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Complaints & Reviews

Loan is taking forever to pay off

Bought a 2012 avenger almost 5 years ago and the total doesn't seem to be going down. I been paying...

over charge on monthly fees

I bought my SUV about 3 years ago, I have a extra 400 dollars added on that I never saw until I tried to do a payment arrangement. But according to santander when I told them thAt the amount wasn't correct; I've never knew about that money.I was told thAt the monies can be added to the balance of the loan and I can pay it later. One minute I check my payment history it's says I'm current, I check it the next minute, I'm passed due.I'm just so over this rip off of a bank financial company. They need to be stopped

auto loan interest payment ripoff

I purchased a car with Santander in 2013. I just received notice from my credit monitoring that I had paid 40% of my car off this Jan in 2020. I have paid $36, 000 on this car since 2013 on a $24, 000 car with $13, 000 more to go by maturity date in August 2020. Wow is all I can say. Yes when I got the loan I didn't have the best credit but now I do so not coming up with the money to pay off is not an option. Any class action lawsuit I'm on board!!!

car loan

My husband and I bought a car may 2013. We borrowed 26, 000 loan has matured and we still owe almost 16, 000. It should be illegal for this company to be in business. I understand my credit was poor and I was going to pay a higher interest rate. It was never explained to me that this was a sub prime loan or what that meant. Please help me and all the other victims of this company.

car loan

I began business late sept 2016. Since then the car was repocessed 2 times. First time due miscommunication via dealership. Called in october of 2018 for a deferment due to being laid off and was denied. Needless to say I was offended employment last week and car was taken. I was denied the ability to retrieve my vehicle after being told that I had to wait for a manager approval to get the car. I have one year left in the loan without an option to get the car back

2011 nissan altima

Car was stolen. Told them that wherever they found the car I wasnt notified that it was found therefore the car was repossessed without notification. I was mislead over the phone to finding my car. Car was repossessed unfairly now it's on my credit reports. I'm disputing as much as possible to get it removed from all of my credit reports. Contacted them recently about car to see if they would remove it from my reports.


To whom this may concern,
I Valeria Randle, am making a complaint against this loan company. My husband Eric Randle, is a Florida State officer. My husband has been out of work due to a back injury. My husband is a public servant and a protector. My husband has gotten behind on his car note due to his back injury. He has made contact with this company's customer service associates. The associates that he has talked with concerning his situation has fail to make note in the computer according to Mario . Mario is a manager and was very rude to my husband and myself. We were attempting to talk to a supervisor in hope to find out how we can get my husband's work car back. This company wants to keep my husband's ar for less than 2, 000. I tried to explaint to Mario that The money has become available and we ar able to pay the car note up. He was nasty and talked to me like I was trash. I found that very offensive for any bussiness. He didn't and wouldn't let us speak to anyone higher than him.I would think this company would try to resolve the issue by letting my husband work out some type of plan to get his car back. After all the car has some issues but we were in the process of having the car fix.
My husband also have all his documentation from the doctors that he's out of work on medical leave.
I may be emailed back at [protected]

auto loan, interest fees, no movement on principal, fees for no reason.

I purchased a car in 2013. It was a used 2006 Toyota Corolla for 10k. For 4 years i made payments of over 9800 on that loan with Santander and it on took 1900 off the principal. It should be illegal the way they take people's money. They are stating that I still owe 7663. Can someone please explain how???!!! This company should be shut down. I am one complaint out of millions and they are being sued left and right. I really need help breaking free from these vultures.

harassment... fraudulent activity from car lot

I received a car loan from santander back in 2013... I was paying 648 a month for a 2013 dodge challenger... and I filed bankrupt in 2019 and I was still owing santander around 25000... when I got the car loan back in 2013... the car lot was doing fraudulent activites... I didn't have license... and I didnt have a down payment... and they used my impala as a down payment without actually getting the car... I tried later to contact the car lot... turns down they had shut down... the name of the place was canton auto park in canton mississippi

auto finance

I am in complete disgust with this company. I have been with this company since April 2015. We are now on 01/07/2020 and my auto loan is still at $14, 600. I have mad a total payment of $14, 036, starting with a loan of $19, 528. How is it that I still owe $14, 600 still after 4 years and 9 months into the loan. I would like answers and help with this situation. I see I am not the only one going through this. I need help!!!

auto loan.

