Etsy Complaints & Reviews

ETSY / pendant

Jan 16, 2017

I bought a pendant from this website Etsy and I did not receive my order. I would like to mention that seller took my money pretty fast and at the beginning he seemed nice and trustworthy. I told him that pendant was a present for a dear person and he assured me I'll get my order on time...

TinyCuteShop / posters

Oct 05, 2016

Ordered from this woman's etsy store. Print came out looking like trash. Got it printed at a store for about $9. Picture was $6 for the digital file. Picture came out looking like total trash. Seller then ridicules me and insults me, calling me names.

Etsy Worldpay / Rips off and steals from vendors and customers

Aug 11, 2016

Etsy is fast becoming an obsolete [censored]pile of idiot admin that shuts down threads in the forum and deletes accounts if anyone challenges their corrupt behavior against the marketplace vendors and customers. Recently in July 2016, etsy double billed customers and shop FVF sale...

Etsy Hots / nike shoes

Jun 27, 2016

Etsy HotsI purchased a pair of Nike shoes for women and they sent the wrong shoes. I spent $80 of my money and at first I received an email saying they would get back with me with their aftercare shipping department but nobody has contacted me!! I have emailed every day 2-3 times a day and no word...

ETSY / very dishonest company!

May 17, 2016

I have ordered some items from Etsy in early March and weeks later nothing arrived so I contacted them and asked about my order. They said that they need to check what was going and promised to contact me back later. Then they said that my order was probably lost and said that they'll send...

ETSY / terrible customer service

Jan 15, 2016

Hello. I ordered something through Etsy few months ago. I thought that shipping was quite expensive, but still ordered. Actual postage was only half what the total cost was, I realised that only when I saw the costing stamps on the package. Item I ordered looked great on the website and it...

ETSY / hatinsanity - damaged

Nov 21, 2015

I ordered a hat ($45.) through Etsy- the company selling the hat was called HatInsanity. After I ordered the hat, I saw that it was coming from Hong Kong. When it arrived, even though the box said "fragile" it was smashed quite a bit and torn open on one corner. The hat had a crease...

ETSY / does not protect consumers - seller took money and closed account

Aug 22, 2015

Etsy did not stand behind their word to protect customer purchases. I complained to a seller that the product ordered did not match the image. The seller (who had hundreds of positive reviews) said she had intitated a refund, When I didn't receive a refund I tried to contact Etsy but...

ETSY / suspension of shop without notice

Mar 28, 2015

I was selling in Etsy for 2, 5 years, with 431 sales and 44 x 5* comments. Etsy suspended my account with no reason and without any prevent. Please don't sell in Etsy, as you'll spend you time and efforts to create it. Because you'll loose it. I heard this many times. I...

ETSY / siyajewelry

Mar 11, 2015

1.may 2014 I paid for items through Etsy, but did not receive it from siyajewelry. 10 months I have not been able to recover the money from siyajewelry, I've sent a lot of amails, repayment bills through PayPal - all in vain. PayPal could not help me because my complaint was outside...

ETSY / etsy is unethical and abusive!

Oct 21, 2014

I had a shop on Etsy and as of yesterday it has been suspended as because they are claiming that I am somehow linked to this other Etsy shop that has been closed due to policy violation. From what I understand, based on Etsy's vague emails, this other shop has a few open cases that...

ETSY / closing shop without notice

Jul 07, 2014

I had about 50 or so orders, mailed out on May 20th and 28th all of which did not arrive I am a very successful shop and make etsy a ton of money. When I asked for assistance on the matter, my request for how I should deal with all the non-deliveries went unasnwered. I was completely...

ETSY / file complaints with attorney general etsy destroying sellers

Jun 26, 2013

Watch this video and pass it on explains the Etsy idiots to a T. This is the same story I keep on hearing. Etsy has been getting away with this for years. Now this has to stop and the only way to hurt them is make the Attorney General in their... / doing business there reminds me of being in high school

Jan 14, 2013

There are many talented artists on Etsy but also tons of resellers who make the front page every day. Big sellers bully smaller sellers and get away with it regularly. I've had both good and bad experiences buying and selling there. Bottom line, get your own website if you are a... / never ever would I recommend this website to anyone


I just read a couple of the reviews on here and I can't believe there are people from Etsy commenting on peoples bad reviews trying to defend themselves! That right there should show you what kind of site they run! Anyway, my experience. My friend ordered customized bracalets from... / the company never initiated any contact to inform us they were behind schedule


My wife ordered: Alphabet Set -Wooden Letters -Alphabet Wall-ABC Wall- Unfinished 12" to 6" letters various thicknesses from aworkinprogress off The product was promised to be shipped no later than 10 weeks upon purchase. The company NEVER initiated any contact to inform us they... / they don't even have a phone number to call if you need help


