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Expedia Complaints & Reviews

Expedia — a cancelled reservation is still being charged on debit card. case # [protected]

I called on Friday, September 15 to reserve 2 rooms in a block of rooms reserved for the Indiana Library...

Expediacancellation of flights

Please refer to flights booked today, BWI to TLV and ATH to IAD, flights on 3/20/18 and 4/6/18.

1. Your website states that I may cancel flights within 24 hours.

2. I tried to cancel these flights online with no success. Going to my account, there was no "upcoming flights" on the page.

3. I called Expedia, and spoke with your agent, who said she would cancel the flights from ATH to IAD, but that the flights from BWI to TLV had had to be cancelled with the airline.

4. Your agent transferred me to the airline, and I requested the airline to cancel the flights. The airline indicated there would be a charge for this.

5. This is not right. You state that I may cancel within 24 hours. This is within two hours.

6. This email is to confirm that all of the flights booked today will be cancelled with no charges.

7. If you cannot do this, please cancel my account with Expedia.

8. If you have any questions, please call me. [protected].

9. Please confirm that you have cancelled all flights booked today with no charges.

Thank you, Gordon Schaaf

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    • Updated by rtyu · Nov 15, 2017

      will wait for your confirmation

    • Updated by rtyu · Nov 15, 2017

      standing by

    Expediahotel booking

    Booked Dream Weaver Inn, Puerta Penasco Mexico. Now the hotel's website says they're closed. Expedia was paid in full and no cancellation allowed. The basically non-English speaking customer service ASSURES me someone will call me in 24-48 hours but the trip for 2 is over the Thanksgiving weekend, next week. Clearly Expedia didn't check with the hotel to see if they were actually taking bookings and it's hard to say who else might be in the same boat. The chance of rebooking at this point are probably nil, but we've already made a ton of plans there. We want Expedia to get us a comparable room, with free parking and that will take dogs (as Dream Weaver said they would) for a comparable price. This is the second major issue I've had with an Expedia booking - the other resulted in us having to take an additional day to get home from a vacation.

    hotel booking

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      Expediaexpedia is not refunding my money

      October 21 motel 6 in Chico refunded my stay $70.72. Expedia charged me $148.54. confirmation # 0108aaw971. Reason. someone in the room next to me left the bathroom fan on all night long I couldn't sleep, I called the office an nothing happened. so the manager refunded me the last night stay.
      the next week I stayed there again an couldn't stay it was so load at 10pm the people up stairs were bouncing an jumping up an down I called the office again an told them I had to leave. I had to find a different hotel. Motel 6 only charge me $194.02 I paid Expedia $404.00 I've not yet received any refund from Expedia. confirmation # 0108aay020

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        • Po
          pobarjenkins Nov 15, 2017
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          You should contact Expedia directly for assistance. I'm not sure why you returned after such a negative initial experience however.

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        • Sh
          Shaun R. Nov 14, 2017

          Expedia may not refund your money. That is an entirely separate transaction.

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        Expediacar rental customer support

        11/14/17-Rude customer service. Chloe, didn't answer my questions. She told me to "call" to get my answers. Then when I asked to speak to a supervisor, she had me on "hold" which was putting the phone down as I could still hear her and the other workers. The supervisor, Abby, was clueless as well and as rude as Chloe. Neither of them were able to answer me and when I asked more questions, she went off something that had nothing to do with my questions.

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          Expediaairline service

          I booked a flight from Sacramento to Chicago for a work trip. I recently resigned form my company and am now no longer eligible to attend the work conference. As a result I had to cancel my flight. American Airline will provide me a $397 credit but will charge me $200 for a reissue fee. So basically I am only getting $100 back. United will not refund me at all, which I find ridiculous. I paid for the cancellation insurance and am not even able to use it. I am extremely frustrated because I basically wasted money. Out of my almost $500 spent I am getting 1/5 of it back. I enjoy using Expedia however after this incident I am reluctant to use this service again. I would like to see this rectified. I am a single mother trying to survive and it is things like this that make the world a little less enjoyable.

          extremely frustrated,

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            • Ow
              Owen County Public Library Nov 22, 2017
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I understand. Expedia does NOT like to refund, and their "cancellation" insurance is a complete scam. They get your insurance money, and then tell you their reservations are all nonrefundable. I am currently doing battle with them myself.

