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WageWorks / does not reimburse my order

tracygao on May 23, 2017
I got enrolled into the commute program through work. During the 6 months process, not only their customer service rep does not understand the issue, providing me wrong information, they also deleted my account. They DELETED my entire account, and claimed i have never enrolled. Case being...

WageWorks / no cobra coverage and paid 2 premiums!

Pamina on Apr 27, 2017
Made 61 calls to wageworks; conference calls with aetna and wageworks - paid 2 premiums already for cobra is money si with wageworks and aetna sisn't receive docs cust reps provide contradicting stories - claim that docs were sent to aetna and none of them were received by aetna -...

WageWorks / Flexible spending account

M DeVo on Apr 7, 2017
Constantly denies claims and asks for receipts from reputable companies. Ie: eye doctors and dentists. Suspend card services and takes days to get re instated. Once receipts have been approved it takes up to 7 days to get card reinstated, this should be automatic. Then they try to blame it...

WageWorks / FSA

Andrew Boone on Dec 16, 2016
Sent me a balance reminder email to my work email stating I still have funds to use. Tried to get a prescription but transaction denied called their customer service only to be told I have $0 available. Makes no sense to me at all. Terrible customer service could barely understand who I...

WageWorks / Cobra administration

Lisa Meinhart on Dec 2, 2016
I sent in a payment mid November for December 2016 COBRA coverage (clearly marked on the check) and they say it was applied to September. I said why would you apply it to a past period of time. They answer the coverage was retroactive. I said I know I could've had coverage back then but...

Wage Works Flexible Spending Agent / We were unable to automatically verify one of your recent healthcare card transactions

Living45 on Nov 10, 2016
This company is a bunch of crooks from another country. I have sent them my receipts twice and they still claim they have not received them..I called and spoke with them and demanded that they unblock my card and that my fax went thru to them and I have the fax confirmation that they...

WageWorks / Will not send me my card that they lost

Joey112 on Nov 8, 2016
My company got wageworks for our FSA which started on 11/1/2016 when i got home on 10/31/2016 i had what i thought was my card from wageworks but i came to find out it was for another person at my company with the same last name so the next day i called her to see if she got my card and...

WageWorks / Receipt needed = harassment

louisb38 on Oct 25, 2016
"We were unable to automatically verify one of your recent healthcare card transactions and now need you to submit an itemized receipt or explanation of benefits (EOB) to show you used your card to pay for an eligible expense. " The usual...This time I had the audacity to use the card for a...

WageWorks / HSA health spending account

tvm3 on Sep 23, 2016
First off, obvious health charges such as "radiologist" are denied. Then when I send in supporting documentation, they deny as they say the documents faxed are "illegible" or other excuses. I've gone round and round with the same charges, and now we are nearing the end...

WageWorks / commuter benefits - double charged for 7 months (wageworks owes me $1324 credit)

Sonika Choudhary on Sep 7, 2016
Background: My company Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) moved to the wageworks to provide employe commuter benefits in Jan 2016. I am a regular Caltrain commuter. I enrolled on the wage works online platform (as instructed in the email). I also have an online account set up with the Clipper...

WageWorks / Customer service & appeals process

Mark McCarter on Sep 7, 2016
The person who compared Wageworks to clowns did a disservice to clowns everywhere. I made an honest mistake on my COBRA payment, twice making an online payment without paperwork in front of me and accidentally sending in short payment. All told, I was some $80 short. Rather than cancel...

WageWorks / Pay me back claims

leidy valencia on Jul 23, 2016
i submitted 2 claims one for $40 and the other one for $60 in the beginning of July. It was extremely difficult using the online feature to upload the receipts because according to the system " I wasn't enrolled during the time of service" which is false because I have been enrolled and using...

WageWorks / Flexible Spending Account (Healthcare)

Stephanie W1981 on Jul 20, 2016
I am writing this complaint in reference to an ongoing issue I have with Wage Works. I received services from a Dentist for a Root Canal. I used my Flexable spending Visa Card for the Transaction. About a Month later I get a rminder to submit a receipt. I submitted the invoice from the...

WageWorks / Flexible Spending Account

MonkeyBusiness on Jul 19, 2016
I am on the phone for the fourth time regarding the same issue. I used the Wageworks card to pay a medical bill that was from a previous insurance company (long story there). When I realized the mistake, I asked Wageworks how to fix it. First, I was given the wrong process. Then when I...

WageWorks / Health Care Reimbursement

NomoreWageWorks on Apr 14, 2016
I've repeatedly contacted this company for various inconsistencies in their business practices and failures in their programs. They first told me that parking expenses related to doctor's visits were not reimbursable. Then, they make it nearly impossible to find the selection to submit a...

WageWorks / Customer service would not transfer to a supervisor

Reviewer19307 on Feb 18, 2016
I had a very bad experience with the representative of Wage Works on February 18, 2016, call ended at 8:45am. Before I opened an account with Wage Works (Commuter Transit Account), I had a few questions. The Representative operator RhonnaMay sounded like an automatic answering robot...

WageWorks / Healthcare Reimbursement Account

Reviewer99486 on Feb 17, 2016
I sent in mileage reimbursement for the entire year of 2015. They tell me o the phone today that my PROOF of where I drove from (my home) to my various physician's offices is not enough; I now need to send in "maps". The very same travel summary with the proof but NO map was enough for...

WageWorks / Flexible spending account

Reviewer15288 on Jan 22, 2016
As everyone is saying, DO NOT fund this company! I have not spoken to one person that was from the USA. Everyone I have had the displeasure of talking to has been someone that does not understand a single word of English, moreover, cannot hold a conversation unless it is written in the...

Wage Works Flexible Spending Agent / Card verification

EdenQ on Dec 31, 2015
Wage Works has requested the "necessary documents" to Un-suspend my my card. I have faxed over the paper 3 times and have not been able to give me a straight answer whether or not is received after talking to approx 5 people. Every time I call I get a different answer. Have asked numerou...

WageWorks / Terrible customer service and poor communication of policies

Reviewer45499 on Dec 21, 2015
My company uses WageWorks for both Commuter Benefits and FSA. While I've never had a problem with FSA, the commuter benefits are consistently an issue. My transit agent doesn't accept the wageworks cards at the machines because the amount on the card is less than the amount of my monthly...

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