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well they got me and I am trying to get ahold of the fbi I have already talked to the ftc and the fdic they are looking into it. I thought it was cool I sent them $830 to get a $10, 000 loan and then they told me to send another $300 for a processing fee. I told them that I am not sending them any more money and they told me that they would cancel the loan and send the money back but they are going to take $900 and something out of my account for a cancelation fee. They already had my checking account info from the real eloan web site. I called the security line that was on the real site and they just said sorry you have been scammed. There where 2 numbers that called me the first one was [protected] that # is from Florida and the second was [protected] and that # is from Jamaica. I have done some searching and am coming close to finding an address so if I find it I will post it and tell the authorities. Yeah they got me so hopefully this can be resolved cause these hackers and scammers are getting a lot of people!!! Guess everyone has to learn the hard way!!!


  • Li
    lisa3397 Apr 09, 2014

    They got me as well. I hope you find them. I sent 157.00, people are getting ripped off. The said if I sent them 120.00 they would give it all back., Thank god I didn't send more. I would love to get a hold of them. Show that the USA. Wont put up with there crap !!! Please let me know when you find them.

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  • Ja
    James E Boyd Apr 30, 2014

    They told me if I paid 185.00 that I could get up to 5000.00
    A month and I pay 185.00 monthly to continue receiving the $5000.00 a month instead they took my 185.00 and said I wasn't qualified I want my money back

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  • Do
    Don Tarr Apr 30, 2014

    PEOPLE! LISTEN! No legitimate lender demands that you pay in advance for a loan! If there are fees involved, they are added to the face value of the loan. Any lender who demands money first for a loan is going to rob you.

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  • Tt
    tt dog Jun 02, 2014

    I hate to say it, but I just get scam by one of them and I hope you find the n
    umber. Is there a way to get your money back? If so please let me know

    Thanks one of the victims

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  • Tt
    tt dog Jun 02, 2014

    Can you sue these guys? If so I need to go ahead and do it
    .I want to squeeze every dollar out of these ###!

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  • Ly
    Ly dense Hill Nov 05, 2014

    I just got had and it's my own fault. ..210.00 and they said I was qualified then they wanted me to send and 245.00. It a hard pill but I have been scam and broke.

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  • Ke
    kelly cruz Dec 03, 2014

    I dont feel so bad knowing im not the only one. They got me for 440. I have filed coplains with everyone i can think of. Any suggestions on wgat to do now. Also so far the phone number is still working so every couple ofvhours and i called it and when they the dude answer i remind him of who i am, where i live my age, thr amount of money thry stole. I tell him the bills i csnt pay because of him snd how much of s thief hr is. I never use cuss word. I called a couple hrs sgo and surprisingly enough he let me go on for a good 20 min. I dont thino it will ever happen but i told him whenthey put the cuffs 8n him to think of thr 50 yrs old with the 2 granddaughters with no money cause he stole it had something to do with his cuffs. It kinda feels good to beable to have told him just what he did to my life at the moment. I suggest if it is possible call the number and tell thej just what you think . Try it you'll like it...

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  • Ch
    Chad Sheppard Mar 07, 2015

    I see I'm not the only person that was tricked by so called eloan. They sent me an email saying that I was approved for a $2, 000 loan. I put $109 for a holding fee and $229 for the first payment and $189 for western union. They saying that I needed another $189 for western union and I said straight up I'm not sending them no more money. Now I'm late with my rent payment and I'm very livid about eloan. Hope they totally get sued over this fraud and refund the victims in this scam their hard earned money back. I paid them like $527 and could've used that for groceries. I tried to cancel my application and asked them for my money back and they said I'm not getting a dime back. I told them go f... yourselves and hung up. Do not use eloan everyone. Worst ever and total douche bags.

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  • St
    stacey gould Apr 07, 2015

    eloan is afraud filing coplaint with consumer services to get money back

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  • 24
    2448 Jun 26, 2016

    I have also been scammed. Has any body found them or have any luck getting their money back? I would love to see them go to jail. I have talked to Mark Steyn, you would think if we put all of our information we should be able to find them!

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  • Sp
    Spankysmama Feb 14, 2017

    So eloan sent me money to my account and wants me to send it back I am freaking out because I'm thinking that you know now I'm on money laundry can somebody please help me let me know what I should do

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  • El
    Elinor M. Reynolds Jul 29, 2017

    209-626-1366 called me. Linda Smith or Richard Alvin

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  • Li
    Lil- Bo Aug 01, 2017

    I applied for a $ 3000 dollar loan and they sent me $ 500 dollars to my account and now my account is over drown by $ 145 dollars.

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  • Sh
    Shawn Washington Jun 07, 2018

    I was just notified via text message from them. their phone number is 3176412034 and when they asked me for my banking info I immediately asked them for the documents that I needed to sign and they have never responded back.

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