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            Expediadon't use them

            Please, I am begging you not to book anything through Expedia unless you want to lose all of your money and time.
            They are absolutely unreliable and bring sadness only.
            If you book with Expedia, they will try to suck as much money as possible and will provide no help, no protection if you need it. Experiences have shown that no one is guaranteed anything and anyone can get into an awkward situation. And if it happens, Expedia will care nothing.
            So if you want guarantees and to have more rights, never use travel agencies like Expedia. You better spend some time and do anything on your own, book directly from the airlines or hotels, and you'll always be happy.

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              - 10/25, 10/26, 11/10
              - Itinerary # [protected] & #[protected]
              - Booked as round trip from Seattle to Atlanta. Email confirmation not received from the return on either itinerary. Found out from Spirit I would have to get my bags and recheck them for the flight from Baltimore to Atlanta.
              - I am requesting a complete refund for this trip. I have had nothing but issues. I have spent more thank 6 hours on the phone with 3 supervisors, customer service and on hold.

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                Expediaterrible flight experience


                I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to tell you about a recent terrible experience with Turkish airline.

                this is regarding:

                passenger name: shafqat Zawar (my mother)

                Confirmation number: R8QG8B

                initial ticket number: [protected]

                Initial flight: actual flight was from LAHORE TO CLEVELAND

                flight details: LAHORE TO ISTANBUL (Turkish airline 715 on nov 8th at 6:05 am). then from ISTANBUL TO CANADA (Turkish airline 17 leaving at 3:30 pm). then from CANADA TO CLEVELAND (Turkish airline 8656 nov 8th, 8:45 pm)

                Of note, I booked this flight through expedia

                regarding the above flight, around 1.5 to 2 weeks before flight departure, I called Turkish airline customer service for any specific requirements for transits in turkey and Canada. I was told a visa would not be required for transits in turkey or Canada as the patient has a US visa and the final destination is in the US

                So my mother took her flight on November 8th from Lahore to Istanbul. However, despite issuing her a boarding pass in Istanbul, they did not let her board the flight to Canada because she did not have a Canada visa. so she got stuck in Istanbul.

                she ended up missing her initial flight from Istanbul because she wasn't allowed to board. but then she was claimed to be a NO SHOW by Turkish airline. I called expedia to get another flight. I was charged penalty fee of 130$ for a now show and a 65 $ for flight change in addition to insane cost of a new flight I had to get for her directly coming to the US. this ended up being 372$ and the flight she got wasn't even coming to Cleveland. it was ending in new York. all the Cleveland flights had insanely long transit times for instance a 30 hour stay over in Houston.

                I want to point out that I called expedia at 7 am and stayed on several phone calls with them till 2 am (for around 20 hours) with phone calls ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours. After several hours on phone with expedia customer service yesterday morning at 9 am, payment was deducted from my account account and a new ticket was made. Expedia confirmed with Turkish airline, I was told was a confirmed flight (which was supposed to leave at 12:15 am US eastern time and 8:15 am Istanbul time)

                However, when my mother went to the front desk at Turkish airport to get her ticket and check in, she wasn't able to do so because they kept telling her its a reservation, not a ticket. whereas expedia and Turkish airline kept telling me this new ticket is confirmed.

                between 7 am on November 8th US time and 2 am on November 9th US time, I constantly remained on 2 phones with many customer service personnel. I talked to multiple agents, supervisors and helpline. I had to miss an entire day of work because of this.

                around 7 pm (10 hoursssssss after the 2nd ticket was purchased), I was told the ticket cannot be issued until the initial flight that my mother was supposed to take actually lands in Cleveland which also happened at 9:22 pm. So my question is why did the supervisor who issued the new ticket at 9 am not tell me that the new ticket will not be issued until initial flight had landed in Cleveland.

                after the flight landed in cleveland, she had less than 3 hours to get the ticket issued. I again remained on the phone trying to get the ticket issued. however, it did not happen. 1 hour before the flight, I was told by customer service to switch to another flight. the first flight out was at 3 pm Turkish time (7 am on nov 9th US eastern time). so we purchased that ticket. and finally it was issued at 2 am.

                so it took your customer service and altogether a total of 20 hours to issue a new ticket for a flight change despite me having made a payment that many hours ahead of time. it cost me an entire day of work, so much stress on my part and my mothers part. it is insane and ridiculous. and for most of those 18-20 hours, we did not know what was happening and what was wrong. it was a constant stress and torture.