I purchased and had a car financed by Santander. These people are horrible. I mad payments mainly on time. They tripled our financing charges. Added late payments when there was none . Marked we had missed payments when we did not I had wired the money and had proof. They gave me 45 days to pay off the car. I was tryin to do so they came way before the 45 days. Repossessed the vehicle sold it at auction for 3k and are trying to sue me for the remaining 11k on the vehicle. So now I have no car, they are trying to sue me and have ruined my credit. I need some help please. I have always paid off every car I have ever had financed but even with making your payments on time the balance never went down. It's disheartening and I see so many complaints they should seriously have to close their company what they are doing to hard working people just is not right.

santander bank

This company need to be stop they take advantage of people I made my payment on time and also try pay as much to principal to pay loan sooner when I check the total that was left I seen I paid more interest then in principal I call they said they charge daily intress this just make me mad hope we can sing to be part of a lawsuit against this unfair company

I got repossessed after 4 months said santander representing

I had a 2013 Ford Explorer and I paid 5, 000 Down with a trade in and 468 per month. The first year the truck was fine after that I stay having problems left and right with this truck. No good warranty so everything out of pocket and not one thing was a easy fix for my first truck ever financing. When getting the truck there was 88, 000 miles on it from the first owner and I feel that truck was way pass due on maintenance before I receive it. My second vehicle in my lifetime and the problem was one after another getting higher a higher. Every other month there was a problem with this truck and I contacted them letting them know the problems and setting up date to pay my loan. After awhile going back and forth with them about it I wanna to throw in the towel and be done with I never did. There was times I asked to push some months behind cause the problems and money amount was outrageous. The Santander Operators never really care how they talk to you when it come to the loans till they harass you calling every day all day. Which made ask the to not call me on a every day base and it was not like I was not working to better myself with fixing on a car and paying my monthly note. Now that the truck is gone that is messed up how my credit score is extremely low for a truck that was never in a good conditions. That was the whole point of getting a newer vehicle and getting a better credit score. At the time of getting this truck it was only 10, 000 dollars cash and when Financing it became 16, 000 truck with over 2, 000 plus of problems to keep it fix. I really needed help with this situation if so can some give me a call at [protected]

car loan

Santander continue to send letters in the mail stating that I'm behind on my bill I paid $900, in September over, $400 October and no member theg seng me letter stating that I'm behind o et $800. I will be suing. I eat t to know who are the proper people I need to talk regarding my account. The last person there was extremely rude I had to tell her to show some professionalism when speaking to me.

auto loan

Purchased a 2014 Nissan Versace Note in 2014 through Michael Jordan Nissan in Durham NC. Lost my...

auto loan

Santander is reaging the delinquency date on a charge off on my account causing my credit to continuously drop by several points. The account was charged off on 08/2014 and had been reporting as a charge off each month since then. I was in the middle of a mortgage and they changed the charged off date to 10/19 and now my credit is showing a new delinquency. My credit score dropped by over 30 points and now I am being denied my mortgage. I need assistance And to fight them for these inaccuracies. The credit bureaus will not update the correct info either.

auto loan

I co-signed as I was told for my daughter turns out my name is on the loan first. She has been making payments since 2014 and her her principal hasn't hardly budged. They have made harassing phone calls and have discussed my personal finances with her fiancé which is illegal. How can I join the class action lawsuit?? 5 years of payments on a used car and principal hasn't budged this has to be more then the percentage were were told at the dealership. I don't understand how Santander is even still in business!! It's disgusting how they treat their customers!!

auto loan and bad malpractice

Santander Consumer USA, has been harassing myself and my wife all hours of the day. Charged off my account and continued to expect me to pay them with a charge off. I could not even trade the vehicle in if I wanted to I want to get from under Santander so badly. They do not care about their customers life events. They repossessed my vehicle back in 2017 and had the company take the truck to Florida. The company ensured me that they would bring the vehicle back to me and that was not the case I had to pay 500.00 dollars to get myself back down to Florida during the mandatory evacuation to get my vehicle and drive up to North Carolina. Santander's mission statement does not depict the company. I have personally told them that they have a bad business practice. I can not even speak to the office of the president any longer.

