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Dear sir,
I am writing with great disappointment in regards of my friend (Mr.Syed Mujahid Hussain Shah)’s lost baggage during a flight journey on board this airline flight EK607 from Karachi to Dubai on 6th April 2017.For your kind information, my friend Mr.Mujahid has lodged a complaint to the concern airline customer service and senior claim assistant in charged (Asilya Mukhidinova) in regards of this matter but he has not had a satisfactory answer nor any reply from them but in turn they declined to take any responsibility on this matter and they harshly told my friend that they have his baggage in the same flight but they are unwilling to handle it back to him. I strongly object to the treatment received by my friend from this airliner staffs. This shows the bad reputation of the EMIRATES AIRLINE service to its customers. All the valuables inside my friend’s baggage worth AED47 000 in total. Please kindly do your best and promptly take any action on this matter. My friend’s mobile number is +[protected].Thank you.


  • Ry
    Ryson Antony Nov 30, 2014

    Since last two days I was trying to cancel one of my booking via Emirates Airlines. But still I am struggling with their web procedures. There were lot of things I had to do for a booking cancellation. When I completed all requested details then the call center guy he simply cancelled my booking and told me that if you need to refund then you have to fill an online application form . Then again I contacted the call center and they told me that I have to buy a new system with new OS since their application is not working in my system. So they suggested me to have a system with maxilla, Google Grome, etc. .or buy a new computer ! So if I want to get my money back I have to spend two thousand dhs TOO.

    I don't think the call center guys / girls were handled this situation in a nice way. They were challenged me. Even they told us to change the system (latptop/ desktop). Any comments

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  • Gu
    Guynflg7777 Nov 10, 2013

    As an x flight attendant, let, e tell you that you just sound lie a whine person. 24 hours flight? Rubbish! Flights are usually 12, 13', 14 hours.
    Allergic to fish! Order a special meal.
    The chicken you have recieved might have been a crew meal, meaning that a crew member gave up their meal in order to stop your whining.

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  • Br
    Bruce McMurray Jun 21, 2013

    I have only heard good things about emirates and this was why I choose to use them. Sadly the food and the service was shocking.
    I pressed the attendant alert button several times and no one bothered to come to me. I was in a window seat and was forced to
    Ask two passengers to get out their seat so I could get some attention from this unenthusiastic cabin crew members.
    For lunch which was served nearly two hours after lunch time the crew informed us they on had fish. As a person who is allergic to seafood this was not going to work for me. There was no chicken no beef no ham no pork. Just fish. After raising my voice in disgust that
    They only had fish. Some cabin crew members went back and suddenly chicken became available. Why does one need to raise their voice every time the service is poor? And only then people come around???

    My flight was 24 hours long which in essence is a whole day in the air. Normal people eat three meals a day. I am a grown man and delivering half a pizza late that night was disgraceful. Well the piece of pizza was so small it was finished in less than three minutes.
    I attempted to call a cabin crew member and enquire about getting some more food. After many attempts and no joy I had to get people to move again as the entire crew were too busy in the half hour of calling to get to me. ("this is not the type of service I had expected from emirates. ") I asked if there were some more of what ever they had to which they responded no. Now, I know as a well seasoned traveller that there is always a couple of boxes extra. My question is this? Where did they go? As stated earlier I am a grown man the kiddie size portions is just not going to cut it.

    By the time breakfast came round I was starving, we had a choice of omelette or scrambled eggs. I opted for the omelette. Upon opening it I noticed there was mushrooms in the same plate. Unfortunately I am also highly allergic to mushrooms which as one knows is a fungus.
    I scoop out all the mushrooms and ate the balance of the food. Well it was not long and I was throwing up and had an upset stomach.

    In the early hours of the morning as it was just getting light I was about to start taking some pictures when the steward leaned over every one and with the use of a coat hanger and his arm in front of my face slid the shatter down. I found this this to be very rude and highly offensive. It is in the same league putting the palm of your hand in some ones face! I was angry!!!

    The cold beverages were lukewarm and the coffee was at room temperature. I have never been so disappointed in an airline as I was today.

    The head set I received was faulty and about an hour before we were due to disembark the steward came round collecting headsets.

