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certificate of deposit

A total rip off avoid at all cost. In 2016 I tried to open a CD account with them, but because their website...

personal loan

I asked for a 5000 loan then a CEO came on and said he would send me 15000 if I send him 600 I have already...


Can anyone tell me what the phone number you recieved when doing the loan.I just got a email saying i was approved for 5000 and payments of 125.00 im not going to do it but this scam sh-- needs to stop.I caught another company doing that.They said i had to send them 250 depisit on a itunes card because i had bad credit.It to is a legit company called Lending Club i discovered what was really going on and caught it 5am our time and reported it.The real company didnt know the phone number or the people's name funny thing they were indian decent and when i told them they were busted they started sending me text nasty ones and saying there not afaid of cops and we cant catch them.But what i notice now is its the same phone number as the one i got for eloan and im sorry i dont think a indian or arabian dude is named David that was the first clue.There copany put me on there web site.


This man kept calling me name Eric from Eloans from an Illinois number [protected] and said I was approved...


E-Loan Services; are crooks! Dishonest, disrespectful, and argumentative. I was taken to the clears for $254.00 for funds verification and $275.00 for an insurance policy. Was told by a Mr. Morrison that the loan was complete, then a Mr. Rick Hamilton guaranteed the loan was finalized after the payment of the insurance premium. After that, they said they would call, ultimately I called them back to find out they wanted $125.00 for each of 3 red flags that appeared. I refused and required the return of my funds. Ethan, Richard, Steve and a Mr. David Very guaranteed the return of my funds. Nadda, nothing, and rip off scam. It has been recommended to me to file a complaint with the Federal Department of Justice. I have hard copies of all emails, recorded phone conversations, names and dates. Anyone else who has been scammed by these jerks should follow suit.

non delivery of loan

This company did not transfer my loan to me after complying with them. They charged me for half of monthly...

non delivery of loan

This comit will not go through.any did not transfer the loan amount to me. I have been working with for 3...


On June 4, 2014 a representative of a company named e-loan contacted me to state that I was approved for a...

loan scam and fraud

The company got me for about 125, then 278.69, then for 278.59. They then went after another 500 when I...

scamming money

Had gone online to secure a loan. Was called by a person representing E-Loan. Approved a personal load up to...

payday loan

On january 28, 2014, i was called by elaon agent james brown (With an indian accent) saying i was approved...

loan fraud

well they got me and I am trying to get ahold of the fbi I have already talked to the ftc and the fdic they...


I was told that I was approved for a $2500.00 loan. Because of my credit ratting, I was to go to CVS and buy a Green Dot Money Pack and send them $185.00. Then they told me I would get the $2500.00 plus the $185.00 within 2 hours into my checking account. We explained that we had the money but that it was our rent. It just didn't seem legit so I researched complaints on this company and what I found was exactly what I expected. Now they won't stop calling.


It's a scam, they will take your money. do not call or make any deals with E-loan. They know about the scam that people are doing from canada using there name and they haven't done any thing. they will call you and ask you for a loan insurance after telling you that you have been approve for a loan with a 9% apr. Name of the person that called me TERI phone number [protected]. I'm calling them everyday. I know Im not getting the money back but I will keep calling intill they change or cancel that number.

contacted about bogus loan

I was contacted by Ashley from eloan saying I had been approved for a $5,000 personal loan at only 9% interest. But because of my bad credit, I would be required to send them $770 for loan insurance before they would release the loan funds to me. They asked for my SSN, my fax number to fax loan documents to me. I told them I would have to call them back with the fax number. Tried to call them, kept getting a recording so I left a message. Their number is [protected] ext.2081. They knew my home phone no & cell phone #(not known by many)as they left a message with each number. I talked to husband about loan, as it sounded fishy about the insurance money required first. They knew stuff about my credit report, and that I had applied for a loan (but it was over a month ago!) Beware!!

  • Na
    Nan Apr 14, 2008

    I was contacted by Tori Dunn and she said she was with E-Loan. She said she was responding to my online application for unsecured personal loan. She said I qualified for a $10, 000 unsecured loan. However, since my credit score is low I will need to pay for the unsecured loan insurance. I asked her to fax the information. Before proceeding with the application, I checked out the website: Company Logo of the application was the same as on the internet. The address match when researching the company through or yellow pages. After checking the company information provided, I thought this was a legitimate offer. I faxed over the application with all the required inforamtion, such as Driver's License, Social Security Number, Bank Account Number. Then I proceeded to send the $850 insurance fee plus the moneygram fee. She then said that the funds will be wired transferred to my account within 24 to 48 hours. When no money was transfered I called to find out the status of my loan. She then said that there was a hold on my account and that the insurance fee is suppose to be $1700, she will need additional funds to release my form. I again sent her the $750 plus the fee. She again she that the funds will be in my account within 24 to 48 hours. Still no funds and have not heard from her. Phone number no longer works and contacted E-Loan and they said there is a company out there that is using their name and information and it's fraud. Since then I called Federal Credit Bureau, Consumer Bureau, CanadaPhone Buster, General Attorney, etc. It's been a mess and I cannot believe that these people are not getting away with this!

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  • Na
    Nan Apr 14, 2008

    Correct to my previous comment: I cannot believe that these people are getting away with this!

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  • Go
    GOOD CITIZEN Mar 10, 2009

    SAME THING HAPPEN TO ME HER NAME WAS DAWN PETERS AND SHE SAID TO WIRE 770 dollars for insurance and the money would be tranferred in 24to48hrs. Good thing i had my moms attorney to check it out before i sent any money and the eloan logo look like it was copy and pasted on the papers. and all of the documents had only her direct number and her voicemail didn't sound professional and you're normally able to transfer out of phone mail with hers you couldn't SO I FAXED HER BACK AND WROTE ON THE PAPERS SHE SENT ME AND SAID GO TO HE** BI**H you thought you had me BUT ITS REALLY SAD THAT THEY TARGET PEOPLE IN A TIME OFNEED.

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  • Sa
    SanchoPitolon Apr 16, 2014

    Si chup pito lOs HijOs de su puta MadRe

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  • Ju
    Juanna Jackson Nov 04, 2019

    I learn the hard way but now that I have a better idea of how to get a loan these scanners have nothing on me... First red flag is when you know they are not an american citizen... And from another country.. They ask for cash up front to get the loan. Red flag 2-no loan company will ask for money up front if you have bad credit they can only give you a high interest rate. Or not approve your loan.. When spoken to the person I let them know I wasn't born yesterday and that I never applied for a loan from your company he said you have and I told him that they were scamming the wrong person and that I will be getting a hold of bbb filing against them.. They hung up on me.

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is a scam!

We went online to try to get a payday advance, we went to and applied for a personal loan, we were...