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don't trust them

I tried to get a loan from eloan and was asked to send them money for a security deposit for the money to be sent
They told me once I send them six hundred dollars I would get the money the same day money gram so I sent them the money
After I sent the money he told me I had to pay two hundred more dollars for insurance fee and the paper work was ready to go
I sent the money and they told me I had to send them another ten percent of the five thousand dollar loan
I asked him to email me the contract and he hung up on me so when I called back no one would answer the phone the man name was Dave and another guy name mark don't trust eloan
The number he used was [protected]

got sent an email for info

So I applied for a loan through credit karma and I get an email from eloan saying that I was rejected and that they will charge me a modest fee if I don't call them. I never applied for a eloan and don't know how they got my name. I sent an email back and told them that I would call the credit agencies and get a copy of my credit report and that's when I got an email back saying I needed to call them they need more info.

loan scam eloan

My experience with eloan was similar. I told them I felt uncomfortable and needed loan documents in writing which were sent to me via email. They looked very simple without all of the legal details and small print you find in most finance documents. When he started speaking about about a deposit and then me repaying the loan via Walmart to raise my credit score I knew then it was pretty abnormal and told him I didn't feel comfortable moving forward that I would do some research and get back to them. I never provided my bank details. My gut feeling as badly as I wanted it to be legit was that it was a scam. Clearly it was.

online loan

[protected] or [protected] scam artist asking for money with hopes of getting at least 200.00 from you to receive the money you so desperately need. Easy Cash loan don't listen to Amy extension 008 she's a liar. These people are getting rich off of people who are in need. They called me and said I could get up to 10, 000. Then ask me to send $50 Ebay gift card and a $150 Ebay gift card without sending me one piece of paper work. So I told them no and they gave me a song and dance about paying my fees for using Western Union for my money.


I made a personal loan of R8000 in February this year.. long story short i made 3 payments before our company closed down. 3 months later i started a new job, and i called the call center on day one, only for debit orders to go off like there is no tomorrow. every cent that goes into my account gets taken. Last Month half of my salary. This month twice in 10 minutes. I Also have mouths to feed and school fees to pay. Capitec really have no mercy...

personal loan

Applied for loan. Kept asking to resubmit documents. Confirmed receipt & copies good. Received request three times. Was then told a decision would be made. Instead application expired (7days) yet it was there doing. Both clerk & supervisor repeats the same lines over & over. Was refused a manage. Advise to reapply since they had all documents. Waited six days. Called & advised not done yet. Request manager. Supervisor came on & repeated same lines. Waited 10 minutes & no manager. Five minutes after hanging up received email declining loan...
My score is almost perfect, no late payments. Excellent review to provide
a loan. There reasons were completely bogus.

"Do not believe the reviews."
July 23 applied for loan. 25, 26, 27 keep re asking for documents.
August 6, reapplied for loan.
August 12 requested update & was told not done.
After hanging up was immediately denied.

Since Experian is the one who endorsed this company which is why I had applied. I have filed a formal complaint with Experian with this disaster.

expired application scam and untrustworthy reps

I applied for a loan on on 7/29/19. I provided my paycheck stubs and all of the requested information (including banking information). On 8/1/19, I received an email stating that a phone call was required. I returned the call at 9:53AM EST on the same day and provided the Eloan representative on the phone with an alternate number for my work place (which they say was the reason for the holdup). On 8/3/19, I received another email from Eloan saying there was an 'Action Required'. I called back at approximately 11:14AM EST and spoke to an Eloan rep on the phone who told me that this email was "probably automated and there was no action required'. She also informed me that there was no other information needed at the time. On 8/7/19, I received an email from Eloan saying that my loan application has expired because I did not provide the additional information that was requested. Supposedly they have tried to reach my employer for 7 days. We are a small office and it was confirmed that no one had called from Eloan. I refuse to believe that I am at fault in this matter. I have returned calls each time but the final time, I was lied to by the rep or she provided me with inaccurate information. Today, I was told that I would need to reapply for the loan again and restart the process. There is a hard pull on my credit and I feel like my info might be compromised due to this sketchy company recommended by Credit Karma. Stay FAR away from this company!!!


