L Nov 15, 2017

My daughter has had the account Jami J since she was in Jr. High, 15 years ago. She is now a successful TD at Bungie in Bellevue, Washington. We have used her moniker for years, so that she could not be found using her last name. This was done a lot 15 years ago.
We have 15 years worth of memories on her name, with her photos. Is there any way to get them back? My late father is with her during her High School Graduation, Her college graduation and her Master's level graduation. She has traveled the world and posted the photos onto Facebook.
I contact her with messenger, since I am currently in Spain. My mother, contacts her with messenger and our entire family.
Should we consider moving all of our precious Facebook memories to another location? Is there an app for this? I have encouraged so many people thoughout the years, young and old to keep their memories on Facebook. I NEVER thought we would lose them. The account Jami J, was the account that would take over my Facebook page, if I died. I have so many business, and personal pages. Groups, political, language, business, travel connected with my facebook.
I am seriously concerned with what has happened. How do I get the memories back? Can we trust Facebook in the future?

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