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  • Ch
    Chaucerchaucer Jul 14, 2012

    We booked a flight from harare to hongkong with emirates, and after we will fly from hongkong to beijing with air china. We booked our seats online 3 days before departure, but they changed them when we checkin in harare, also the seats r not together. It's really unprofessional when you see 2 people come together for checkin but put their seats separated. When we got to zambia, the flight captain was feeling sick so we had to stay in lusaka for one night. Which means we will miss our flight from hongkong to beijing. So we asked a manager of emirates in lusaka, we wanted a solution or suggestion, but we only got is:" there's nothing we can do". And we got ignored. After we arrived in hongkong, the airport stuff helped us to call emirates and contacted air china booked us another flight to beijing, just like that, really simple and quick. So now we are wondering what a manager of emirates do? So unhelpful and so unfriendly.

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  • Mr
    mr amjad Mar 03, 2012

    MY CODE 31189
    ISB EK 616
    CAI EK0924
    PASSPORT NO : CY1793792

    ON 20 -21 FEBRUARY 2017

    WEIGHT 23 KG
    2 I POD
    4 JEANS

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  • Se
    senior Dec 01, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Flight EK 978 and EK 217 Oct.28, 2017 both delayed 22 and 68 minutes respectively, many passengers including myself stranded.This airlines fails to get connecting passengers to planes when flights arrive late. Its staff need to learn first lessons in civility and hospitality, .I got sick running for miles across Dubai Airport!. Staff at counter very rude:. They ignored my dietary requests/. I showed my dr’s letter for medical assistance but their head steward disregarded the letter for any accomodation;. They broke my luggage’. Emirates Airlines packs the plan without regards to passenger needs:. It was my first flight with this airline”.

    I never had problem like this with other airlines. I have contacted Emirates Cusomer service about my broken luggage and all problems with airline but instead of taking a report they have referred me to a no name email address which I have sent 2 emails. I read somewhere it takes them more than 6 months to respond! I sent an email to your Online Booking Query Department on 25 November 2017 and they forwarded my email to your office in Singapore. I also sent 2 reminders dated 27 & 29 November 2017. Up to now I have not received any reply from your Emirates Office in Singapore.

    By not replying my email, Emirates is showing disrespect to me (a 68 year old senior citizen). Therefore, I can conclude that your service staff are negligent in carrying out their duties to seve the customers. By ignoring my email, Emirates gives me the impression that your staff have never been trained to respect and serve their customers. How can Emirates Airlines serve their customers well when they cannot even control the working attitude of their own staff. I hope to get a better response from you this time.

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  • Ph
    Phil and Michelle Lyndon Aug 19, 2011

    In april 2017 my wife and I were returning business class with emiratesto manchester, uk from perth at approx 7.30 pm we arrived at the emirates desk at perth international airporthaving just arrived from melbourne with boarding passes already booked online and baggage booked through to manchester from our flight from melbourne. We were told that although the flight was leaving on time we were not allowed to board because we did not have accommodation booked in dubai and flights from dubai to the uk were uncertain owing to the icelandic ash cloud. Our baggage was dumped in front of us and on a sunday evening we were left to our own devices. No offer of help was made and we were told we could not even use their telephone. We struggled to get hotel places because of the number of people stranded in perth. At no point during the next 2 weeks did we receive any help from emirates with arranging flights back to the uk and in queues daily at the emirates office people in front of us were being allocated aircraft seats even though they were perth residents booking holidays in the uk. No cosideration was given to us because of our predicament. When we eventually got seats (In business class as paid for, our seats were broken, the leg rests would not operate (On an 11 hour flight). My headrest was also broken but the air crew said there was nothing they could do about it. My wife and I spent a very uncomfortable and extremely expensive, given the price of seats in business class, 11 hours to dubai. No apologies were made on leaving the aircraft. I have repeatedly contacted emirate via their complaint line. Sometimes they acknowledged the receipt of the complaint.. No. Dxb/x / s0/24510/6701328.. Sometimes they do not. I have now reached the point when if there is no response to this postihng, I will take legal action against emirates airline with copies of the appropriate correspondence available

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  • Ai
    airlinelad2011 Jul 17, 2011

    wasting your time... the fare conditions including minimum and maximum stay are always published by ALL carriers! If you click I've read the fare conditions before purchase, you should read them IN FULL... It's what they are there for

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  • Im
    Imran Malik Jun 09, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I travelled on emirates flight ek614 dated 07 june 2017 from dubai (Dxb) at 2215 to islamabad (Isb). After leaving the plane at immigration counter, I realized that my wallet has been lost. Upon contacting airport security wallet was recovered from plane and handed over to me along with a list of wallet contents however a packet containing usd 1580 was not there. It was again inquired from plane crew but they simply refused : (i have contacted emirates at customer. [email protected] Will I be helped??

