Etihad Airwaysrefunds for services not provided - paid extra for economy leg room

On 19th September I filed a complaint:
I booked my parents flight: Booking number : HGRLAB through CheapOAir: from Mumbai to Toronto via Abu-Dhabi
1) My parents passport does not have Surname but in given names have 2 names which they use as first and middle/last name
2) While booking I used first name and last name from given name as its mandatory.
3) On August 4th I paid extra money ~1060 CAD for extra leg space for my parents
4) On 20th September while check-in I called Etihad to confirm if the names are as per passport as surname is empty. They told me to file a request via CheapoAir for name change, 6 hours before the flight. I asked them 2 times, that I paid 1060$ extra for the seat, that won't be effected if the name change happens by offloading the tickets
5) CheapoAir tried to change names (add FNU as first name and last name as given name) but Ethihad did not change it, on the other hand they changed my parents seat number and moved to it less leg space.
6) My parents are tall and old, thus I paid 1060$ CAD to get extra leg space for 18 hour journey
7) while talking to customer care for refund, they told me they cannot guarantee as the tickets were offloaded. I reminded them that later that day they told me that my seats won't be changed if I request for name change and offload the tickets
7) At the end of the day, name change did not happen, my parents got tickets without name change and less leg space and they declined to refund me for the extra money I paid for the leg space seats.

I have never had such worse experience with any customer service agent, where one customer service agent tells something else while the other completely different and declines to refund the amount. Very unsatisfied with Etihad, trying to find out more channels to file formal complain about such service and not refunding the money for the service they charged and never provided.
I for response from Etihad on 6th October:

Our ref: 738533

6 October 2019

Dear Mr Shergil,

Thank you for writing to us on behalf of your parents in regard to their recent flight to Toronto.

I am sorry to learn that they were not assigned Economy Space seats that you purchased for them. I am also concerned to hear your feedback whilst trying to amend their names.

I have reviewed their travel and I can see that they were assigned Economy Space seats.

With regard to your refund request, Economy Space seats are non-refundable and we only refund when seats are not available.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to address your concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Guest Relations

I replied back on 6th October:

I am not at all satisfied by your response. I paid 1051$ CAD for seats 16K, 16J from Bom->AUH and then 20K, 20J from AUH->YYZ. My parents were even told by etihad representative that they will be refunded for not getting the seats we paid for (20K, 20J from AUH -> YYZ) again if we parents did not show up I agree it would be non-refundable. They did show up on time, while changing name you guys offloaded, even after confirming that my seats will not be changed.

First - you did not provide the service I paid for, second you are now saying that I wont be refunded, even after a representative from Etihad came to Mumbai airport while my parents were boarding tickets and told they will be refunded for not getting seats from AUH->YYZ. Please let me know how do I formally file a complain and now it not about just bad service, but also refusing to pay for the money I paid for service which you did not provide because of your mistake.

Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways

  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response, Oct 10, 2019

    Dear Jasjeet,

    Please continue to liaise with our Guest Relations Team as they are already handling your case.

    Thank you. *Rose

Oct 06, 2019

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