I am currently receiving texts from a Thomas Cook claiming to be a loan officer and to call him and I can get an unsecured loan for up to 7000 dollars. Plus I can get help with clearing my credit. When I didn't respond he said I would be charged 450 dollars and if it is not in my account then my would be overdraft. When I said I haven't accepted a loan. He yes you did and I said no I didn't. He said


"Jack Rogers" was the one working with us. He said we were approved for a loan for $3000. First they were going to deposit $957.00 into our account, we then had to go to WalMart and buy 2 gift cards that equaled $800 for the insurance. He also said we could go to CVS, Walgreens, or Target. He was very adamant that we did this and as soon as we got the gift cards to call him from the parking lot, so they could deposit the rest of the money. This is a scam for sure!!! I kept questioning him as to why we needed a Walmart gift card to pay "insurance" and he could never give me a direct answer. There were a lot of misspelled words in the emails and texts too. I would think a legit company would be more professional. Don't fall for this! We almost did.


i was told by a john wilson/john smith that i was approved for 7000 and 160 a month for 48 months. I made the mistake of giving them my online user name and banking information. they deposited 480.60 in my account and told me to send 480.60 back to them as a show of good faith. i called my bank a had them file a fraud charge and im in the process of changing my user name and password. He called this morning asking me if he could give me a 1500.00 loan. the number is [protected]

loan. application

I applied for a $5, 000 loan I was informed I would receive the loan but I would only receive $1, 000 first from the federal government in Bitcoins and then I was to send that thousand dollars back two alone okay this call was made at 4:30 p.m. on August 1st it was called from this number [protected]. Jason Williams. It is a possible scam.
Patricia Lewis .

$7200.00 loan

I recieved a phone call from this lady named robin and she told me that i had been approved for a $ 7200.00 Dollar loan and all i had do is take the money that they deposited into...

mark bell

Some guy named Mark Bell with a thick Indian accent told me I was approved for $7, 000 and only $222 to repay per month. Then he said he deposited $993.74 into my bank and I had to go to Mongram tomorrow and repay the amount. I called my bank and they saud it was a scam. I had to close my account. Don't repay any money through Moneygram! A real loan will have repayments each month or each payday.
Phone number he used:


Beware. Didn't make since that I needed to provide them with my banking login and password to obtain a loan. I questioned them since I work in finance, and know that all they need is my routing and account number in order to make a deposit. Jasmine (Asian speaking woman) had the nerves to try and muscle me. But luckily my spider senses kicked in, and I knew something was wrong. She ended up hanging up on me. IF IT SOUNDS TO EASY, IT PROBABLY IS.

busted a scam on me

Yes like I said The Eloans mad3 a scam on me I hate to say it but yeah I already spend and to be honest like over 1300 in this stupidity of me yo try to get this loan just to get back on my feet to paid of my truck I was behind 2 late payments now it's been 4 payments I'm afraid to get my truck taking away I owe people now I don't know what to do I'm seriously f...cking mad with this Indians and to be honest people this is the number that they have called me from so be aware of this guys area code [protected] so possible there names are Ami, jordan morris, sam so be careful I have more number oh and be careful with other calls that there saying that u been granted with 9, 000 dollars from usa government that too thats a lie

an "approval"from these folks... is it you?

Eloan Finance

Peter Black
1:54 PM (3 hours ago)
to me

Check the Attachment


Congratulations, Your loan application has been successfully approved. By Our Eloan Finance For $10000.00

[Approval Code : BJS1503]

In order to process your loan call us at [protected]

Peter Black
Chief Financial Officer
California Department of Business Oversight,
Direct Line:- [protected]

Store Hours :
Monday to Friday : 7am - 7pm
Saturday : 7am-1pm
®2018 Lending Club Company

This e-mail message from Peter Black is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain classified and privileged information. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and desolate all copies of the original message.

NOTE: Credit APPROVAL CODE mentioned in this email and in attached agreement is highly classified; therefore you are advised not to share it with anyone apart from our Finance officer available only on [protected] .