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  • Ed
    Edison Cannon May 19, 2011

    My friend and I lost our gaggages traveling from San Jose California to Dubai, we started with A.A.Line, San Jose to Dallas with delayed departuing, we barley made to our connection flight, surprisingly we sat in the plane for hour and half they had to fix the problem with the door, finnaly we missed our connection at London, Air Port, they put us in an other fllight with Emirates Air, I asked them how about our luggages, they saied will go with you, but they didn't, they made us to wait ten hours at Emirate Air Port while making Loss Calim Report and checking every arrival air plane to check for our lost baggs there was no trace of our baggs and hasn't been untill today after two weeks is passed, I had to call my wife in California to refil my medication, since I am deployed to Afghanistan and I had my six months medicatioon supplies in my bag, plus I had to purchase all kind of cothings since I had only couple items in my carry on back with my labtop, and the phone number that they gave us with our claim report to check for follow up can't get to a person to talk, all we get is the the recording that there is no trace of our luggages, I have no clue where to go and what to do, when I call A.A.Line they say the last Air Line you took is responsible, whiich I think both air lines are responsible. I WANT TO ADD THIS PEOPLE AT A.A.LINE ARE NOT HELPFULL AT ALL AND ARE VERY RUDE TOO.

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  • Fa
    Fayez Al-Nassar May 09, 2011

    1) i want to appraise your airplane fleet and the nice airport. However, I have two complaints about arrival lounge. We have arrived yesterday (Sunday 8 may & rsquo;11) form the atlanta on delta airline and going the transfer area for my connecting flight to dammam. Unfortunately there was no emirates counter. We had to walk all the way across the upper level to the other side which was a very long walk beside there were no trolleys or buggies to place the carry on. We were walking in a twilight zone not knowing where we were heading. We had to ask anyone where is the transfer counters. If there were signs, they were not posted clearly. (I am not talking about the airport where the gates, I am referring to the back side as to exit to dubai)
    I am certainly surprise that emirates does not have a counter in the arrival are for other international airlines. One way is to have passengers escorted by a bus to the other side. My concern was to make sure I arrive at the counter to secure our connecting boarding pass.

    After long walk and agony, the person (Pilipino) at the counter asked us what the weights of our checked in luggage are. Otherwise he will not issue the boarding pass. I had to talk to the supervisor (Syrian) who I guess gave him the signal to issue the boarding pass. The general attitude that was not good as they were only defending emirate airline and not caring about the passenger comfort.
    The general attitude was go and complain, well I guess this is what I am doing hoping this never happen again.
    Emirate airline is in the marketing business, but certainly, what I saw was not far from saudi airline.
    One will expect to see an emirate transfer counter on arrival, we would have received our boarding passes and could used the time shopping on having coffee at the restaurants while heading to the gate which is far away, but this could help the passenger comfort. We were rushing not knowing where we were heading in the airport into the twilight zone.

    This is certainly did not give me a good impression and I will make sure about my future flying routs.

    2) another issue concern the airport.
    After getting the boarding passes, we were looking for gate 212, we followed the signs all the way to see a sign for gates 209 through 216. Getting to the right hand side walk way, we had to go all the way back to gate 212. I said this is in arabic, where is your ear ya juha?

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  • Wi
    Wilfried Preusse Apr 16, 2011

    I lost my black jacket in the Airport Dubai.
    In a pocket with zipper on the front site of the jacket is a little box with 3 SD memory cards.
    Please, if anyone has found it, can you contact me on:
    [email protected]
    I will reward the finder of the cards.
    The SD memory cards are important for me.

    Following details:
    Airport Dubai Terminal 3, at gate 220 outside the boarding zone
    13/04/2017 about 8 am, bevore flight EK055 to Duesseldorf
    The jacket is black and has a little orange loop to hang up it.
    Enclosed you find a picture from the SD card box.


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  • An
    Annie Scotland Mar 30, 2011

    I have just submitted a complaint and claim to emirates customer affairs in dubai. A changed return flight was not recorded by a member of emirates staff at colombo airport, and resulting chaos and confusion led to a miserable, inconvenient and exhausting journey. I am a retired lone female traveller and emirates ground staff were either useless, or formal to the point of rudeness. Cabin staff had to pick up the peieces and did so very well.
    We'll see what response I get - will keep this site uptodate... Annie

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  • Dr
    Drea101 Dec 17, 2010

    I disagree with sly_chad. Emitates are the crappiest, most unreliable, disorganised, rude, arrogant, obnoxious airline I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. NEVER, EVER AGAIN.

