Etisalat UAEbilled for unrequested spam services

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I have faced this problem with Du, and I'm facing the same with Etisalat. I received a spam message in May 2015 that I did not bother to read. Yesterday, I received a new one from the same sender stating that my "services" will be extended to a further date at the charge of AED 10/week! When I looked at the old SMS, it said "FreeMsg: Welcome! Play games @ 24 hours free then 10 AED/Week until you send stop bmgames to 1156." My complaints and disputes were deemed "invalid" by Etisalat! Does this happen anywhere on this world where you blindly get subscribed in a chargeable service that you haven't asked for and you don't even know about it - because it doesn't show in your bill? and just to inform other clients, this may happen as a result of downloading Etisalat Marketplace application, so beware!


  • Mu
    Muammar Naser Mar 30, 2016

    OOH! this is a nightmare. I though I am the only one who is suffering from this deceiving services. I raised complaints but the defualt reply is that it is a third party service don't put your mobile number online hhhhhhh... Ok it is a third party but why you (etisatat) enable them to charge my account? let them ask me for credit card for payment confirmation.

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  • Na
    NABIL001 Apr 20, 2016

    i am also having the same issues, it supposed to not allow by etisalt, it seems etisalat has been tie up with third party application to make foolish customers to get money for nothing but i called customer service and told them this money is 'HARAM" but they are not bother about customers feeling.

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  • St
    Stalin Gnanasekaran Jun 10, 2016

    you are not only one. I am also one of the affected person. Etisalat should stop this upfront. Why would some third part charge into my Eitsalt monthly bill with out my confirmation. I was told by Customer care that don't browse in the mobile. it was big time joke having Dataplan and don't browse.

    Helpless speaking to CC, I spent 45 minutes to just to raise complain. God only knows that what is happening. It is HARAM by Etisalat. they should stop all these nonsense.

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  • La
    lawflaw Sep 11, 2016

    Everyone...this scam/theft is being allowed by the networks and customers CAN NOT do anything about it .. there is no law for BIG corporation criminals. Even governments dont say or do anything about this. Its even happening in UK. All the UK networks got together & agreed to allow (payforit) third parties to bill innocent customers on mobilephone bill without permission from bill payer. Search on net 'payforit scam' search also 'tapvids phonepayplus' also search 'txtnation scam' also search 'third party billing scam''

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  • Kn
    knives Oct 10, 2016

    I have a bill also from etisalat about the subscription of this games which I really don't have knowledge about it. And the SP simply denied it and they don't have anything to do. The billing is clearly a scam.

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  • Qamar Farooq Oct 15, 2016

    Thanks dear for informing how to unsubscribe this idiotic thing. I am being victimized since July 2016. Being a member of fitness first I assumed that it's coming from fitness first due to similarities in name but it was really eating my money. I am charged around 300aed and above just because of these messages which I never subscribed.
    Please lemme know if there is any thing related to that if comes across in future. Thanks and save your money for your loving ones and family👍

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  • Er
    Ershad Nov 20, 2016

    Guys it is the 3rd party service from Etisalat/Du, maybe they are tie up with them.. that is why service provider giving a permission to access our account without user approval. That means it will be subscribed automatically without our knowledge. We only come to know about this when the balance amount debited from our mobile balance.

    In this case kindly sms "STOP BMFITNESS" send it to 1156. Within couple of minutes u will be unsubscribed from this unauthorized service.


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  • Mu
    Muhammed Muhsin Nov 23, 2019

    @Ershad Are you saying about the third party service which debits from acct in the name tp jawabsale?

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  • Ab
    Abdul Karim Rafic Jan 08, 2017

    Etisalat 101 employee gave me this number in ubai +971-4-3662106 and tol me to call and unsubscribe. I was trying all day and automated system respond and ask you to select language and then you are on hold ... I checked with Etisalate office in Abu Dhabi and the employee has no clue about the charges or the number provided by 101 !!!

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  • Ab
    Abdul Karim Rafic Jan 08, 2017

    The same telephone number is shown in the message 04-3662106 HELP. DU they deactivate the link but Etisalat did not !!! check the following link::

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  • Na
    Naveeds Feb 17, 2017

    I am also having the same issues, it supposed to not allow by Etisalat, it seems Etisalat has been tie up with third party application to make foolish customers.
    Why would some third part charge into my Etisalat monthly bill without my confirmation

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  • Mi
    MickyDS Mar 07, 2017

    These Etisalat simply wants to loot people.If they want money they should simply say We Beg Money from you and take money from us.In normal layman words its called begging or looting. They dont even give proper reply on how to unsubscribe for this looting scam by Etisalat. The number u provide is also fake like you. Guys to UNSUBSCRIBE BOUNCE MOBI GAMES Just send STOP to 1156 Or which ever number from were u have received the massage.

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  • Ir
    irfan Khalid May 03, 2017

    Same situation was with me. Previous month they include ifitness subscription charges in my bill. Directly I call to etisalat 101. and inform them to remove this charges. They processed my request and in next bill they refund it to me. but again in current bill Its coming and again I repeat this procedure. I think there is some problem in Etisalat system.

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  • Se
    Selimtas Jan 29, 2018

    so where can we complain about this? anyone complained to Police? is 'ministry of happiness' aware about this?

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  • Za
    Zaher El Fayed Jan 17, 2019

    @Selimtas To unsubscribe, just send STOP to 1156

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  • Ca
    CABhatt May 05, 2019

    I THINK, it is network breach in Etisalat system, where hacker has made money breaching in Etisalat user data base. It is Etisalat responsibility t maintain adequate security for users. they should refund the money back to users.

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  • Tr
    Trixie Pepito Jun 06, 2019

    I am so pissed off with the issues i'm expercing with Etisalat. They have Charged me 15 AED for iFitnes every month and I didn't even purchased it and I don't even know anything about that iFitness. My question is how come they allowed third party to charge me without my consent and not even trying to check first if I really did register myself into this third-party iFitness. This is so wrong and eating my money for nothing. And also how come Etisalat says there's nothing they can do to fix it. Really? You have all the access for Etisalat. All of you staff in Etisalat has a control on what's going on with your system. You have all the records of everything. So you know whos or which third party site is eating our money. And we know theres something you can do to fix such problem we are Facing. The thing is maybe you just don't want to do it. Please be fair. You shouldn't have charged us for the things we didn't buy or purchase. Also I saw in my bill that I sent a messages to United Kingdom 5 times and they charged me 3 AED for the 5 messages which is I didn't do. I never send any SMS to United Kindome. This is horrible. 😢

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