Notice: The federal Equal Credit Act prohibits creditors from discriminating against credit claimants on the basis of color, religion, national origin, gender, marital status, age (provided the claimant has the capacity to enter into a binding contract); because all or part of the claimant's income derives from any public assistance program; or because the claimant has in good faith exercised any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. The federal department that administers compliance with this law concerning this creditor is:

Federal Trade Commission
Equal Credit
Washington, DC 20580

loan offer

Just received a call from Anthony at [protected] claiming he was in Los Angeles with Eloans he had a very heavy Indian accent. He told me I was approved for a loan up to $10, 000 I would only have to pay it back for 60 months at $250 however he would need my login number to my bank account to make sure that it was a legitimate account They had scammers apply for loans, take the money and then close the accounts. While he was talking to me on the phone I pulled out my iPad and looked at all these scam reviews and I told Tony sure I want this loan and so I gave them a bogus login and password. I asking for loan documents which he emailed me very fraudulent looking documents. I told him I wanted an hour to think about this and that then I would give him my decision. This is a total scam! he also told me I would have they would send me $500 and that I have to cash it out and send it back to them!!! If you guys are this gullible you deserve to lose your money. They didn't get a dime of my money because I did my due diligence I suggest everyone else do too.

payment of loan never received

I applied for a loan in the amount of $2500.00 dollars, I spoke to a lady about the loan, her name was Marilyn Thompson, phone number was [protected], this was on April 2, 2019, she told me I would have to send 150 dollars for the application fee that would be returned back with the original loan amount of 2500 dollars. After about an hour another gentleman call me and said that the loan was approved, but I needed to send another $300.00 to insure that the loan would be paid back, which again would be paid back with the original loan, so far I gave them $450. 00 dollars to get a $2500.00 . His name was Jeff phone number [protected], about a hour later he called back and asked me send another $150.00 for some other fee for which I would again get back with the original loan. So as of this point I was out $600.00 dollars for a $2500.00 loan, about a hour later he said he would call me back and let me know when the loan be approved. a couple of days later another woman called me and said the loan was approved, but that my state would not release the funds because of the different state transfer fees, so I would have to come up with the transfer fees up front, so I would have to come up with $500.00 dollars ( that would be paid back with original loan )to pay for my state to release the funds, so I send her the fees, for the transfer fees, $500.00 dollars, about a hour later she said everything looked good to go and she would call me back when everything was good to go to transfer the funds to my account, the next day she ( Nicole phone number [protected] ) call and said everything was good to go, but I needed to pay half of the state taxes for the state of Illinois which was $400.00 half of $800.00 for the taxes, which would be paid back with original loan, so I sent the fees for the taxes, after a couple of days, after tapping all my money from my credit cards and savings accounts, When she called back she said that the time had lapsed and I would have to send another $450.00 dollars to get it reinstatement fee, so i sent the reinstatement fee, which would be paid back with the original loan. The next day she called and said everything was ready to go, so I waited for the funds to hit my account, which she said would a couple of hours, so i waited for 2 hours, then I called her back, and she said it could take until the following day. The next day I called and she told me there was another fee and I told her that I wanted to cancel my application and she said I would have to send her another $350.00 dollars to cancel my application, I am out about $ 2000.00 dollars for a $2500.00 loan, I don't know if this was a scam or just money laundering scam but I want everyone to know that this is not a real loan company. I would like to get my money back, I have all the cards that I sent to them over the phone, if you would like a copy of them I could send them too you.

Jeffrey Seidel

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    Did You receive my complaint


Received a call from Eloan Rep. Claiming that i was approved for $4000.00 loan. Was told that my monthly payment would be $125 a month for 36 months. Then I was told to go to Walmart buy a card for $125 and give them the number off the card. And I would get the $125 and the $4000 loan money deposited into my bank account. I didn't feel like this was an appropriate way to get a loan. That is why I'm reporting this.


I did a loan online and eloans called me back I did what they said when they told me I had to send them 150dollars thru a gift card and in 10 mins I would receive my money moneygram it didnt end there when I called the other number they gave to get the tracking numbers they wanted 350 dollars and when I asked for my money back he git nasty and told me the only way I would get it back is if I paid the 350dollars

eLoan Corporation — $5,000 loan. changed to a $6,000 loan that was never received

I was applying for a loan on the Internet an ELOAN Corporation reply to my request by telephone. Jeff Williams called me and started the process. This started on February 6 to...

eLoan Financialunsolicited approved loans

I rec'd a text from "Ashley Spector" (1.305.320.5168) stating: "Hi (insert my name). This is Ashley Spector from E-Loan Finance it a loan company. This regards to your loan application that has been approved for $5000. There is no processing fee or not hidden charges. So if you still looking for this loan just give us a call on [protected] Thanks Ashley Spector"

If you receive a text from eloan financial, call [protected] and report the communication. This company will not call nor text you for pre-approved/approved loans...