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  • Dr
    Drea101 Dec 17, 2010

    I have flown numerous times in the past and have never had any issues with the airlines I have chosen. However this time we have booked a flight with emirates and pre arranged the seating for the flight with a consultant (Which took over an hour to do) to sit parent and child together. However when we went to check in online - seating has been changed back to one single seat and three other seats about a dozen rows further back. We have spent over four hours in total on the phone with useless consultants who keep putting us on hold, despite requesting to speak with a supervisor, then they cut us off. Every time we have to phone back (Costing us more money) we have had to deal with a different person, repeat the problem all over again to a non english speaking national who does not seem able to help. More requests for speaking with supervisors have ended up with us being put on hold... And we still are at the time of writing this (This is now 1/2 an hour). I guess that they are hoping that we will just go away - after all they have our money now.
    I now have a very irate husband, and two sobbing kids who have had their holiday spoilt before we even leave home. I would never ever recommend them to anyone - not even my worst enemy. Their customer service is non-existant and their consultants are just down right rude. If I had time to change my airline I would however as we are supposed to be leaving in 5 hours, this is now not an option for us.
    I will definately be writing to their head office - although, if their current customer service is anything to go by, they will probably just shred the letter. However a copy will be sent to consumer affairs and more formal forums.
    I have also noted that they have no complaints option on their website... Are they conceited enough to believe that they are infallable? You only need to google 'emirates complaints' and there are so many sites dedicated to this topic. I wish that I had done that prior to booking our flights!
    My preference in future, based on this experience, will be not to fly with emirates. Also check into the 'web' to see if there are any other customer complaints... I know that there are probably other sites dedicated to other airlines/complaints - look at them and read through other peoples comments... Based on them make your own decision as to whom you will fly.

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  • Dr
    DR. REZA JAHADI Nov 04, 2010

    I purchased a round trip ticket for my wife to travel from san airport to ika in tehran. Departure date was sept. 20th and expected return was nov. 8th.

    When I printed the ticket, there was a disclosure about paying some $250 for change of the date. There was no disclosure about the ticket expiring in 2 months.

    Now that my wife is in tehran, an emergency sitution has risen, where she has to postpond her return by two weeks. She has gone to local emirates office and was told that she is going to loose her ticket because of date restriction on the ticket.

    I called the 800 number listed above and inquired about this. They are telling me that there was a fine print on the ticket about restricting it to two months. I tried to retrieve my reservation to see if they are right, but could not find anywhere about this disclosure.

    If I knew about this time limitation, and I was given a choice to purchase a 6 month or a year termination option with a little more money, I would have most likely have opted for those options.

    Most of the airlines that I know has a year limitation on the ticket expiration and they all have some penalties for change. But have never heard that tickets could expire in 2 months.

    I seriously want to fault emirates for not letting their customer know about their rules, and should have put it on big print if there is such a rule, so the customer would have a better choice for selection.

    We would be willing to pay the $250 penalty to change the ticket return by 2 to 3 weeks.

    Hope and expect the resolution of this compaints by emirates, should they be interested to keep their customers better informed and not to eliminate their chances, especially when the ticket is purchased on line.

    Duely, expect an answer soon.

    Dr. Reza jahadi - [email protected] Rr.com

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  • Tr
    TravellerDestiny Sep 17, 2010


    created this facebook group "Emirates Baggage Lost" for complaint against Emirates

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  • Ex
    Existepare Jul 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I found no way of providing a feedback to emirates airlines. This is the only way I thought I can share my thoughts about it.

    Along with my family I recently went to india by emirates airlines - houston to mumbai via dubai. While boarding from houston, our cabin bags were taken away saying that there was no space (Which we later found, was there). We were not even given any time to take our important stuff to keep with us. Upon asking we were told, that our bags will be given back in dubai. However when we reached dubai, we found out that we had to clear immigration to get our cabin bags, which was not possible. And were asked to transfer those bags to our final destination. We had all our next boarding passes and important papers and things in those bags. Since we had no other choice we had to make a request for the bags to be sent to our final destination.

