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J May 21, 2018 Review updated:

On April 9, I booked a round-trip ticket from Chicago to Frankfurt and the Expedia website and they charged me $825.75 two times. When I called customer service on April 11 they told me I would get a refund within 10 days and it would cost $75 because I didn't cancel within 24 hours. I was unable to cancel within 24 hours because the debit my account happened after the 24 hours. I called back on May 11 because I did not get the refund. The customer service rep apologized and said she would process it again. On May 12 they debited my account $75 and I still have not received my $825.75 refund. I called back today May 21 and they said due to technical problems they were unable to give me a status. This is ridiculous. Can you please help?


  • Complainant20091 May 22, 2018

    It is impossible to trust and to check anything without the documents.

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  • Pa
    paul bunyan Jun 08, 2018

    I am trying to get a Refund for a flight that is 10 days away. Expedia dose not seem to want to help. My health has taken a turn for the worst and cannot take the flight. Wow I sure expected better from Expedia. itinerary 7350657524180
    Not a good way to get return customers. Expedia has just called be back and put me on hold again, I have been waiting for several minutes. They just don't seem to want to help.

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  • Ba
    Bakoury Oct 21, 2019

    I am still waiting for my 1775 dollars refund for the last 4 months and every time I call, they tell me different excuses.

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