glared at me while I was walking into the store, looking like she wanted to fight, LOL. She even told the other female cashier (J***), while they were both outside puffing away, that next time I'll need to call an ambulance, LOL - Nice Manager Family Dollar!!

    I do have her on tape flipping out on us. Family Dollar Corporation doesn't seem to care. It's a joke. They won't last long in our small Town and soon a better shop will take their place. I look forward to that day!

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  • Jo
    John Jefferson Feb 23, 2017
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    Verified customer

    i dont understand how a company thats doing so well cant take care of their workers it seem to me t hat if they cared about making money then they should take care of the ones who are really the ones making the money for them i know that everyone who has worked for the dollar store in panguitch has quit becouse of being over worked and under paid and that sucks becouse they are good people and all locals and now they are bringing people from as far as 2 hours away for a cheap wage im sure its becouse they must need the money pretty bad but its not just about the money its about the safety as everyone that lives here knows are roads are not the safes roads to drive at nite we have deer running across the roads we have snow and ice and then we have the drivers that have worked 15 hours they must be tired when they get off and this cant be safe and besides all this they might not make it home to be with their own family i think family dollar is using their workers and not even caring that if they get home to their familys, , , , , SO WHAT I THINK IS IF FAMILY DOLLAR REALLY CARED THEY SHOULD HIRE ALL THE LOCALS BACK WITH A BETTER WAGE AND MORE UNDERSTANDING ABOUT WHAT FAMILY REALLY MEANS OR CHANGE THEIR NAME TO [ NOT FAMILY DOLLAR] i can speak for my family becouse i know for a fact that my family and i spend atleast a 100 bucks a day at PANGUITCH DOLLAR STORE AND I THINK WE ALL SPEND ENOUGH FOR DOLLAR STORE TO PAY GOOD WAGES TO OUR LOCAL WORKERS AND THEY WELL MAKE IT HOME TO THEIR FAMILYS BECOUSE THEY DONT HAFE TO WORRY ABOUT THE ROADS THEY CAN EVEN WALK HOME DOES EVERYONE AGREE WITH ME FROM JOHN JEFFERSON

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  • Je
    jet1697 Jun 03, 2016

    My complaint is that at our local family dollar store, there are long lines that people have to wait even though there are most of the times more than 2 or three people there. Today there was 5 people at the store and only one running a register. I usually have to ask for a second register to open up. If this doesn't stop, my purchases will be made away from the town i live in. I have asked management why there isn't anything done yet and get a runaround. It just is rude to have others working ignoring the rights of the customers.

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  • Se
    Selleveratigers Sep 19, 2014

    I been at family dollar for 4 months starting pay was 8 a hour I got a raise after three months a week later I got promoted for assistant manager my pay was raised to 9.50 we treat everyone with respect no matter how rude the customer is everyone just remember customers are always right I mean come on it's the public people are going to be rude just listen to what they have to say if you can't fix the problem get your manager and yes I have got things thrown at me I have been cursed out ALOT but I look at it like this I only have to deal with it for a few minutes I tell them to have a nice day and come back again. My manager does a fantastic job

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  • Ju
    Justin M Howard Mar 03, 2014

    I worked as a temporary employee for a week at Family Dollar helping them relocate a store in Abbeville Alabama not only did I deal with rude and bitter managers but I also did not get paid for the time I've worked ...I've called the department of labor and they stated that I might have to wait 3 months for this to even be investigated ...I'm beyond pissed about this because I could've stayed home or went to a different place for employment ...Instead I'm getting the run around from managers who don't know diddly about anything ...Very Unprofessional

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  • Ro
    roseredhead3 Oct 23, 2013

