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I started renting a unit from you guys in Savannah Ga over a year ago. I kept in contact and paid every month on the day that I said I would. Them in April, I got online to pay and noticed that my rent had increased to over twice the amount that it had been. I called to ask about it and was told that rates had increased. I understand that happens but my issue is that I was never notified of it. All of my correspondences with you guys have always been over email. I received all other notices such as maintenance on the property, gate closing update, etc. But I never received anything regarding a rate increase. If I would have, I would have had time to move my things out because I could not afford the new rate. I asked why I didn't receive the 30 days notice and I was told that it was mailed out. I did not receive anything in the mail regarding a rate increase. I did receive the notice of a lien in the mail as well as an email regarding the lien but I received nothing anywhere about a rate increase. I cannot afford that rate and could not afford the rate in April when I got on to pay my normal rate. I originally got the storage unit when my kids and I had to move after my husband passed away and I am on a limited income. I tried to ask if you guys could work with me on the payment somehow for me to move my things out but I got nothing. There are things in my storage that are meaningful to me and my kids and I don't want to lose them but I don't feel like I should have to pay this amount that I'm being charged when I never received the notice of a rate increase. It isn't fair. Is there any way that we could work something out? Please...


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Jun 28, 2022 9:27 am EDT
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I have been renting storage from Extra Space Storage for over 5 years. My first unit was reasonably priced at first. They increased me little by little over the next few years until the cost was ridiculous for the size I was renting. I moved to a larger unit that was priced right for the size. After only 2 months they increased me from $130 to $212. That's not right. The location I'm at is definitely not doing anything special to warrant this price. It's a convenient location for me, but definitely going to look for something more affordable. It's not right to increase rentals like that.


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