                My mom was stranded on an airport where half the people do not understand English. her phone wasn't on roaming so she did not have a telephone connection. the airport internet connection wasn't working for most of the time. and despite paying for the ticket, it took them 18 hours from the purchase to actual issue a ticket.

                she was eventually able to take the 3 pm flight from turkey to new York city. it took her 48 hours from her initial to reach US at a destination which isn't even her final destination (which is Cleveland). and we still have to get her another ticket to Cleveland.

                eventual ticket she took was E-ticket #, [protected] with the same confirmation number as mentioned above.

                I need to point out multiple issues and places where Turkish airline & expedia were at fault

                1. Turkish airline customer services told us of no visa requirements for transit in Istanbul or Canada assuming it would not be needed since she had a US visa. this was misinformation. Turkish airiline policies and rules also did not have any mention of that.

                2. Turkish airline staff checked her US visa on her passport before they let her depart from the Lahore airport but no-one checked her Canada visa. technically if a patient flying out doesn't have a visa that they may require to complete their journey, they are generally not issued a boarding pass. so she should not have been allowed to leave Lahore airport in the first place. if that would have been the case, we would have switched her flight right then and there. it could have prevented so much stress, trauma and anxiety and such a prolonged torturous experience.

                3. It was wrong on your part to have done that. because when she got stuck in Istanbul she faced many challenges. there was a language barrier, she did not have a functional phone, internet at Istanbul airport wasn't working

                EXPEDIA's biggest FAULT.
                4. we were issued and charged for a new ticket at 9 am yesterday but the reservation could not be ticketed because of a policy that we were not informed about . we put us in a constant state of uncertainty for 18-20 hours hours. she couldn't rest, she couldn't eat, she couldn't sleep because despite paying for a new ticket, no one was issuing us a ticket and despite many phone calls, we were unable to figure out what the issue and hold up was until much later. she kept going to the ticket counter every hour an hour to check what was going on and neither expedia nor turkish airline could tell me what was wrong. she did not have her medications that she needs to take because her medications after the initial 24 hours were in her booked baggage that the airline authorities did not let her access.

                5. we were put through the anxiety of almost missing another flight.

                6. her initial flight duration was 25 hours to Cleveland and it ended up becoming 48 hours to new York city (she isn't even reaching her final destination right now).

                7. she had not taken her medications and now she is on her way to new York city in a dire health state as well.

                All of this could have prevented if Turkish airline customer service had given me proper information a few wks ago when I called to ask. or at least if your staff had stopped her before letting her take the flight from Lahore. because it was home, she had a phone, she could have gone home and rested until we had gotten her a new ticket.

                It was a very tragic, traumatic and horrible experience. needless to say, I will never book a flight through expedia again.

                the most traumatic part of the experience was the uncertainty of what was wrong and why could a new ticket not be issued. she couldn't relax during her time at the airport for even a minute because of misinformation and lack of knowledge at the part of your customer service.

                I was told by an expedia agent for a potential refund of 100$. I told him that was a completely unfair amount compared to the extra money I had to spend for this ticket not to mention all the trauma we were put through.

                I am emailing to inquire for appropriate compensation (and by this I mean a refund, I don't want expedia dollars because I don't plan to use expedia ever again in my life). keeping in mind that we ended up spending around an extra 600 $ (including her flight to Cleveland) to figure out something that was the fault of your staff and more importantly keeping in mind the extra time and trauma that we were caused because of this experience.

                I am waiting to hear from you

                If you want further information, I can be reached at [protected]
                my account information is: ifrah.[protected]@gmail.com
                number associated with account is: [protected]

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                  • Complainant20091 May 20, 2018
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Slm Ifran,
                    if you need the outcome in the form of money, it can be done via the hiring laywer and via the court only,
                    either in Pakistam, In Turkey or in US.


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                  Expediasuper 8 hotel rocky hill, ct

                  I arrived for check-in at about 10pm. By 11:15pm I was checking out, while on the phone with expedia requesting a refund because the room was infested with bed bugs. My daughter and I were getting. Bitten every where. I also had to find and pay for another room. The expedia agent was no help at all and I want my $84.60 refunded immediately. This was a huge inconvenience.

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                    Expediasan juan trip cancelled

                    Paid for a trip in full to Expedia $3300 in August. They called me to tell me the hotel was cancelling due to natural disaster. They asked what I wanted to do, cancel entire trip & get refund or book a new trip. I asked them to allow me the weekend to think it over & get back to them.
                    In the mean time they credited back the hotel without my consent to the credit card that was used . That balance had been paid off long ago. I had a balance transfer only on there with a 0% interest rate which I've been making payments on. When they did this it paid off my balance transfer (which I did not want) & now I have no vacation money to book a new vacation. I called them twice yesterday as well as sent an email. Spoke with a manager named John who was going to call me right back when he got to his desk. That never happened. I called again today only to be told to call back in an hour. I don't have the time to make numerous calls to get this settled. They told me to call the credit card company, I did, they told me it was Expedia's prob & they needed to charge it back. I really need the reund as I have booked another vacation using a diff credit card which I'd like to pay off with that refund.