These people are trying to scam folks by taking there money and promising them a e-loan they will never get. They continue to call begging you to get a loan in an amount you didn't ask for but first they want you to give them money. This is total fraud! You never get the loan. They offered me a 2000 dollar loan and I said no I only need 500 dollars. They insisted on me taking 2000 dollars that I was approved for. — personal loan

Ugh! My fiance got sucked in for a $5000 unsecured personal loan scam. He paid in $5,900 in Google play cards. His so called 'approved loan' went from $5,000 to... — personal loans

So I applied on line they told me I could get a loan got my routing information and deposited a check in my account for 750.00 come to find out they deposited a fake check in my...

E-Loan — email I received

73045 Dena Williams number [protected] emailed me and mentioned I got approved for 2000 to 12000 dollars. I called and they mentioned I would have my loan in 24 hours after I sent last...

eLoan.compersonal loan

I was told I was approved for a 3000 loan and was asked to give my account number, routing number, ID and Password. I told them I was terribly uncomfortable with giving the information requested but reluctantly I did. Then they proceeded to tell me they would deposit a preliminary 600.00 which in turn I had to mail back to them before I would get the loan. That was the final indicator that this was a scam. I am scared to death they will get into my account. I have called the bank, changed my password and will close the account asap. Please stop these criminals !!! I am sick that I was so stupid! This is the number they called from was [protected]

scamming and fraud

I applied for a personal loan and was contacted by eloan. The guy said his name was David Jones, everything was smooth going and the money was deposited into our bank acct. We...

eLoan.compersonal loan

I was contacted by SHARON BROWN who had a Indian accent but that's fine. She said I was approved for 2000 paying back 92 a month which seemed fair. Verified all my information and said I would get my paperwork in the email to review. Again that is fine. Here is where I knew it was a scam. SHARON BROWN asked me if I use mobile banking and I said yes. To verify my account she asked for my login and password and asked how much money I had in the account. Yeah right, who would give that info. I called back and recorded the conversation so if anything happens to my account I can press criminal charges. The name and phone number of this scammer is SHARON BROWN [protected].

  • Sh
    Sheri Dickerson-Wright Feb 02, 2019

    I knew they were fraud as soon as they asked was I near a CVS, walmart, rite aide, general dollar store. The person talk too fast and insisted I call him back fast within 45min so they can deposit my money in my account. But first I had to give them $200. Why should I give money to get money? Sound fishy to me.

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eLoans — losns

Well today we where looking for a loan for a car when we ran in to eloans we thought it.was perfect for are family trying to get a car fast! Well after talking to them I thought...


Sooooo... I got the same phone call. I was told initally that they couldn't use my bank and to go open an account with another bank. Red flag #1. They gave me a list of banks to go to. They mentioned PNC. I told them my boyfriend had an account there. They then told me I could use his account to receive the money and they would deduct my monthly payment from my account. Red flag #2. So once they realized that the account given to them was a prepaid card they then told me they couldn't send the money but I could go buy a Google Play card and put $350 on it. They would get that money then send me $3000 plus the $350 I sent to them. So I played along with their game. I pretended to go to Wal-Mart like I was instructed bought the cards then googled Google Play cards and numbers to previously used cards came up. So I gave them the card numbers I googled. Of course the numbers weren't working for them so he put me on hold to speak with his supervisor after I gave the first guy 3 different numbers. Once the supervisor got on he asked for the number again I then gave him a whole new number by this time they were irritated with me and asked why I gave out different numbers. I in return asked why were they trying to scam me? They tried to explain this wasn't a scam and I was being recorded. I told them great because they were being recorded as well. Now they wanted to know what I had recorded. I told them not to worry the FBI would be getting a copy of this recording. Then they told me they were going to blacklist my name and red flag me and all types of crazy stuff. It was hilarious!!! Needless to say they hung up on me

  • Tl
    TLbr Sep 24, 2018

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! If more people would turn things around on these guys they’d come up with a new scam. I do the same thing when they call me, only not quite so far. YOU WERE AWESOME!!! Had me almost falling out of my chair laughing upon hearing what you did back at them. I will remember that and do it myself next time I get this call. I mean, they have called me so often that I can recognize the guy’s voice!!!

