eLoan Complaints & Reviews

eLoan / mark bell

Jun 27, 2019

Some guy named Mark Bell with a thick Indian accent told me I was approved for $7, 000 and only $222 to repay per month. Then he said he deposited $993.74 into my bank and I had to go to Mongram tomorrow and repay the amount. I called my bank and they saud it was a scam. I had to close my...

eLoan / scam

Jun 27, 2019

Beware. Didn't make since that I needed to provide them with my banking login and password to obtain a loan. I questioned them since I work in finance, and know that all they need is my routing and account number in order to make a deposit. Jasmine (Asian speaking woman) had the nerves to...

eLoan / busted a scam on me

Jun 12, 2019

Yes like I said The Eloans mad3 a scam on me I hate to say it but yeah I already spend and to be honest like over 1300 in this stupidity of me yo try to get this loan just to get back on my feet to paid of my truck I was behind 2 late payments now it's been 4 payments I'm afraid...

eLoan / an "approval"from these folks... is it you?

Jun 03, 2019

Eloan Finance Inbox x Peter Black Attachments 1:54 PM (3 hours ago) to me Check the Attachment Hello, Congratulations, Your loan application has been successfully approved. By Our Eloan Finance For $10000.00 [Approval Code : BJS1503] In order to process your loan call us at (818...

eLoan / loan offer

May 15, 2019

Just received a call from Anthony at 323-454-0345 claiming he was in Los Angeles with Eloans he had a very heavy Indian accent. He told me I was approved for a loan up to $10, 000 I would only have to pay it back for 60 months at $250 however he would need my login number to my bank...

eLoan / payment of loan never received

Apr 16, 2019

I applied for a loan in the amount of $2500.00 dollars, I spoke to a lady about the loan, her name was Marilyn Thompson, phone number was 209-215-3388, this was on April 2, 2019, she told me I would have to send 150 dollars for the application fee that would be returned back with the...

eLoan / loan

Apr 13, 2019

Received a call from Eloan Rep. Claiming that i was approved for $4000.00 loan. Was told that my monthly payment would be $125 a month for 36 months. Then I was told to go to Walmart buy a card for $125 and give them the number off the card. And I would get the $125 and the $4000 loan...

eLoans / complaint

Apr 12, 2019

I did a loan online and eloans called me back I did what they said when they told me I had to send them 150dollars thru a gift card and in 10 mins I would receive my money moneygram it didnt end there when I called the other number they gave to get the tracking numbers they wanted 350...

eLoan Corporation / $5,000 loan. changed to a $6,000 loan that was never received

Feb 20, 2019

I was applying for a loan on the Internet an ELOAN Corporation reply to my request by telephone. Jeff Williams called me and started the process. This started on February 6 to this date February 20 2019 I still have not received the loan yet they have taken $300 from me First they wanted...

eLoan Financial / unsolicited approved loans

Feb 15, 2019

I rec'd a text from "Ashley Spector" (1.305.320.5168) stating: "Hi (insert my name). This is Ashley Spector from E-Loan Finance it a loan company. This regards to your loan application that has been approved for $5000. There is no processing fee or not hidden charges. So...

E-Loan / loan

Feb 02, 2019

These people are trying to scam folks by taking there money and promising them a e-loan they will never get. They continue to call begging you to get a loan in an amount you didn't ask for but first they want you to give them money. This is total fraud! You never get the loan. They offered... / personal loan

Jan 17, 2019

Ugh! My fiance got sucked in for a $5000 unsecured personal loan scam. He paid in $5,900 in Google play cards. His so called 'approved loan' went from $5,000 to $10,100.00. And to cancel and get his money back we had to pay in another $650! We told the lady no she laughed and... / personal loans

Dec 18, 2018

So I applied on line they told me I could get a loan got my routing information and deposited a check in my account for 750.00 come to find out they deposited a fake check in my account. Witch cause my bank to close my account. My bank thinks that I am doing fraudulent activity I had no...