santander auto loan

From the beginning things with Santander were bad. The harassing phone calls to switching the names on the loan. My father cosigned with me being the applicant getting the loan. I got an outrageous interest rate, but I needed the car. 6 months after receiving my car they would call asking for my father, in would reply that I'm the loan holder and asked how could in help. They would then hang up. I got behind because I had surgery and made arrangements with them for repaying the behind and the current. I just got back to work and called them and I couldn't even get anyone on the phone a it would ring and then hang up. I had to three way call them with my dad's phone so I could speak to someone. They repeated called my father and never called me. Finally after the three way call they unblocked MY number, everyday they can me while I'm at work and I'm not allowed to be in my phone while I'm at work because I work the government and in told Santander this and made arrangements to start catching everything up. I just got back to work 4 weeks ago and this week got my first full check today 11/1/19, and was going to pay a full payment today. But went to leave for work and my car is gone. I called them and again I was hung up on after waiting 5 minutes in hold. I called back and the que was so full it told me to call back in a few hours. I waiting an hour and finally got ahold of someone. They had no idea if my car had been repoed or not!!! And said calls us back in 4 hours! But sent the release to the repo company for me to pick up my belongs, with me on the phone. I then called the repo company and they have no record of it's been picked up yet. It's been 3 hours since they took it and they have no idea where it is!?!?!?!?!
This company is crazy. The harass me everyday, break arrangements, and screw with people's account. This needs to stop.

the payoff balance never drops after paying 3 years.

This bank is causing me stress. Now have I'll health. I was paying more then required payments 10 days before due date n it always cost me.more interest. I calculated my principal pmts. N their amt. Is Much higher. I've been throwing money down the toilet w them. I'm 70 n can't afford monies anymore. The engine. Blew.up w only 70, 000 miles On car. Orig odometer reading was 59, 000 3 yrs. Ago. The cars transmission began slipping after a month. Used car dealer never had warranty sticker on window of car. Dealer charged me $347.00 for my free one yr. Oil changes. Both scam artists. Car sitting now.

car loan

I paid Sander Consumer for 5 years the payments applied if $453.00 monthly was never applied to principal balance. After 5 years I had no choice but to surrender the car. Even the blue book value of purchase has been paid 3 times and Santander is still wanting 17k more. The car lot was shut down for fraud and Santander is draining my credit and phone calls want stop!

lack of accountability & responsibility

To Santander Management: There was a payment that was made the first week of August 1st and wa...


auto loan rule 78 applied

A no rule 78 additional interest stipulations made at time of signing contract in texas after specific instructions and multiple instructions stipulating only a pure single interest loan. (this has been acknowledged by the selling dealer)
Also, after 14 months payment of $578. A month "payoff" was quoted as $23, 100 on an originated loan of $24, 500 and when I asked to make an appointment to view the original "wet signature" loan document I was told the dealership had it... Which was not only a lie but something I had already verified as not being true in any santander loans they have ever made! The dealership has agreed to assist me in any/every way to verify my position.

auto loan

I am a current customer of Santander. I am 3 years in on a 5 year car loan. I haven't had any issues with them up until this point. Recently I had an issue with possible fraud on my bank account. The bank issued me a new debit card and gave me a new checking account number. This of course means that I them had to go and update all my payment information for my bills. When I made my car payment I inputted the new account information and proceeded with my payment. I made the payment for October 11th. It didn't come out on the 11th but I wasn't surprised because it will usually take a few days to process. When it hadn't come out by Weds I send them an email. Hours later they replied saying I'd need to call because they don't discuss payment information over email.

So I called them and they tell me that my payment was returned because the account was frozen. They then say that their computer system will sometimes not accurately update the information and will charge the old account in file. She tells me I should call if I need to update the info except they charge for that. Then she says that since my payment was returned I won't be able to pay by checking for the next 6 months and that I will need to pay by card WHICH THEY CHARGE A FEE FOR. So because of THEIR mistake I have to pay a convenience fee to make me payments for the next 6 months. She tells me it's out of her hands because that's just how their computer system works. That's ridiculous.

