Esso Petrol StationOver charging pump 1p every time for 6months .


Filled up petrol at my local Esso petrol station in sudbury town, Watford road. £20 is normal weekly petrol, every week noticed over sensitive petrol pump, finally decided to raise to the staff member and politely asked if there was an issue with pump seems to over charge me and before I finished he was rude and said no nothing wrong with pump your mistake and when I asked if I could raise the issue with esso he got very rude and said look it up on internet, so I replied I should also contact trading standards see if this is common at this station without shouting. This was 2 weeks ago. Today I went in there as I was on reserve petrol so no choice but to use it, as I started to fill no petrol, was asked to come inside petrol station, same assistant said as I came in recently and wanted to complain to trading standards said he told his manager and was asked not to sell me petrol. I was amazed and asked if he could tell me his name and he refused when I told him I want to speak to his manager he told me. His gone away on holiday. I will contact esso tomorrow as I think. I can understand they have the right to serve whom they want, but there seems to be an issue with this station.

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