    I worked at the Family Dollar in Chillicothe IL. Store 3357. Hired in march 2011. Went on aleave from aug. 2011 to Nov. 2012. Came back at same pay rate of 8.35/hr for 20 hours a week. Thos was fine with me then as I was classified part-time cashier. In Jan. 2013, our store manager who had been there 13 years and a manager 12 of them was fired for reporting policy violations. (Retaliation). Our assistant was promised the store by DM Rob Rademaker. In Feb. 2013, the DM brought in another manager to train our assistant. 2 weeks later it was announced this male training manager would he the actual stoe manager. Essentially yanking it out from under our assistant. She had not even had 1 raise since 2010. The new male manager started throwing away in the dumpster unshredded personnel files, store merchandise that was still sellable (not damaged or recalled), insisting we sell outdated food, walking merchandise out the door, etc. We reported it and the end result was everyone's hours were cut. I went from 20 hrs/week to 4 hrs/week for months. This manager ended up getting hurt on the job then demoted with salary demotion and transferred as a direct result of his injury (surgery to a torn rotator cuff). Our assistant was again told she would be the store manager on July 5, 2013. I was given keys to the store and the combination to the safe and was told I was a keyholder aka assistant manager. I went from working 4 hrs/week to 40+ hours / week. On July 27th the DM Rob Rademaker informed us he had decided to give the store to another younger girl. . She started 7/29/13. I was an assistant at 8.35/hr. No pay raise ever given only title and a whole lot more responsibility and accountability. No training of policies to be an assistant. Pay raise wasnt given until i complained to LP and HR about policy breaches and time shaving being done. The raise was finally given on 8/25/2013. After having done the job for almost 2 months.On 9/8/13, the other assistant left the company.
    Altho during the months of July and early August I was required to train a new hire (22 yo male with no retail experience) how to do an assistant managers job. He made $10/hr. I was still making $8.35/hr and our 1st assistant who had been there over 4 years made 9.20/hr. (Discrimination). After those 2 left, that left us with 3 employees to run the store. The manager, the assistant (me) and the cashier. The store manager did NOT know how to do the daily p&l paperwork, interview, how to set a schedule; do resets and schematics, check in outside vendors, or multiple other store managerial dutied. On 2 seperate occassions after she closed the store for the night she left the safe unlocked, money in the drawers and the doors (all 4) unlocked all night long. The cashier and kyself reported this to our DM Rob Rademaker both times and both times we were told to quit trying to start drama. She didnt even get a verbal warning. Our store doesnt have alarms or security cameras. We dont even have the checkpoints at the doors for the magnetics to work and catch. Nothing. During this whole time either our DM or the managers would shave time off our time punches or flat out require us to work many hours off the clock. If we even mentioned this was against policy and the law, we would be threatened with termination for insubordination on not following a direct order. On 10/5 u reported all of this to Loss Prevention. On 10/7/2013 i reported this to HR akd the RVP Paul Murray. On 10/15/2013 Mike from LP came down and questioned us all. I was able to provide proof of these demands to work off the clock as the manager had texted me them he took our statements ad stated that the cashier and i would not be in trouble as it would be retaliation since i had reported it. On 10/21/2013, we received a new DM. Kathryn Hawton. She came to our store and called us up there (i was off that afternoon) and introduced herself and promptly fired me for working off the clock. The cashier who also had been required to do so, was promoted to an assistant manager and given a raise. I don't understand any of this. I know that the cashier told LP she had already contacted the labor board and an attorney regarding our manager and DM threatening us with our jobs and time shaving. Perhaps that's why she was allowed to keep her job/promotion. She also told the LPanager that she had essentially stolen a can of mt.dew as she drank it after the store's drawers had been pulled but paid for it the next day when the store opened. I have never been in trouble. I have never been given a write up or a pip., I trained myself and then trained others. I did all store manager duties (scheduling, hiring, financial reports, schematics, truck/freight etc. Since July. Yet I was fired. The store manager was also. Then several hours after I was fired the new DM Kathryn Hawton had the audacity to call me and ask me how to do several of the charge accounts we have. She asked me to contact the cashier and also 2 former employees. She wanted to know when the next interviews were and explain what the store needed to have completed for the week. This was hours after she fired me. Seriously? Here is another small glitch. I opted for the insurance when I was first hired. The company takes out 27/week on my checks. I had to have surgery in june 2013. Eye surgery. The insurance company only paid 250/eye. Total.Max benefit. Its a rip off right along with family dollar. I spoke with the Us dept of labor which is going to take care of my unpaid wages. Then today I met with an employment lawyer. He is filing a claim against family dollar for violating their own policy of no retaliation. Anyone else in IL who wishes to be involved, feel free to contact me at [email protected] I know there are more of you who have been discriminated and retaliated against whether you are a current or former employee.