title department

Several years ago, my RV loan was sold to Santander. I have never missed a payment or had a late payment.
I Fed Exed the full payoff to Santander, which they received on September 12, 2019. I enclosed a copy of my statement, a letter with all my information, a return Fed Ex envelope with label and the payoff.
I called and confirmed they had processed. I called on October 6, 2019 and was told the title was mailed, regular mail, to my home. No one lnew what had happened to my fed ex envelope.
On October 15, 2019 I called to find out where my title was. After about 20 minutes, it was confirmed that their title processing department NEVER mailed it out. Now, understand, I have sold this RV and the new owner wants the title for registration. In the meantime, I am having to keep insurance on the coach.
I was told, finally, they would fed ex the title to me.
I called today, October 16, 2019. They state it was mailed, but they can not find a tracking number. They can not even tell me how it was sent to me, if indeed it was sent at all.
Meanwhile, the new owner has suggested that I return their funds if I cannot produce the title.. I have shown them that Santander has sent me paperwork that the coach has been paid off, but I may now lose my sale. Thanks Santander

car loan / gap coverage

I inquired about a car from Santander, and they miss lead me to believe that I was getting a great deal on this Camry by saying the Interest rate would be high only four a year and after that I could Refinance and get something else as long as I dont miss any payments .me and my wife went a year tried to refinance and that's when we found out that we were totally screwed. The apr is so high no one will touch it. All of this was done crooked. They ran my credit check and said I need a big Deposit with my trade in. I told them that ok I'll keep my car so they asked can I add someone else to the loan I told them that I was going to ask my wife about it, so they asked can I make decisions on my own me being a man I said yes to see where this was going . The guy that sold me the car had me right down my wife name and info on a piece of paper and told me they were able to add her to the loan with no money down and accept the trade in. The hold idea was to get the car in my name to help my credit or both of our credit. But to find out later that I wasn't on the loan was a low blow. And I bought this gap coverage because I was told that if my car was wrecked or Totaled it would be replaced at a 100 percent. And being I live in Florida that was a great option to have. 2 years later the gap is capped in coverage. I was just Missiled with a bunch of misleading information. And to top all of this off they had me forge my wife information to get this deal done at 11:00pm at my home when the dealer was closed I thought that was strange but it was a head manager making this wife knew of the car but she didn't agree with the terms because while we were waiting on her to show up he said just sign it for her. I say you sure about this he said yeah she's your wife. Long story short we were screwed. I have been making these payments for 2 years and never missed a payment or late. But my apr is so high that nothing is touching the total price. can anyone help me with this? I do have bank statements to show I never missed or was late.

entire company

My wife and I bought a 2007 Hyundai Entourage Minivan from Carmax out of Dallas and the only finance company that would take it (from the rep at Carmax) was Santander. When we got it, it had 108, 000 miles on it and was listed at $9, 995. We barely had it a year and I got injured on the job in June of 2016 and was wrongfully terminated from this job. I got behind and couldn't make the payments for a few months and I told them that. They deferred it twice and said that that was all that they could defer it for. I got it repo'ed but was able to borrow money from family to get it back. My injury caused me to get behind twice and both times as soon as I was 12 hours late with a payment, Santander would start the harassing phone calls (4-5 per day if not more). The phone calls got so bad that I had to put my phone on silent just to get any peace and quiet, after the first few calls that I told different employees (which absolutely are rude and vulgar with you) that I was injured and was already fighting with Workers Comp over my injury and not working but yet the phone calls continued a few hours later. A year after we got this van, the a/c went out. Then the whole dashboard computer needed to be replaced due to an undisclosed service recall. Then I had to replace the brakes, the starter. All the repairs cost me to have to get help from my aunt who paid it (which ran around $4-5, 000) To keep it running within two months. I recently found out that these Santander was charging me 24% interest. And I had this van for 4 years out of the 6 year term and at the time that I let it go back (when they sent another repo company to come get it (but not before they CLOSED my account after promising me that after I got caught up with the very first repo and falling behind that they would open it back up. We'll they never did and that was back in 2018, which totally screwed up my credit as well as my wife's to where we can't get another vehicle at all!) I had to borrow another $2, 400 to get a cash car to get my wife and kids back and forth between work and school!). Before I let them have this vehicle, I checked my account with them (online) and it shows that all the money that I paid for 4 years ($265 X 12 months = $3, 168 per year that I paid and times that by 4 years = $12, 672. Which means that this vehicle should have already been paid for. But when I checked their website, it said that we still owed $9, 000 on a loan that was for only $11, 000 after taxes and fees!!!)

And then yesterday [protected]) I get a letter in the mail saying that they sold the vehicle for $800 and that i still have to pay $9200, which also says that I have to pay for them selling it ($222 for them to sell it)! I then get a call from these [censored]s after I haven't had the van for two months and they tell me that I have to make a $9, 200 payment today but that they can "work" with me. I told them that I will be contacting a lawyer and will be taking them to court and suing them and then hung up while the employee was still talking.