    We got our bags 7 day after we reached. Not only that, the seal was broken and some of the goods stolen!!

    What I dont get is, why were we not told about the immigration clearance required just to pick our cabin bags. Its not like we didnt ask. After a lot of requesting we were told that we will get our cabin bags without any problem? If the airline crew itself dont know any thing, what are we supposed to do? Its not the money but the memories we lost from the goods that were stolen. All we want is that the culprit should be caught!! If the internal airline members do such a thing can we really trust them ???

    This has been a very bad experience for my family, never to be forgotten!!

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  • Ni
    Niman Jun 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife and I arrived at durban airport on the 11th june 2017 in order to take our flight to seoul. After checking in we proceeded through the normal formalities and made our way to the relevant gate for boarding. Thats where it started. We waited in a queue for over an hour only to find out that there was a delay for some unknown reason. After a while, we finally boarded the aircraft.

    Everything went as per normal. We took off and all seemed fine up until the cabin lights suddenly dimmed and there was an immediate loss of altitude, feeling as if the plane was falling! A few seconds later, it felt as if it was corrected, but not 100% this all occurred approximately 35minuts into the flight. The captain eventually announced that the one engine had failed and we had to turn back to durban. After a further stressful 30 minutes we finally landed back in durban. The landing was totally horrendous we bounced off the runway twice, probably due to the fact there was engine problems. None the less, we were safe, but my wife was traumatised! All through this time no one offered us water, the airport was total chaos, the airline denying engine failure, just saying all of this was a technicality. Other passengers were stuck with no water waiting an hour and a half with us to go through passport control. We were told to go home, we would recieve a call the next day. We spent r950 on a taxi home, which was another hour and a half. No one helped us even after we tried communicating several times with staff. The following day no one called and by the afternoon we were so stressed we called and made arrangements ourselves.

    Totally digusted would like someone to see my perspective, and how would we be re-imbursed?

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  • Sl
    sly_chad Jan 20, 2010

    Emirates is the best!! you are One in a million if you dislike their services... try PIA next time..


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  • Nn
    N Naqvi Jan 20, 2010

    On oct 30th 2017 I was travelling to jeddah from islamabad. My transit and change of plane was in dubai. I had 3 kids with me. I am a saudi national while my kids are canadians. I go to jeddah all the time and get their visit visas as a mother which is no issue. A few days before travelling I got visas from the embassy and my luggage from islamabad was checked all the way to jeddah. At dubai airport they refused to let me travel saying my kids are on visit visas and its hajj season! Saudi parents are allowed to take their kids and spouses with them to any port but the emirates staff made me change to a flight later at night to dammam.. With a 5 hr transit and then buy a new ticket to jeddah for all 4 of us. They refused to give me hotel to stay, any compensation, and refused to pay for the ticket we had to buy. It was their fault that they dont know the rules. If we could not travel then why were we sold the tickets, why was our luggage checked to jeddah from isb emirates counters??? This is ridiculous and we want them to pay for the tickets we had to buy from dammam to jeddah as it was their fault. Ofcourse they have lost our luggage so many times that if this issue is not resolved then this is the last time we travel on emirates!

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  • Sm
    SMWalia Jan 13, 2010

    I had a similar kind of experience when i travelled with Emirates from LA to Bangalore. I was not allowed to take my cabin baggage with me at the LA airport and then when I reached Bangalore, my baggage came a day later. I checked items in my bag at the airport and everything seemed to be in order. But after I left the airport and opened my baggage to get my sunglasses, they were missing from their case. I contacted them immediately to notify them. I was told to drop them an email (which I did) but to no avail. They have denied any reponsibility of them missing item. I am now trying to find contact details (email addresses) of some people in the corporate office so that my issue can be addressed to.

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  • Sa
    sanajy patil Jan 10, 2010

    I have travelled from mumbai -dubai-lagos on 8th jan 2017, to my surprise not a single baggage came with the same flight, out of six baggage 04 came in the night flight, one came with no tagging on it next day i.e. on 9th jan, and the remaining sixth till now not came,
    i am worried about my last but not least as it contents all the medicines for my wife, daughter and myself for six months, the medicenes i suppose to take /start as early as possible, to rearrange the same from india it is difficult as i have to recosult the doctors,
    how i can go for the matter with airline?
    I have done all the necessities like documents, complaints with the local authority here in lagos, but they r telling to wait for anothr week,

    pl help me to get my bag with the contents as it is,
    sanjay patil,

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  • Da
    Das Mintu Dec 22, 2009