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they are scamming people

I applied for a loan and & was denied then got a call saying I was approved for 2, 000 then it went up to 3, 000 they emailed the paperwork over being desperate for money I went along with it sent all my info to them & signed the paperwork then after all that they gonna say I have to pay for insurance for the money but they gonna deposit it into my bank & I have to pay them back thru a card or something but I never made it that night but something wasn't right the next day my bank alerted me about some fraudulent activity in my account& I called to see what was going on & they said my bank was lying & I shouldn't trust them & then they hung up on me & now they not answering & I keep calling

eLoan Financeloan company

This is the text message I recieve from them after telling them I wasnt interested... They figured I didn't have a bank account. When the phone ring... Unprofessional the make answered the phone and said hello.. When I told him what it was about he cleared his throat to try change how he was speaking. I told him I was unable to hear him he said well i'm not going to tell you again so listen... Ha ha ha

S c a m

loan company

payday loan scam

Sent them $450.00 worth of prepaid cards for loan approval then they asked for $300.00 more for wire transfer and at that time I figured it was a scam a little to late and told...


I applied for a loan on the basis of bad credit and received a call from a Mr. Peter Mattson of ELAON who offered a path to borrow. Mr. Mattson said that my FICO score had to...

eLoan Financepersonal loan

I applied on line for a loan, I was contacted by Amy Blue saying I was approved for 5000 dollar loan, they deposited a fake 981 dollar check into my account and told me I had to withdraw the funds and money gram them back to them to insure the ach was activated on my checking account, I was at work at the time and they kept calling saying it had to be done immediatly or their accounting department was going to withdraw the funds and cancel my application. They would not give me the moneygram information till I was at the location, I told them I was at work and could not leave to do it so just forget it and take the money back. The next day my bank called saying that it was a fake real estate check that was deposited into my account, if I had of done what they insisted on I would have been negative 981 dollars. They had all My personal information, a copy of my ID and social security card. I had to close my account, open a new one. File a complaint with the federal trade commission, and place fraud alerts on all my personal information. What a nightmare! Crooks do not deal with them, they call from New York claiming to be ELoan Finance simply radical.

  • Be
    beckylou Aug 08, 2018

    I was approved for a loan from Eloan In July 2018 for $10, 000 and to this day 8/8/2018 still waiting on the loan. They would call me to check my account I would have a couple of hundreds that would be in there but I have to withdrawal and pay them back with google cards. Now that I checked my account it states police hold for 602.00.The company that the checks came from was Tres Habaneros woodland ltd 10333 Richmond ave suite 210 Houston tx 77042 and one was from Northwest label and design 3225 20th ave w Seattle, Washington 98199 phone number 206-282-5568 and the last one was Bank of America 1400 American blvd NJ08534.Everytime I call they tell me the money will be in my account in a few hours so please if you get a call from 1-805-810-5951 from David Miller, Mike Wilson, John cooper, Daniel lewis it is not a loan place don't give them any information

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eLoan Finance — short term loan

613277 I was looking for a short term loan to catch up on my bills. I was contacted by company stating even though my credit score was poor, they would work with me. They deposited...


They contacted me about a loan seem to be legit, my bank closed out my account and treated me like the criminal. They sent me a check that was deposited by mobile. It was a check from social security and it was a fraudulent check with my partial name on it. Really I can't believe that people would stoop this low. Taking advantage of people who are trying to free themselves of debt.


I was looking for a loan and was called and offered a loan for $10, 0000 . I was told I would only have to pay back 10% and would have 60 months to pay. They sent me an e-mail to...

eLoanCash — 5,000 thousand dollar loan

Adam Smith & Alex. told me that I was approved for a loan of 5.000 dollars. then the told me I needed to buy ITUNES cards of 100 & 50. then another 150, said the paid a bill of...