I've been selling on etsy for about a year, have over 3000 sales 100% positive feedback. I didn't realize I have a few items (about 8 out of my 400 listings) have infringment problems! Without warning, my shop was shut down. emails or convo take 3 to 5 days for them to reply and... / zero seller support from etsy itself


Zero seller support from Etsy itself. They shut down our shop over a $6 discrepancy without any notification and refuse to respond to emails begging for an appeal. No info, no response, they just ignore us completely. We were top sellers last year, and they don't seem to care about... / this site needs more restrictions


This site needs more restrictions. I bought clothing off Thaisaket several months back, they lied about shipping from the USA, I needed the clothing for a gift. I left a negative, The shop owner was rude and threatening about me taking it back. They accused me of not liking Asians. Etsy...

ETSY / useless trust and safety team/admin


I have perfect feedback over three years at Etsy. I recently was in a transaction which ended in dishonest billing, fraud, extortion, and ongoing harrassment online. I have reached out to Etsy Trust every week for three weeks---and they send the same form Email every time. "we are looking... / grow up etsy admin. and start behaving like professional adults


There are random, unpredictable rules being applied, sometimes with dire consequences, creating an extremely tense and stressful atmosphere. A jealous competitor can report your items on whim causing admin to close your shop and ban you from the site without warning. There is rampant... / avoid this website at all costs


The etsy website suckers people who cannot sell effectively on ebay by using the 'artists' ebay idea. They charge you small amounts to tell you they will advertise for you while showing you no proof. If you violate their very vague TOS they will shut down your entire store, even... / prior to etsy closing my store with no warning


I am a former seller on Etsy...very successful and longtime seller, I might add. I had 100% feedback from all of my customers! I went to check my messages one morning, only to discover my Etsy Shop was gone! I went into my email to see if I had missed something only to find a very generic...

ETSY / made in china


THESE etsy SHOPS ARE NOTHING BUT HOBBY LOBBY CRAP FROM CHINA NOT VINTAGE OR HANDMADE PERIOD WHO ARE YOU KIDDING after etsy threatened to suspend our shop over one "offending" item that was miscategorized...and they leached off our over 2000 sales I had to point out a few chronic...

ETSY / lacking - customer service


I have a store on etsy which I have been running for the past 7 months. I have steady sales and pay all of my dues on time. I recently set up my own website with a few extra photos posted online and a shopping page linked to etsy. I guess (not sure yet) that etsy didn't want to have a...

Etsy . com / closed my account when I complained...


Etsy . comEtsy closed my account permanently when I complained about undeserved Negative Etsy Feedback from an Internet thief and scam artist (see Shalane Doucette, or [a/k/a] ‘Lanie Bulzachelli, ' and/or (Palace Cats) ‘palacecats, ’ PalaceCats, Inc., 7206 Jasmine Road, Fort...

ETSY / rip off


I bought a dress that looked really cute. The pictures were great and the description sounded wonderful... so I ordered this $65 dress. BOY WAS IT A RIP OFF! The thing did not look like the pictures. The material was not what was advertised, super cheap and poorly sewn. The back off the...

ETSY / warning


This is a warning to anyone that may purchase a dress from Timeless Vixen Vintage on Etsy. DON'T DO IT. Seller does not fully disclose details associated with the dress it sells. It is very misleading when it comes to sizes and colors. Timeless Vixen does not give refunds only credit...

ETSY / they are allowing a company commit fraud


I puchased 3 items from Etsy, AKA, Bellachicdesigns, the items says: only 1 available. I purchased 3 different items that said that. The order # was sent through papal and conf. to ship. The money was extracted from my acc. I never received my merchandise. I had the biggest hassel with...

ETSY / ripped off and harrassed


I bought a $65 dress on Etsy from a seller MEimCRAZY. It LOOKED liked a cute cupcake dress, but turned out to be falsely advertised. The material used on the dress was probably $10 and was completely see through. She said I should wear it to a Katy Perry concert, instead of what I wanted...

ETSY / I will never shop there again


Etsy may benefit the vendor/seller but if you are a purchaser with a problem their "support team" only sends generated emails that go no where and to aggrivate you a little more sign it "Love The Etsy Team." I was wripped off by a seller and she closed her shop and it seems ETSY'...

ETSY / customer service


ordered a handmade product on line and paid by money order. After 1 month and many conversations contacted seller again to no avail...Still no refund no product...After 6 weeks she closed her stop with some bs excuse and never contacted me or refunded my money. Forget custoemr...

ETSY / deleted without an explanation and harassing emails without provocation


As both a seller and consumer on etsy for the better part of 3 years, I can say with much experience that the vendors, for the most part, are reputable, hard working people who stand by their products. The products are, for the most part, as described and well made. The rub, however, i...