    Subject - harrasment b ms. Mennat at dubai airport.
    I was under impression that emirates airline is best but after this incident this is the worst airline I have had traveled..
    At delhi airport they told us that our flight to sanfransisco via dubai is confermed and we will get boarding pass at dubai airport. At dubai airport they told us that we cant board connecting flight because its already full and the supervisor named ms. Mennat was so arrogant that she didnt show any concern. When requested for hotel stay she said no. We missed our flight and made to board another flight to jfk next day. I missed the event where I was chief guest. On the top the misplaced my luggages.
    I will suggest never travel in this airline.

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  • bamboo butterfly Dec 21, 2009

    I feel because of the mix of natonalities from around the world that emirates hires as cabin crew of course there may be a feeling of conflict to destinations. This is not discrimination but cultural clashing. When people do not understand another culture and when it is completetly different from their own, is it not only human nature to react sometimes in a way that may seem offensive to the other individual. I'm mainly refering to the fact that unfortunatley what I have experienced while flying is the complete rudness and degration from customers from certain destinations towards the cabin crew. When the cabin crew are treated like this sadly its transfered back to the customers. (There is so many examples but here is a common one. Customers coming on board with an attitude because they were miss handled by ground staff. When they meet the happy smiling faced cabin crew they straight away start screaming in their face before anyone can understand what is going on) This cycle continues.

    To change this people need to practice that when you treat someone less then what you would want to be treated then expect to be treated like this back. Regaurdless if you think its their job to treat you with respect. How can you demand this when you treat them any less first. You get what you give. I'm sure all cultures around the world have a concept of manners to some degree. Unfortunately and honestly there are a group of destinations that the majority of customers are exactly like this. They say not to generalize but but they also say majority always wins. Its ashame that anyone has to experience this especially if you didn't deserve it.

    Do unto others as you want done unto yourself.

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  • An
    Andy roberts Dec 18, 2009

    Harrasment by the supervisor ms mennat at dubai airport.
    While boarding at delhi igi airport they told us that we will get boarding pass for next flight at dubai but when we reach there and they told us that flight is full we cant board and on top of it even supervisor was so rude she didnt show any concern and refused to help. They board us on another flight next day and I missed an important event where I was chief guest. It didnt stop here they misplaced our bags.
    This is the worst airline I have ever seen.
    I recommend dont travel in emirates

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  • Sy
    syd_au Oct 19, 2009

    Good one. I experienced similar rude and arrogant behaviour from Emirates Ground staff at Auckland airport today. Cheers mate!!!

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  • Th
    thaiwife Oct 01, 2009

    I travel regularly to thailand, previously emirates airline was my prefered choice, however the cabin crews were so arrogent and rude on both outgoing and incoming flight that I have decided never to use emirates airline again. The baggage allowence from birmingham (Bhx) is a paltry 20kgs. The desk staff even weighed my hand luggage!
    Going out I asked for a glass of water, this never came, coming back, I asked for an extra piece of chocolate because the quality of food was terrible from bangkok, that was refused, I offered to even pay for the chocolate and I was still refused. As a frequent flyer I feel until this airline improves its quality of service it should be avoided like swine flu.

    If you have similar experience to share about rude cabin crew and ground staff of emirates airline, this is their complaints department: senior vice president, customer affairs & services audit, emirates group, po box 686, dubai, united arab emirates.

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  • Ah
    AHMER Sep 24, 2009

    I am very sorry to say that emirtes airline is worst airline. I had very bad experience in 2017 but yesterday in spt24, 2017 I bought a ticket on teh phone from emirates airline directly. The representative who was helping o me was very nice but he did not mentioned the all information at the time of purchase this ticket. When I got the e-ticket in my email, I noticed that the two pices of 25 lbs each luggage is allow to carry from ny to damascus but from dubai to karachi only 30 kg is allow. How come this could happen to us. He said I am allow to carry two pieces of luggage until my final destination which is karachi.
    I am taking my 24 months daughter who is very sick and the main reason to take her for 3 days in syria for pilgrim there. After short transit in syria I have to proceed to karachi.
    There is no make sense to carry two pieces from ny to damasus and then onwards I can not carry two pieces.
    I am in a big stress now, icalled many times to get the same representative but they said it is very hard to reach the same representative who booked the ticket for me.
    They know this is not right but they can not help me to fix this matter.

