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J Jul 09, 2019

Dear Expedia,

Re: Booking: T1MUMFH8C

I am writing a formal complaint regarding Isinda Hotel.

I'm struggling to find any good merits to this hotel. How can a place so awful be a part of such a beautiful city?

I cannot convey strongly enough how disgusting this place is. After I checked in, I discovered the horror of my room.

I was only given one towel to use for my face and body and was told that towels are only washed every three days. This is an absolute disgrace.

The mattress and pillow have a foul smell and the toilet brush in the bath is incredibly filthy. Their housekeeping is a complete and utter failure.This surely goes against any hygiene regulation that the hotel no doubt should comply with.

As I went to use the shower, the shower head fell on my head due to the shower bracket being broken. This is a breach of health and safety.

My room failed to have any basic essentials such as soap and handwash, a kettle, iron, hair or dryer.

The TV was not working and nor was the AC cool enough.

Additionally a further problem is the fact that there are no blinds and the curtains, are soo thin. As soon as the sunraises it's impossible to sleep.

I found the staff to be rude and very unhelpful. I complained to the manager regarding my room only to receive a very arrogant reply. I was told there are 30 guest in this hotel and not one has complained, for this reason my complaint was overlook, and the manger had no concern in resolving the issue.

My experience so far in this hotel is unacceptable. I will NEVER recommend Isinda Hotel to anyone nor will I be returning to this hotel ever again.

I made the reservation based on Expedia's description of the hotel, I feel it is only right that you compensate me with a full refund for my stay.

Kind regards

Jibril Hammond
My email address is: [protected]

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