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                      To Whom It May Concern
                      I called the customer service on 4th Nov. 2017, @ 5:30PN (PST) and talked to EMY and requested to send me an e-ticket (Itinerary # [protected]). I requested because the e-ticket I received through email contains the price of the ticket. This ticket I have purchased for my grand daughter, Chandrika Halder. I paid the money. But, I do not want to know her the price. My request was declined by Ms. Emy. Then I talked to her supervisor, Ms. May, and she told that within 48 hours I will receive an e-ticket, without the price so that I can forward the e-ticket to my grand daughter. But, I did not get any e-ticket without the price tag so far. Al junk mails are coming from the customer service department. One thing I can do is that in future I will think before I purchase any air ticket from Expedia. I am a customer for 30 years. I will also tell my experience to my friends.I might write this in a national newspaper.
                      Dr. Tapan Kumar Gupta
                      Tel # [protected]

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                        Expediahotel room

                        My husband and I stayed at Wingate by Wyndham Missoula Airport, Missoula
                        Oct 28, 2017 - Oct 29, 2017. I would like to request that Expedia refund the cost of our stay in full. We had a horrible experience at this hotel. The people in the room directly above us were pounding and stomping around all night and had a barking dog in their room. At 1am I'd had enough and went downstairs to ask the front desk for assistance. The person at the front desk was named Ian and he was very rude. When I walked up he was on the phone having a casual conversation (not work related). I waited several minutes for him to finish, but finally had to tell him he needed to hang up and deal with a customer who needs help. He did hang up but when I told him the problem he said he would have someone "go up there and listen to see if there was actually any noise." I said again it was actually the room right above ours (we were in room 241). He said that was all he could do. I went up to my floor counted how many rooms from the end of the hall our room was (4 rooms from the end), then I went upstairs and counted four rooms from the end of that hall and the room was 341. I went back downstairs and told Ian at the front desk and he called the room and all he said was "this is a friendly reminder that after 11pm it's quiet time." I said I'm sorry but this doesn't resolve this for me. I got this room to get a good nights sleep and that has been lost. He was very snide and acted like my concerns didn't matter. He angrily told me he wouldn't do anything else for me. I said alright and started walking back to my room and he shouted after me in the most sarcastic tone, "I hope you have a very good night." It was completely unprofessional and rude. In the morning I spoke with the manager and she said she would have refunded my room in full, but since it was booked on Expedia that I had to go through you guys. She said she would contact you with a message as well to let you know about what had happened. Again could you please refund the cost of our room? Here is my Itinerary # [protected]
                        Thank you,

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                          Expediaunknown person withdraw a payment

                          Dear Expedia
                          My name is Farhad Khan and I am asking about our Bank Transaction.

                          I'd very much appreciate your help and advice.

                          I would like to inform you that someone unknown person make a transaction in expedia center from our bank standard chartered via credit card . On a monthly basis we reception is received bank statement from our bank last few days ago we make a complaint to the bank for this transaction and after review of our complain they send to us this letter in attachment please kindly inform me that who make this Transaction what is the name of that person and where this transaction spend ...

                          waiting for your response

                          thank you so much

                          unknown person withdraw a payment
                          unknown person withdraw a payment

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                            Expediaflight cancellation

