Family Dollaremployee

L Aug 14, 2018

I went to exchange a spray can that didn't work your employee told my not with it reciept..I said done continued my shopping as I went to get another spray I noticed several of them didnt I went to check out I told the cashier several of the sprays didnt work and asked for a manager she told me he would be in later on I asked what his name was she said Matt and started acting mad because I asked for a manager I paìd for my items and she didn't hand me my bag so I reached over my basket and took my items as I was leaving the store the cashier threw the basket in my direction which crashed on the floor behind me I stepped back in and asked her did you throw that as me in which she responded no I was trying to hit the other baskets I said I think you were tryin to hit me..I left the store and called corporate and emailed..I spoke to my attorney who told me to go back thump the store and take a picture and talk too the manager..I did go back and took a picture and spoke with Matt who told me to leavethe store because the same employee started screaming at me sayin she threw it after I was poor the door Matt asked me to exit which he walked away and I started to leave when the employee stayed she wished she would have hit me in the head I asked Matt if he heard the comet he said no and asked me to exit..I did..I filled a police report for my lawyer and to show that this employee tried to hit me..It your policy for employees to throw the baskets at customers who pay? Or to try to make up stories about it..I want you to look at the tape my lawyer will be requesting a copy..Your employee could have hit a child or anyone who could of been walking in she threw the basket at least 4ft from the cash register..I have a picture and you have the video..I have filed a police report with Minneapolis Police Dept..This behavior will not be tolerated or go unnoticed..


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