E-Loan / email I received

Oct 22, 2018

Dena Williams number 4434388937 emailed me and mentioned I got approved for 2000 to 12000 dollars. I called and they mentioned I would have my loan in 24 hours after I sent last pay stub my, state ID, and 30 day bank statement. I want to know is this a scam so I screenshot the email and... / personal loan

Sep 18, 2018

I was told I was approved for a 3000 loan and was asked to give my account number, routing number, ID and Password. I told them I was terribly uncomfortable with giving the information requested but reluctantly I did. Then they proceeded to tell me they would deposit a preliminary 600.00...

eLoan / scamming and fraud

Sep 13, 2018

I applied for a personal loan and was contacted by eloan. The guy said his name was David Jones, everything was smooth going and the money was deposited into our bank acct. We woke up the next day and our bank acct was overdrawn even more then what the loan was suppose to be for. I emailed... / personal loan

Aug 29, 2018

I was contacted by SHARON BROWN who had a Indian accent but that's fine. She said I was approved for 2000 paying back 92 a month which seemed fair. Verified all my information and said I would get my paperwork in the email to review. Again that is fine. Here is where I knew it was a scam...

eLoans / losns

Aug 23, 2018

Well today we where looking for a loan for a car when we ran in to eloans we thought it.was perfect for are family trying to get a car fast! Well after talking to them I thought everything they where telling me was decent then they start asking me to buy gift cards "buy $100 Google play...

eLoan / loan

Aug 20, 2018

Sooooo... I got the same phone call. I was told initally that they couldn't use my bank and to go open an account with another bank. Red flag #1. They gave me a list of banks to go to. They mentioned PNC. I told them my boyfriend had an account there. They then told me I could use hi...

eLoan / they are scamming people

Aug 08, 2018

I applied for a loan and & was denied then got a call saying I was approved for 2, 000 then it went up to 3, 000 they emailed the paperwork over being desperate for money I went along with it sent all my info to them & signed the paperwork then after all that they gonna say I have to pay...

eLoan Finance / loan company

Aug 06, 2018

This is the text message I recieve from them after telling them I wasnt interested... They figured I didn't have a bank account. When the phone ring... Unprofessional the make answered the phone and said hello.. When I told him what it was about he cleared his throat to try change how he...

eLoan / payday loan scam

May 02, 2018

Sent them $450.00 worth of prepaid cards for loan approval then they asked for $300.00 more for wire transfer and at that time I figured it was a scam a little to late and told them that I was no longer interested. Now they are asking for a 100.00 cancellation fee to get my money back when...

eLoan / loan

Apr 23, 2018

I applied for a loan on the basis of bad credit and received a call from a Mr. Peter Mattson of ELAON who offered a path to borrow. Mr. Mattson said that my FICO score had to improve by 60 points in order to provide the loan which was for $5000. He suggested that ELOAN would advance me...

eLoan Finance / personal loan

Dec 28, 2017

I applied on line for a loan, I was contacted by Amy Blue saying I was approved for 5000 dollar loan, they deposited a fake 981 dollar check into my account and told me I had to withdraw the funds and money gram them back to them to insure the ach was activated on my checking account, I...

eLoan Finance / short term loan

Nov 11, 2017

I was looking for a short term loan to catch up on my bills. I was contacted by company stating even though my credit score was poor, they would work with me. They deposited $1359.89 into my account & then took it out after I purchased itune gift cards x5 totaling $100.00 each. As soon a...

eLoan / scam

Oct 14, 2017

They contacted me about a loan seem to be legit, my bank closed out my account and treated me like the criminal. They sent me a check that was deposited by mobile. It was a check from social security and it was a fraudulent check with my partial name on it. Really I can't believe that...

eLoan / loan

Sep 07, 2017

I was looking for a loan and was called and offered a loan for $10, 0000 . I was told I would only have to pay back 10% and would have 60 months to pay. They sent me an e-mail to get to a site to fill out paperwork. I could not get to that site. I called them back and after I could not get...

eLoanCash / 5,000 thousand dollar loan

Aug 24, 2017

Adam Smith & Alex. told me that I was approved for a loan of 5.000 dollars. then the told me I needed to buy ITUNES cards of 100 & 50. then another 150, said the paid a bill of mine to help me, The scammed me out of $300 and I never got the loan. then the said if I pay 100 more the would...