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  • Wo
    worldsworstjob Sep 13, 2013

    Family dollar is the WORST JOB EVER!! I didn't get paid time and a half for working on a holiday. I was suppose to get 20 hrs this week and they changed my schedule last minute which made me pay my babysitter so I could work.

    Used to love family dollar and now I'll never go in again.

    Can't live off minimum wage and illegal work timing!!

    Its illegal to change a schedule without a 24 hr notice!!

    & I never got breaks. Worked a 10 hour shift and got 5 minutes.

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  • Mi
    Miss Clarke Dec 12, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I started working in a Family Dollar in Bethlehem Pa I didn't get an interview like the others all I was told to do was give a copy of my I.d and social and I can leave . I don't think the interviewer was interested when she seen I was African American anyway I got the job and was fired a week later along with another black girl we worked our ### of oh yea in I'm 5 months pregnant we were told we didn't work at a fast pase but there where white employees that where slow, talkative even texting while working. The second girl was told to leave because she didn't have a doctors note stating she had a tooth pulled she was told by the site manager to open her mouth the manger checked her mouth then said she was lying it was old and that their was no stiching on her gums that was beyond over the limit . Out of 10 ppl 2 black and the 2 get fired because we weren't good enough I always worked faster than some other so when my job done i help in other isles the day I help someone I get blamed for their slow work and she still their because she's white . Black people only get hired to do the hard work ( slaved) when the store is set up we get the boot that's not right. I went to a few Fds and didn't see not one African American why is that?

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  • Me
    MERTLOCK69 Jun 02, 2011


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  • Me
    MERTLOCK69 Jun 02, 2011

    All of the above is true ...NOW YOU KNOW WHY UNIONS WERE FORMED !!! THINK ABOUT IT.

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  • Re
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    Verified customer

    you can share any info with Us [email protected]

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  • An
    anonyMiss Mar 15, 2010
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    Have you people never heard of the Labor Board?

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  • Pi
    pissed off anonymus Feb 15, 2010

    I am currently an assistant manager with Family Dollar. I have been 8 years and only make 8.70 an hour. It should be 80.70 with the amount of work they make you do. I stay because I feel bad for my manager. Unlike the company she is good to us. I looked up this site because Family Dollar once again did something to piss me off today. Not only have they extended our hours and expect us to work 14 hour days, including till 8 pm every Sunday. Now they want to take one of the two paid holidays away from us and work until 6pm on Easter. Not even the large grocery store next to us is open that late. I don't know why they even call their store Family Dollar. They should just take the Family out of it since they don't give their employees any time to spend with their families. I'm sure Mr. Levine and his corporate buddies spend all the holidays with their families while we slave away for their company.

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  • Ma
    Mary Chapman Feb 02, 2010

    I was hired as a part time cashier. They told me setting up the new store was part of the job. Then I found out on my first day that they were elimininating X amount of people each day. Nobody told me that. I was told I was hired and nothing about not even having my job more then a few days. I was lucky enough to have worked for two weeks. And I gave up my other job for this one. So I got screwed.
    And I have never noticed until I worked there, that there is only one person working the register and stocking, and providing customer service. And the managers were saying how much more money Dollar General makes then Walmart. WELL I WONDER WHY!!! Minimum wage is not worth killing yourself over.
    Isn't there some sort of labor law that keeps them from doing this? They know that these poor employees are not going to say anything, because right now any job is better then none.

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  • Mr
    Mr.X Dec 16, 2009

    It's funny how everyone who works for this crap hole company says the same thing. I too worked in the philadelphia market, and know the DM there very well.. Not a bad guy, but i wouldnt believe a word he says if he told me the sky was blue and water was wet.I have worked as a manager for several retail companies, some of them better than others. But i can honestly say the worst of those companies, on its worst day, is still better than this puke hole known as family dollar.

    The way they treat their employees is borderline criminal. I worked for them for over a year and certainly was not treated with any real respect. But I have to say, it was seeing how the cashiers and assistants are treated that first really changed my attitude. Eventually I realized that the only way these ### will fire you is if you do something illegal, or even worse, go over payroll. It's funny.. You could spend an extra $100 a week in payroll that would help you better stock your store, resulting in $1000 in extra sales, and that extra payroll still upsets them. I demonstrated several times how a slight increase in payroll resulted in both increased sales and reduced shrink. They don't care. So here is my advice to any family dollar employee out there..

