Expediacustomer support

S Aug 18, 2018

I just spent a full hour on the phone trying to use a flight credit voucher with you. First, I am told the flight must fully be with JetBlue eventhough the voucher clearly states only one leg of the flight must be with JetBlue. I asked for your legal dept but told Expedia does not have a legal dept. When we finally agree that I only want to book a 1 way flight with the voucher, I'm then told I must speak with another rep: Jenny. Jenny puts me on hold multiple times to then tell me the flight that is on Expedia for a total of $103 will cost me 156.20 for no explanation. Jenny then says I will pay 100 for the rebooking (that's on the voucher) BUT, I have to actually pay that on a credit card and get another credit for $123.76 that I would have to go through all of this with Expedia AGAIN in the future. Really? my entire R/T flight will cost me $119 so basically, I have just lost this money. To make matters worse, when I told Jenny I was not interested and would just file my complaint, she called me back and basically argued with me to try and get me to confirm my account with her. I asked to speak with her supervisor. Jenny states she is the supervisor and there is no one else to speak with? When I kept repeating that I did not wish to speak with her but someone above her, Jenny states she's ending the call (after an hour of my time) since I will not give her my telephone number (the one she called me back on when she dropped the call!). The absolute worst customer service and experience. I definitely will need to re-evaluate booking anything through Expedia with this type of poor service and non service. Totally unacceptable. What will actually be done about this? Anything? That is really the question. I'm guessing I have to just accept that I have lost the full 279.96 to your awful service. I did not need to hear Jenny tell me her entire process of entering new data, etc. However, when I told her that, she proceeded to say she didn't know why the "level 1 agent" stayed on the phone so long?? Awful customer service from start to finish!

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