                            Jet Airways had cancelled the flight 1 day before travel (YYZ to AMS)
                            Solution Attempt #1:
                            Me: I called Expedia to get a flight resolution sorted
                            Expedia: 2 options were given to me, get on a flight 2 days later or get a refund
                            Me: A flight 2 days later is not an appropriate solution to a flight being cancelled
                            Expedia: Reconfirming I only had 2 options
                            Me: Agreed to a refund as I was told there was no way I was getting a flight on the same day, before ending the first call I got Jet Airways information and immediately called them after getting off the phone with Expedia. It was unacceptable to me that I was now going to have to book a flight one day before it left as the prices were going to be 2x what I had originally paid. This was Jet Airways problem to fix - not my financial burden!
                            Solution Attempt #2:
                            Me: Called Jet Airways, explained to them that my flight was cancelled and I needed a resolution of a same day alternative flight.
                            Jet Airways: Immediately looked at an alternative company to rebook a same day flight, found a KLM flight that same day, but then realized that I took the refund from Expedia and they were unable to reschedule my flight. Told me call Expedia back
                            Solutions Attempt #3 & #4:
                            Me: Called Expedia back, escalated the call to a Supervisor... explained the situation that had I known I should have called Jet Airways first I would not have taken the refund that has now left me with no flight and the financial burden of paying 2x the original flight cost to rebook on my own. I was repeatedly told that this was my problem as I took the refund and there was nothing they could do! Absolutely appalling and disgusting customer service to leave a customer in this situation. I would have never taken the refund had I known there was an alternative option to get the flight rebook and sorted out with Jet Airways directly. I was completely misinformed and misguided. I called back a second time in desperation of trying to get this sorted as I did not have an additional $1000 dollars to rebook my flight. Conversation with Expedia resulting in the same customer blaming tactics. Icing on the cake, I was informed that my refund was going to take 8 WEEKS! I will NEVER use Expedia again!

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                              Expediacar rental

                              I booked my trip car rental through Expedia, after booking confirmed twice that I have unlimited km to drive by 2 customer service representative also by an email confirmation through expedia. I get to the car rental only to find out that in fine prints I wasn't getting unlimited km. Economy car rental blamed Expedia and Expedia blamed car rental. I was stranded with no car and cancellation fees. The customer service representative denied my request to speak to a manager.

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                                Expediaairline flight from stt to dfw on the 23rd of october 2017

                                I was booked on a flight leaving STT to DFW connecting in Miami. The flight was cancelled, but later I found out that the flight never existed. I was literally stranded on the Island because I was sold a ticket that could never be used. I just checked and that flight is still being offered although it does not exists. Due to this oversight on whom ever part I encored extra expenses in efforts to make it back to DFW. The experience was disheartening, an emotion that was exacerbated by the circumstances of my travel and current situation. I was traveling to STT for a funeral of a family member that pass. It was already a hard decision because my wife is battle-ling cancer. But we made the decision that I should go. Being stranded was not an option because I had to get back to be ailing wife, and American said the closest date they would be able to accommodate would have been the 31st of October. So I was never and could never have used the part of the ticket from STT to Miami and on to DFW on the 23rd of October. There is only one flight leaving out of STT per day, so I had to catch a flight to Puerto rico which cost me 165.00, then a flight from Puerto Rico to DFW connecting in Newark NJ for about 800.00 dollars with the extra bad fees I was out the amount of 965.00 to make it back to DFW. I would like for Expedia to reimburse me for the extra expenses encored in my travel.

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                                  Expediahotel booking never completed

                                  Hi, Booked via Expedia and travelled to another country to realize we have no booking. Somehow reached them and they sorted out with the hotel only the hotel having us charge without telling us on our credit card.
                                  Trying to reach Expedia. Call centre guys hang up saying they will get back (happened 4 times) and email has not been answered since 12 days. And corporate headquarters won't pick up. The complaints link on the site error out after I submitted my complaint. Basically they can't be found. Thinking of taking to media perhaps? maybe thats how they will wake up?

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                                    Expediaexpedia refused to refund my tickets, 10 minutes from purchase

                                    Ref: itinerary: [protected]
                                    Last night I purchased a pair of tickets from SFO to Montreal, Canada. I also purchased travel insurance and paid $50 to cover both tickets. 10 minutes after I made the purchase I realized conflict with my wife's schedule, after discussing it with her, we decided to cancel the travel for now.

                                    Nice last night, 10 minutes after purchasing the tickets, I have been talking on the phone with Expedia's agents for a total of at least 5 hours. They refused to refund my ticket. They basically said this is a "Bargain" price and is no-refundable.

                                    The last gentleman I talked to told me "You are talking to the highest escalation department and there's nothing we can do for you!". This is absolutely unfair, especially for someone who's been purchasing flight tickets and hotels through Expedia for the last 10 years. I am so frustrated and don't know where to go with this.

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                                      Expediacity line hotel philly pa

                                      It was a horrible hotel. It was over priced! There was no coffee, no tolitries, no phone, no thermostat. The website was misleading! It was a dirty room. I got hives! Parking garage was dirty. There was garbage everywhere and dirty underwear in parking lot. Staff was not professionally dressed. No bell hop the list could go on. So displeased. It should be taken off Expedia. Expedia wanted us to pay for another room and there was no refund!!!

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