    ### THEM.. Let them yell.. let them threaten you.. who cares? They don't do anything about it until you fight with them. Even then it takes them months to get around to doing an actual termination. If you like your job, do what you can with what you have, if things dont get done.. meh. Take your write up, don't point out how ###ic they are, and move on. It wont be a fun place to be if like me you can't stand being in a ### hole, but at least you can collect your money.

    Speaking of collecting, there is option 2. Fight with them on everything. Make your DM look like a dope in front of the regional. Make the regional look like a dope in front of the area vice president. Then talk down to the AVP like he is a window licking 5 year old. If he is anything like the area vp i dealt with, thats about his mental capacity anyway. After a while, i do mean a while, if you beg them, they may actually fire you. They never fight anyone for unemployment unless they have you on video stealing. And even then i have heard stories of them not showing up at a hearing to fight it.

    With the economy as bad as it is right now, and all the federal emergency programs, milking an unemployment for 18 months is not hard to do. Now i am not suggesting that you dont work. I am just saying you have plenty of time to find a better job. And believe me, it isn't hard. I have never talked to an HR person from another company who thought enough about Family Dollar to even seriously ask why i left there. The company is a well known joke to retail types. I have spent entire interviews swapping stories about the place with regionals at interviews. And yes, in the end i was offered a job.

    In short, stick it to family dollar any way you can that is short of criminal. No company really cares about you as an individual, but not many of them go out of their way to exploit you like this one does.

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  • To
    tommyboy715 Sep 13, 2009

    I have to say that I would never work for $6 or $7 an hour for a position that has the word Manager in it. Minimum wage now is $7.25 I believe. I've read posts like this about Family Dollar on other sites and am wondering why some people are still working there. It's not worth busting your behind like that doing 60 to 80 hours a week doing 1000+ piece trucks by yourself, doing everything basically a Store Manager does and get no vacation time for $7

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  • Ma
    Mamaw6 Aug 30, 2009

    Oh Pleeeeeease! The company doesn't care!!! There will be "NO" raise for writting the company.My daughter-in-law has worked at Family Dollar for 2 years and has put up with all that has been said here. Was forced into a 3rd key holder position and has regretted it ever since. Her (male) manager is very disrespective of her and the other employees. She has had other job offers but has stayed because she is not a quitter. (I would have left long ago!) Her boss will "yell" at his employees while in the store while customers are watching. She stands up for herself and will yell right back at him. He'll worry that she'll quit and be nice for about 2 days but then he goes right back to his usual self. She is good at what she does and works hard. Any other place would fire you for yelling back at the boss but he knows how valuable she is. No one should have to go to a job and be yelled at and "belittled" let alone it being done in front of customers. Oh there's more to be said but I don't want to give away her identity for fear of reprival.

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  • An
    anonyMiss Aug 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You realize this is with ANY job right now right? It does suck, but the only way corporate will get the message is if you quit. Or if you are an employee in good standing or cannot afford to quit or you can't find another job, write to corporate to see what their views are. If you're a good employee, they WILL value your opinion because they know you are valuable. Also, complete your education in your spare time. The company will value this and most likely offer a promotion once you complete. Nowadays, it's hard to make manager without education.

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  • Fa
    famdolempgr Aug 28, 2009

    I completley agree. I am a current employee of family dollar, and i cannot believe what im reading right now. I honestly thought that we were the only store that went through this. I am an ast. mngr and honestly i hate every second of it. I worked as a cashier for about 5 months before i was forced into my promotion. My boss had broken her toe and had to be out for a couple days, the other ast mngr had taken the whole weekend off for some reason, and the district mngr said i had to run the store for the weekend. We work over 40 hours a week and never get paid overtime, we dont get over time for working holidays or anything. They really expect you t get your truck delivery of like 1200 pieces on Monday and have them all put out within 24 hours. We have 5 staff members total, how are we supposed to work with 5 ppl total? In the 9 months that ive worked for family dollar i have seen at least 12 people come and go, whether it were because of dissatisfaction in the job itself or because they were caught stealing. It's like they treat you like ### and you either get fed up with it and quit or u ### yourself over by trying to make up for ur lack of respect and gratitude that you start stealing from them tol even the score... I mean I work there because i need a job and i would never risk my job for stealing but at the same time i do see where some of these people are coming from...

