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First I like to say I have not seen a company that just does not give a care in the world about the consumer than Enterprise rental car My first complaint is, I set this reservation up on the internet. the time of pick up would be at 3:00 pm, by there time stamp on the contract I arrived at 2:58 pm. The time of drop off I put in would be at 3:30 pm. Bear in mind this is also what is stated in the contract agreement. As I arrived at the airport to drop the car off. Enterprise employee came over to inspect the car for damages (No damages) then she sits in the car to get the millage. When she comes out of the car she looks at me and said, she smells cigarette smoke I told her the person in the back seat lit a cigarette, my colleague along myself told him this was a non smoking Vehicle, he immediately put it out. She leaves and comes back with her manager she sits in the car and says the same. looks at me without hesitating you have to pay a cleaning fee of $100.00. I was shocked I told her I rent from Enterprise in Woburn Massachusettes abundance of times never had this problem check the record on the computer she refused to listen to me I asked for her full name she refused to give it to me (she is the manager) I have no say what so ever. She comes back to me with the new rental price that I owed. it started at $204.50 now I oweed $342.31. Remember that time 2:58pm well she state I pick the car up earlier than 3:00pm and after arguing with her for fortyfive minutes at the drop off at which time it becomes 4:30pm she charges me 2hrs more even though it would be 1hr over the original time. This has put a bitter taste in my mouth with this company I WILL NEVER USE ENTERPRISE AS MY SUBSTITUTE TRANSPORTATION AGAIN. Owe I tried to speak to corporate about this I get reffered back to this manager.


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    Stharr Aug 24, 2011
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    I too was charged $100 smoking fee even though nobody smoked in the car. There may have been people smoking near the car with the window open and the smell was still there when the car was returned. I wanted to know just what kind of cleaning was done that warrents a $100 charge. When I called the company to ask, I was put on hold and after 5 minutes I was cut off. I think this is very unfair to the customer because the charge is based on the judgement of whoever receives the vehicle. In my case, I was notified by mail that I owed the $100 plus tax. When I returned the car and the odometer was checked, the employee said nothing about smelling smoke in the car. I think it's a scam to get more money out of customers. I would not use Enterprise again.

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    Chris Barnes Utah Jul 01, 2017
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    I too was charged $150.00 for what they claim "smelled like smoke" I never smoked in the truck. They have your credit card and charge you for lost revenue. The Enterprise in Cedar City Utah never had the car you reserve and if you need a pick up truck you get a SUV but you can't charge them for lost revenue and when you have to sit there for 2 hour's waiting for a car you had reserved for 9:00 am and it's not ready until 11:00 am you can't charge them for lost revenue.

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