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WageWorks reviews & complaints

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WageWorks - With holding my FSA funds

Wageworks is in the process of conducting an internal system transfer from their old system to their new system (Health Equity). As part of the system change they have delayed the carry over of remaining 2021 into 2022 from February to the middle of May. They have not informed their customers of this and when I contacted them via phone and spoke to a representative, prior to paying to a procedure, to find out exactly what they needed me to do I was given information that has turned out to be horribly incorrect. I have now spoken to 3 other customer service representatives (rep, supervisor, escalation team) and gotten different information from the rep and then the supervisor. They're with holding access to all customers money in the old system for 2022 claims for 135 days without informing us that they were doing so. If you have a 2021 claim for the old system you're perfectly fine. Or if you have 2022 claim for the new system you're perfectly fine. It's only if you need the unused 2021 money to carry over that you will have a problem. I'm in no mans land and 'they can't help me' gain access to my funds 'due to the system change over'.

Desired outcome: Access to my carry over funds.

WageWorks - Customer service and looting

The company denied multiple claims that were made timely and appropriately, when asked they said now the time is over, you can't get your money. Round Rosie- no one knows if you'd re in the system and then they drop the call of they hear any issues. The worst business to work with grubbing hard earned dollars from American in the name of IRS rules. They should be sued and closed! What a shame that they are not ashamed to run this kind of shoddy business! This needs to stop.

Desired outcome: I need my money back


WageWorks - Cobra premium

Wageworks charged me $1, 635 too much and have refused to refund me. I've called them every week for 5 months and they just continue to blow me off. I understand the COVID relief is a difficult administrative hurdle, but if I didn't pay my premium for 5 months I promise they would have canceled my coverage. Absolutely abhorrent company to deal with.

Desired outcome: Pay money they owe me and close out the account.

Jul 02, 2021

WageWorks - commuter benefits

Totally crap company.
I left my employer April 12th 2021 and Wageworks shut down all of the ways to get my money out. I was enrolled prior to the pandemic in a commuter plan and had a cash balance of $320. The company knows that you have 90 days in which to get your funds but they put up every block you can imagine to deprive me of my money. It's so bad that I start to feel bad for the operators who answer calls and messages, as they must try to make this sound legitimate. I leave behind $320 in transit money. They gave me a master card that doesn't work with WMATA or VRE. They will not compensate for tickets purchased out of pocket.

Desired outcome: Give me my benefits or money


WageWorks - Denial of claim

Sent receipt for MRI from 12/28 and was denied. No explanation given so I called. The reason stated to me was the 2021 card was used instead of 2020 by the company. I had to pay $391.30 so they could file on the correct year, which I did, by March 31st. Claim denied yet again after filing Pay Me Back. The reason for denial was not even clear to the representative I spoke with. She said she would resubmit claim and it would be taken care of. I even asked her what would happen if it wasn't and she said there was no reason it should be denied. BUT, yes, it was denied a third time so I called AGAIN. On my receipt given to me it shows explanation of what I paid and why. I'm being told the reason was it did not explain what the procedure was and what for. I can clearly see it on the receipt and not sure why they can't. She said I could contact BCBS and get a better explanation of my MRI, but after asking 3 times if I could still do that or was it closed, she then said it was final and closed so now I am out of pocket almost $400. If I had known they needed a better explanation then I would have taken care of that.

Desired outcome: Allow me to get them the desired explanation for the claim approval

WageWorks - Services paid but never received.

Never... Ever... Ever use wageworks, if you can use covered ca or try to pay for your own plan. I have never dealt with such a dishonest and or maybe incompetent company before. I thought it might...

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WageWorks - Cobra management company

On 1/1/2021 I paid $1, 794.69 to Wage Works, a company that manages the COBRA coverage for Myrtle Consulting Group out of Houston, Texas. This amount was to be retroactive from 11/1/2020, or when my health coverage terminated. The coverage is through BCBS. Wage Works claims they sent the request to BCBS to activate my health coverage on 1/1/2021 when payment was made. I spoke to Wage Works a second time on 1/15 at which time they claim to have sent an urgent request to BCBS as result of our conversation. As of today, 1/19/2021 BCBS says they have not received anything from Wage Works. I'm out of pocket almost $1800 and still do not have insurance coverage. I'm having a major surgery on 2/11/2021 that has already been rescheduled one time due to this delay. Authorization for this surgery takes at least a week since preop tests have to be done the week prior.

Desired outcome: Get the health insurance coverage that I've paid for activated immediately so I can obtain authorization for my upcoming surgery.

Nov 19, 2020

WageWorks - A denied claim with all sporting information provided

Claim ID: [protected] I am filing this compliant to report a situation regarding my claim that had been denied in January 2020 when all the supporting documents were provided and also I was not...

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Sep 08, 2020

WageWorks - Commuter benefit

During Covid-19 Wageworks continued to collect commuter dollars up to 1505.00. When speaking to customer support for a refund or return to my company they stated that IRS rules states that they can do nothing but keep my money. This is outrages considering what we are dealing with in this country in the time of economic strife and covid-19. This is a perfect example how big companies and the government continue to rob and take advantage of the average citizen. I would rate this company 0 stars out of 5.