    Please who ever read this mail, please before buy any ticket from emirates make sure everything is clear otherwise they give a very hard time to passangers.

    Please if you can solve my issue then call me on [protected] mr. Raza.

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  • At
    Atif Sabir Khan Jul 17, 2009

    I had travel emirates for the first time. It was such an unpleasant experience. I was shocked at the 2 contrasting behavior of the staff. When I was leaving from karachi to dubai. The staff was so unkind and rude that it was like the people havent paid money to the airline and treated as nobodys. A poor old man asked 4 times for water and didnt recieved it. It was quite shocking. Afterwards I had a connecting flight to malaysia and the world changes for u. You just think u r in a different airline. Everyone is so pleasing and naive. The exact same thing happened on my way back. I want to demand an inquiry from the emirates office for this insulting behavior towards pakistani people. We pay as much as every other people who fly emirates. There staff gets the same salary if they r serving pakistani people or any other people of this world. . Then 'why this discrimination towards pakistan'. Emirates shud hire professional people who treat every human being with the same respect & dignity

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  • Fa
    Farhan Mar 27, 2009

    Dear sir / madam,

    Sub: complaint my frequent flyer# ek134648636 (name : qazi abdul ghafoor)

    I am quite a regular passenger of emirates airline and do not expect sort of complaint which I am forced to put forward to your attention:

    In my last trip ticket# 176 [protected] (booking ref# e3lr4j) , I had to undergo embarrassment and unpleasant situation while flying back from dubai (dbx) to larnaca (lca) flight# ek107 dated 15-feb09. it was a connecting flight and flight from karachi ek605 reached late to dubai and plane was parked too far, but anyway I rushed to the counter as fast as I could, but when I reached to the counter, attendants said the counter is closed. I explained them everything that it was a close connection and not my fault that plane reached late and it was parked so much away. my all pleas and requests didnt work out anything affirmative and I was bluntly told to get next flight by paying extra.in short, I had to pay euro 100 to change my ticket to next flight and also I had to take visa and hotel for overnight stay which costed me euro 140.

    So altogether euro 240 is the cost factor plus so much of inconvenience as I got delayed for one day and missed my important meeting in cyprus. the hassle I went through is painful and cost factor further aggravates it. therefore, I hereby request you to look into this matter and compensate me on the cost part atleast. I expect reimbursement of the money which I had to spend without my fault. that will alleviate somehow what had been built up in my mind for emirates and sooth down my further inclinations towards emirates.

    I truly hope to receive positive reply from professional team of emirates.

    Thanks & regards

    Qazi abdul ghafoor

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  • Ka
    kausar/Abdul hafeez Nov 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Mr Hafeez with the above reference file #BLREK14968, travelled to Bangalore on the 13th of october from Dubai and lost one baggage . I had complained so many times, filled the claim baggage form and submitted it to the Bangalore branch, I received a mail from Nirupama from the international airport Bangalore asking me to fill the CLAIM SETTLEMENT FORM to collect the 200$ as the settlement for which I dont know from where to get and fill it .I have sent them so many mails asking them to send me the claim form but to this day no mail nor calls . I am really helpless as the service is so bad no person bothers to response.I kindly request you to look into the matter and settle it immediately.


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  • Ci
    cio Aug 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi mate,

    I totaly agree with your comment above, a... from this part of world have funny attitude towards some nationalites, i really dont know what goes in their heads, i dont understand if they to this dis... intentially or what ???

    wake up uae people you say that you are becoominng the best, best does not mean in building and smart cars ... you should keep huminit as priority


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  • Ma
    magdy Aug 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On july first, I traveled from dxb to cai. One of my baggage was not loaded as the tag was by emirates workers. Since today, I am trying to find my bag, with no hope. They have asked me to fill list of bag contents. Today, they phoned me and says we find your bag, come and take it. No compensation for the last 6 week, I commented. They said, will if we find your bag so no compensation will be given. Good luck.

    Lots of inconvenience, troubles and embarrassment I had due to my lost bag with emirates and then they said we are sorry our apologies sir!!