E-Loan / certificate of deposit

Mar 22, 2017

A total rip off avoid at all cost. In 2016 I tried to open a CD account with them, but because their website was so cumbersome, I decided not to go through with it, they kept sending me emails that please verify the amount of the test deposits so that they can establish the account, which I...

eLoan / personal loan

Nov 08, 2016

I asked for a 5000 loan then a CEO came on and said he would send me 15000 if I send him 600 I have already paid 2700 in . That's a scam. I have sent iTunes cards, cash and they want more money. This company needs to be shut down for roping off people . They lie to you. They talked ugly to... / scam??

Oct 10, 2016

Can anyone tell me what the phone number you recieved when doing the loan.I just got a email saying i was approved for 5000 and payments of 125.00 im not going to do it but this scam sh-- needs to stop.I caught another company doing that.They said i had to send them 250 depisit on a itune... / ripoff

Sep 23, 2016

This man kept calling me name Eric from Eloans from an Illinois number 1-779-200-6977 and said I was approved for a $3000.00 loan they had me buying $50.00 iTunes card. I think I gave these people my account number. I can be reached at: 601-566-8440.

E-Loan Services / fraud

Sep 26, 2014

E-Loan Services; are crooks! Dishonest, disrespectful, and argumentative. I was taken to the clears for $254.00 for funds verification and $275.00 for an insurance policy. Was told by a Mr. Morrison that the loan was complete, then a Mr. Rick Hamilton guaranteed the loan wa...

eLoan of CA / non delivery of loan

Aug 16, 2014

This company did not transfer my loan to me after complying with them. They charged me for half of monthly loan, $100 processing fee, western union fee of $218 twice because no one called me to verify name so error was made. The manager, Alex Pitt appeaced the situation by adding $218 to...

eLoans of CA / non delivery of loan

Aug 16, 2014

This comit will not go through.any did not transfer the loan amount to me. I have been working with for 3 Days and after every time I complied they c'll eft the office without telling me that Iome up with new charges. First to show that I can pay I was ask to pay half of monthly loan...

eLoan / scam

Jun 04, 2014

On June 4, 2014 a representative of a company named e-loan contacted me to state that I was approved for a loan of up to $5000.00 dollars they asked how did I want to receive that through my credit card, bank account all I had to do was simply provide them with my credit card number or... / loan scam and fraud

May 14, 2014

The company got me for about 125, then 278.69, then for 278.59. They then went after another 500 when I stopped. This is how it all went down as I thought at 1st all this is legitimate, but it isn't just all a Scam and Fraudulent. Not sure how I managed to get involved in this but all...

E-Loan / scamming money

May 07, 2014

Had gone online to secure a loan. Was called by a person representing E-Loan. Approved a personal load up to $3000. Explained the payment terms which was reasonable. Then they told me that I would have to send them $184.00 which would be proof that I had that amount of money. Told me to... / payday loan

Jan 29, 2014

On january 28, 2014, i was called by elaon agent james brown (With an indian accent) saying i was approved for a personal loan of 2000$ which i could pay in 3 years. Since i have been applying for a loan several companies have been calling me. This time this supposedly mr. Brown told me i... / loan fraud

Nov 26, 2013

well they got me and I am trying to get ahold of the fbi I have already talked to the ftc and the fdic they are looking into it. I thought it was cool I sent them $830 to get a $10, 000 loan and then they told me to send another $300 for a processing fee. I told them that I am not sending...