WageWorks - Receipts from doctor not sufficient

Two receipts directly from the doctor that I was told not sufficient for the FSA program. However okay receipts for the doctor to give me as serviced and the plan say not good enough when last year $1200 was not used and consumed by the wage works provider. These plans take the money and consume it while making money by not allowing you to pay your legitimate doctor bills.

Update by Dale Biederman
May 15, 2020

IRS rules for FSA enforced on these accounts to keep you from using the money for legitimate health care needs. The wage works makes additional money keeping account holders from using all their FSA money before the end of the year so they get it. Not approving original doctor receipts, get real! How can any agency not approve original doctor receipts ever and then make claims IRS won't approve them. This program is rediculous, get rid of it and quit making money from my paycheck. Simply accept receipts as given by medical professionals, who are you?

Apr 02, 2020

WageWorks - Lack of service

I retired from Lockheed Martin. I signed up for Cobra Health Insurance through WageWorks. I made payments for the health insurance through February 2020. WageWorks cashed my checks. However, they canceled my policy due to lack of payment. My banking records show they cashed my checks, and money was taken from my account. Payment was for coverage through February 2020, but; they canceled my insurance in January 2020. They took my money with no service rendered.

Feb 14, 2020

WageWorks - Dental reimbursement expense account

I submissed 3 claims for dental reimursement and each of them were denied for the same claim for 303.20. [protected], [protected] and [protected]. I submitted Dental Treatment Plan Showing...

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Nov 01, 2019

WageWorks - Customer service/ claims department

I tried to submit a claim for some prescriptions that I have paid for over the past few months and they informed me that the picture was not legible. Next I sent a new picture with all my receipts and I called to try and see if we'r could get it expedited so I could at least be able to use my flexible spending account card with the money I have already paid from my employer and they "attempted" to reach out to the claims department and came back on the line to say that I had to wait until the claims department reviews my claim which could take up to 3-5 business days. I'm so glad that they have customer service agents to not help you with your need in order to use the funds that have already been paid out.

Oct 03, 2019

WageWorks - Health insurance

My husband retired from Muscogee Co. School board as a bus driver. His retirement date was 6/1/19. We were sent a bill for $3, 995.09. For 7/1/19-10/01/19. We never agreed to pay this amt. for health...

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WageWorks - Customer service

I am very unhappy with the customer service on this account. Jie refused to let me talk to anyone in the United States even after I requested 3 times.

I called back and the next person hung up on me when I requested to be transferred to someone in the United Sates.

I would not recommend this card to anyone. Forced to use it by my employer.

Also they tell you something is covered and then it is denied with you go to pay for it. They are not very helpful when explaining your benefits. Act like they don't want you to use the money that is on your card. Do they get to keep it if you don't use it.

Not very helpful at all.

Sep 03, 2019

WageWorks - Medical insurance coverage

I enrolled with Wage works as they handle ThermoFisher's medical enrollment. When I left Thermofisher on July 11th 2019, I enrolled with wage works to continue my coverage as a Cobra participant on August 2nd 2019. Wage Works never told me that there was a partial payment for July. they said I have to pay 693$ and right after the call, I logged in online enrolled and paid the amount. Around the 12th of July there was a letter mailed to me with a coupon book stating I owe money for August as portion of my first premium was put towards July. I called them again and had a frustrating call and immediately mailed the partial payment and full payment which reached and posted ( have an email confirmation) on August 29th morning. I had to see my doctor on August 28th and I was told that my medical coverage was terminated. I called Cigna and they mentioned that they received a termination from Wage Works as of July 31st. So I clarified and they called Wage Works CS while I was on the phone, who then went on to promise me that she wills end an immediate urgent file transfer by 2pm that day. I called my doctor back and requested them to process the claim on Tuesday Sep 3rd; Now its Sep 3rd and I am still not enrolled, when they have processed my Sep payment as well.

Aug 15, 2019

WageWorks - fsa

Have received a Card Suspension notice. As I receive receipts from dentists, and medical doctors we have faxed them into Wage Works. Some have been rejected for additional information which is difficult to understand as the dental company name and information is on the receipt. Have IQ's dropped that drastically that Wage Works now relies on the worst possible employees to perform their work?
I can realize because of tax implications these monies need to be monitored however, it would be more efficient if the monitoring organization was not brain dead.

Aug 13, 2019

WageWorks - Claims processing

I have made multiple payments to WageWorks for my continued medical coverage through COBRA. WageWorks claims to have received all my premium payments, yet the payments are not all posted to my...

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WageWorks - Cannot understand rep/site 109/won't disclose location

I was able to get my question answered after a difficult conversation with a rep who was hard to understand, not his fault. I asked his location and he said he was unable to disclose except to say it's site 109. ?!why can't we know where our information is at. This seems like it should be against the law. The rep could barely pronounce his "American" name which was clearly not his real name.
I would never recommend wageworks.

Jul 09, 2019

WageWorks - Customer service and invoice processing

Can you remember the last time you went to buy an over the counter pair of sunglasses — and you paid for two item? First, the frame... Then the lenses? Yes, on non-prescription sunglasses, where you...

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