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  • Ad
    Adel Lim Jun 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sometime may 2017, I called emirates' customer service group in the uk to bring forward my flight back to singapore, which was the 2nd time I changed my return flight date. The 1st time was around march 2017, which I was told to pay a penalty of about 100pounds due to the change in airline’s classes. May I add, in a rather hostile manner by 2 of their customer service officers. Wanting initially to report them 2 officers, I decided eventually to drop the matter due to the hassle and the fact that I have always been pleased with emirates. Anyways, I was told then that my ticket had been changed to a 1-year open ticket, meaning I would not be charged for further changes to my return date so long that it is within the 1-year period commencing from the 1st purchase of ticket. Calling back the 2nd time, I was told the penalty is now a total of about 180pounds, again due to a change of airline’s classes. Totally atrocious uh? I went ahead with whatever was said knowing from the 1st time experience that it is totally pointless arguing over the phone, I will only end up paying a bomb for my phone bill as well.

    Arriving in manchester airport on june 2nd, 2017 and while making the penalty charges, I was then told by their officer that I could have avoided the additional 80pounds charges if I had booked a return flight that have the same class I had initially. It's a joke that this advice offered when I called their customer service?? Does emirates expect all their passengers to be well versed with airlines’ term of classes and not?

    Flight was delayed flying from manchester to dubai, causing a mad rush to my next connecting flight flying dubai to singapore. Happily waiting for my luggage in changi airport, I was relieved that my ordeal is finally over knowing little of the next coming episode. My luggage went missing! Upon verification with the helpful changi airport’s officers, I was advised that my luggage was still in dubai awaiting the next flight over to singapore. Reason? The delay of flight from manchester to dubai. My fault??

    10 days after my flight, I had yet to receive any letter or phone call from emirates offering any apology for what had happened. I have to say I am utterly disappointed and livid.

    I expect emirates to work with me to obtain a satisfactory resolution. Specially:
    1) justify the hostile and unprofessional attitude of their customer service officers in the uk’s call centre & ndash; march 2017.
    2) justify the lack of explanation from their customer service officer in the uk’s call centre to customer & ndash; may 2017 leading to a higher charges for the penalty.
    3) the delayed luggage, which carries important documents causing an important meeting with my bosses the day after to be postponed.
    4) the condition of my luggage & ndash; 1 wheel broken, side-handle missing, upper-puller broken and scratches on both sides of luggage.

    Finally, I want to say this situation was a dramatic letdown from the superlative service that I usually receive from emirates.

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  • Vu
    vusumzi yawa Apr 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i think emirates airline must intervene in the waytheir customers are being treated by dubai immigration officers.i was travelling from south africa to united kingdom via dubai through emirates airline.i was asked questions about my visit to uk which i did n't mind because it was their duty as immigration officers. what upset me was to go further when it was clear in passport that i've got aleave to remain in england and it was clear on the passport that i was in uk 3weeks ago, i was travelling with my wife and 3 year old boy who is british citizen because of my leave to remain status. despite that clear information they further asked employment photographic cards and uk driving licence-this was a suprise as i did n't know that when going abroad i must carry all of this and further more i've travelled via a lot of airports in my 8 year stay in england and i was not put in such a situation . iwas not travelling to united arab emirates which i would expert.this did n't happen in newcastle which i would expert and had never happened before.the same thing happen to a fellow south african who was travelling to uk on the same flight and to my sister today .what we noticed is that, all other nationals were free to go, it was the black foreigh nationals stopped, is this airport starting to be racist.
    if emirates airline is not interfering, this will have an effect on their customers travelling on their airline, as from now i don't think i'll ever go via that airport where certain individuals are treated as terrorist because of the colour of their skin and country of origin.

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  • Pa
    Pat Wilkinson Apr 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Having believed that Emirates was an airline with excellent service; we booked a return flight to Bangkok via Dubai.
    On the outward flight my special dietary meal was not available. The steward promised to return after the meal to fill in the missing form. An hour and a half later I had to go and find him. (Chatting to a stewardess). The service throughout was slipshod, eg: dirty trays left for much longer than any other airline I've experienced; the steward/esses chatting and ignoring repeated calls from travelers.

    On the return flight; I got my special meal half an hour before my husband; which was perhaps unavoidable. However, after I had finished I sat with a dirty tray in front of me for a full two hours and fifteen minutes. Useful if you want to trap customers whilst you serve tea and coffee! In the end several people in aisle seats began to take their trays back. Who can blame them? I had cramp and backache from my inability to move; I needed the toilet and, consequently had my worst flight experience ever. Pinning customers in in such a manner, on a long flight isn't just inconsiderate; it's downright cruel and potentially dangerous when one is unable to move one's legs for such a stretch of time.

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