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  • Ma
    Masonsmom3 Oct 19, 2017

    @famdolempgr Was family dollar for 3 year got fired for smoking outside worked a 8 he shift. Family dollar is a [censor] joke.

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  • Xi
    Xiala Aug 21, 2009

    I worked for Family Dollar for a year. I was making $6.50/hr. After about six months, and having seen many people come and go, I was offered the Assistant Manager position, which I refused. They didn't want to increase my wage. So, they hired someone right off the street and paid him $7.50/hr. to be Assistant Manager. I was a little peeved over it but I treated him with respect. The new Assistant Manager would take super long breaks, leaving me to mind the store by myself; dealing with angry customers. He came out once and said, "Sorry, I fell asleep." He ended up being fired for stealing money out of my register and trying to blame it on me. Luckily, the Manager and District Manager knew me well enough to know that I wouldn't do something like that.

    I dealt with so much from this place.

    The security is horrible. The company is so stingy that they don't even have security cameras. The store I was working at had FAKE security cameras installed. They took a little battery to keep a blinking red light going. The Family Dollar I worked at was dangerous because (not to stereotype) it was right by a bus stop. I had a utility knife thrown at me when I was seven months pregnant, I had a man come in with a cart full of his belongings and he threatened to kill anyone who touched it. Then he proceeded to buy some razor blades before informing me that he planned to cut the tip of his nose off because "the ladies like it that way". Not to mention the insane amount of shoplifters. FAKE SECURITY CAMERAS. Now, there's a reason not to work at the Family Dollar.

    Another thing that pissed me off about Family Dollar was, as dogedemployee mentioned in the initial statement, was that they run you ragged, like a slave. You are responsible for EVERYTHING. There are usually no more than two people in the store at the same time, maybe three on "truck days" and you were responsible for cleaning the store, waiting on customers, unloading the truck, inventory, fronting the store, putting merchandise away, you-name-it... My wage never increased the whole time I was there. Not to mention that they wanted all of these things done and they weren't willing to give ANYONE not even a minute of overtime, which is certainly required in order to do what they expect of you. I can't count how many nights we had to work OFF THE CLOCK to get things done, in fear of losing our jobs.

    Lastly, I recently noticed a "No Guns Policy" on the door to a local Family Dollar. I'm telling you that, first of all, anyone with a concealed carry permit certainly SHOULD be allowed to take their gun anywhere considering what they have to go through to get it. Let's not forget that the state police has to approve you for a CWP. Considering the types of lowlifes that enter that place (employees know exactly what I mean) if I had a license to conceal carry, that is one definite place I would want to have a gun with me. It's dangerous to work there. Family Dollar doesn't carry about the safety of their employees and they aren't even allowed to defend themselves. I'm allowed to carry a weapon with me to my current workplace because they're aware of the risks involved with the job. This stupid policy doesn't keep criminals from bringing guns in the store. If a little sticker did such a miraculous thing, don't you think all convenience stores would have one? These types of policies and laws only disarm honest people and make everyone vulnerable.

    Family Dollar can go to hell.
    My heart goes out to all the employees who have no option but to remain there.
    I hope you find better work someday.

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  • Do
    dogedemployee Aug 19, 2009

    ain't this the truth. but, we do get 2.2min breaks(lol lol) and the customers are a nightmare(sorry) they come to the register with a cart of items get 1 item out and purchase it, and then push the rest of the cart to the side--I don't want that stuff !!! give me a break !!! they get in line we total there items and then they disappear back into the store to do more in our store it is not so much management- as corrupted register equipment and customers- completely destroying the store-- dropping clothes all over, leaving baskets of items all over the store, ripping open products, we have to put security tabs on everything, socks, belts, pantie hose, we find old shoes -where they walk out with new ones-they steal diapers, pads, drink and eat while shopping leaving the rappers and cans. kids run through the store unattended one customer told their kids have fun in romper room and i told them no it was a store not romper room !!! UNREAL between the customers and doing ten different jobs at one time for min. wage I don't know what is worse ----i do feel blessed to be working in this age but, can corp. rip of the common person anymore and is it not illegal to sell meds without the proper chemicals in them !!!

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