This company is absolutely horrendous. I can't believe that the government hasn't closed these [censored] down or done some kind of investigation into them, they have to be laundering money for someone or some other kind of criminal activity. This company is crooked as hell! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

regarding my account - [protected]


I am writing for all the problems I have been facing with Santander bank. My name is Sneha Bhat and I am a student at Clark University. My Santander bank account number is [protected]. I opened my account with Santander during their visit at Clark campus through your representative, Flori Micani.
Since then, we have faced several problems due to his naive behaviour. He sent in all of our debit cards really late as he had forgotten to add our names on the envelopes. He wired an amount of $138000 instead of $1380 to the CFA institute which obviously didn't reach them because I didn't have that much funds in my account. He opened 2 checking accounts for my friend Manvi Talwar and has been bothering her since then to come to the branch to close her account. He had not activated the debit card passcode for my friend Harsh Chitroda due to which he couldn't use his debit card for a very long time. All of us had already planned on closing our accounts with Santander when this new problem came up. I had received an email on my Clark email id regarding a job which I assumed will be an on-campus job since it was sent on my Clark student email account. He sent me a check of $2750 which was supposed to be given to some store credit manager. Later, it turns out he was a fraud and that check was also a fraudulent one. I just came in a month ago to be studying at Clark. I come from an affluent Indian family and I definitely don't need to fraud people for money. However, the bank closed my account citing that there was a fraud alert. I have even sent in all the emails and other details to Mr. Flori which very well prove that I had nothing to do with the fraudulent check. I wasn't informed about my account closure and much later, my father sent in money for my rent and utilities. Now, the bank has blocked my own money for so long and my landlord has been charging me for late payment on daily basis. It has been weeks and there has been nothing done about it. Please help out regarding the same. That's an urgent request.

auto loan

Hey, My name is Letyshea Murry. Santander Consumer USA really over charge me for a 2013 Chevy Impala. They double my loan the car was a rental car and I'm paying over $40, 000 for this car. When I got the car it had over 40, 000 miles. I could have been in something brand new paying that much for a use car. I'm really seeking some help, this car has put me in a hole. I'm a single mom and this car should be paid off by now. I've already paid $35, 000 on it. Please help. My email address is [protected]


I have a payment plan with this company for 292.00 a month. I went over with my bank who told me if i pay 400.00 a month i could pay it off by next year. This company Santander has been taking more interest out of my payment, I am going to include that I have been paying 10 days a head of time yet out of 400 dollars, 145 dollars goes to them and the rest to principle. I m thinking of hiring a lawyer to fight this. I ve had other company loans that have done better. It feels like no matter what I pay they still want what is in the contract of length. This how they get you with the car payments.

auto loan

I currently am still paying on a loan I obtained in February of 2013. A loan I had to also use my mothers credit worthiness to obtain due to my lack of credit. She is listed as the primary loan holder and im listed as secondary. My loan is $587 a month. The loan is so high because my credit worthiness is what was still used to get this loan. Upon reading so many articles about the loan company and actual dealer I used to get my vehicle, I realized this loan was never designed for me to pay off. The first trick was telling me I would be ok with making my first payment almost 2 months later. Unbeknownst to me my interest accumulated daily at a rate that was again on my worthiness not of the person made to cosign. It is now 2019 I have contacted my Attorney Generals office several times with no type of help. All I want is this loan to be forgiven because at this point I have paid over 40, 000 over what the car was originally worth. Plus I still owe over another 12500 grand. I just need help because this loan is not fair. Its the only debt in my life qnd because of the loqn type I cant even file bankruptcy.

adding illegal and unknown interest

I got a loan from Santander three years ago I had missed all together maybe 5 to 6 payments I have paid more than $16, 000 towards the car and they're telling me that I still owe 19, 000 to pay off the car which is more than my original loan was for plus what the interest was they have called me nonstop and harassed me to the point where it was 15 to calls a day they have left nonstop messages and when I was told that I was behind two months in owed over $2000 I agreed and gave them $1600 and they refused to take it away because I was short $400 when my loan payments are only 561 a month Santander is an extremely corrupt business and they have now put it on my credit so that I owe them $20, 000 and I want to sue them and get rid of this Loan through them. My car is only worth $7000 I've paid 16, 000 for it and they're still saying that I owe almost $19, 000 which would make it $35, 000 I'm supposed to pay for a car that was originally only 15, 000 and now only worth 7000. Please somebody help me get them out of my life.

car financing

Santander consumer usa accepted to finance my car 3years ago and I have religiously paid every month. After a while I had some money issues and I filed for bankcruptsy but I reaffirmed my debt with with them. That meant that I kept paying my car
My nightmare began when I noticed that they did not report my car to the three credit report agencies any more.
I have called in countless ocassions to customer service and man!!! They are the worst in all aspects. I tried several times to contact the right person to discuss this matter and they just laugh at me. They just didnt care. They gave me wrong phone numbers. They sent me back and forth from one person to another. Simply outrageous.
So it is been a year trying with the credit report agencies and this"santander consumer usa"
So I decided to refinance my car with another bank now that my credit is back again to normal. So I advise you customers out there that if you hear the words santander consumer usa in your effort to get a loan... Back off!!!
I will never ever dare to get financed with this... Bank

ford focus

I purchased a 2016 Ford focus through a car dealership and got this company as my finance company I have been paying $450 a month for three years and I still owed $16, 000 this is plum ridiculous that I have been paying that much interest on the Ford Focus And I pay my payments on time and it doesn't seem to be helping my credit at all I want to just let them have my car back and just deal with the consequences are no longer wanna deal with them


Right now Santander is saying I owe 150 dollars more than I actually owe, and they keep calling wanting their money and I keep calling tell them to explain where this 150 is coming from and they said it was taxes and interests which doesn't really make sense and usually goes on the payoff amount. They also took out a double
Payment once and by time I got that payment back my car payment was due again! And their interest rate is ridiculous!!

car loan

I went to get my first ever car on my own. Didn't know Santander was the finance company. I've been paying for most 5 years and paid 15600 on car. They say I still owe 11000. They've lied about how much my payments are and now they've managed to keep me paying. Called to try and resolve somehow and turn out I'm not even the buyer. I'm the co buyer. Which was something I would have never agreed to or the amount of money they said car was going to cost in long run. They would not helps kept asking if I wanted to just give back the car. I need help . I'm at such a loss. Thank you

unfair debt collection

I am making $310 a month on a 2015 Nissan Altima to Santander Consumer USA. My complaint with them is my interest rate fluxuates when I make the same payment every month. Over the last 60 days, my one payment the principal was $125.92 and the interest $184.08, the second payment the principal was $139.68 and the interest was $170. 32.
They also take post dated checks to the bank and cash them, which from what I read as far as we know is illigal. The last time I asked about the interest rate changing, they said, "It depends on the day the payment is made." We have been making payments every month on time for the last 2 years, we always pay over and out amount is not going down.

Thank you,
Shawna and Craig Jones from Colorado

auto loan / billing practices

I co-signed a loan in Oct 2009 for 10, 556 with payment of approx 186 monthly. The interest rate was 10% and they raised the interest to 26% so even when payments were made only 54.00 was applied to the principle...when the car was let go and repossesed in May 2017 they said including the tow fees of 700.00 the balance was how is it that after all those years of payments the amount the car went down maybe 2000.00? There was no way my niece who I co-signed for was ever going to pay the 5 year loan even in 5 more YEARS...if that is not illegal billing practices I don't know what it. And all of the harassing calls too.

auto loan / billing practices

auto loan

They were told we were going to refinance the vehicle we had through them with our credit union. They talked my wife into modifying the loan with them. The agreed payments were made then the vehicle was repossessed for non payment. They're denying ever getting the paperwork that was sent to them via fax even though we tried to get them to let us scan and email the paperwork. They told us that emailing the paperwork wasn't an option.

auto loan

My loan was about 18000, after paying on it for 4 years, it is at 17000. I don't understand this and I am sick and tired of this scam and their harassment. I'm considering a voluntary repo. I really need help. I don't know what else to do. This loan has completely ruined my life. I have paid over 10000 and this is absolutely ridiculous. Please add me to this lawsuit.

  • Di
    DIAMONDEK Sep 21, 2019

    Have an attorney look over your contract with Santander because they have been sued for millions within the past 3 years for predatory lending practices and the car places that have acquired their loans have mislead many customers on their payoff amount and term of agreements. You may have a lawsuit and don't even know it.

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