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On Friday night there was water running from my dining room ceiling. Iclimb into the ceiling and found that the drip tray of the geyser had water in it and that the drip tray is hanging on the one side wich is causing the water running onto the sealing. The water is leaking from the geyser. I closed the water, switch off the geyser and empty the tray with a cup and bucket to prevent further water damage. I Phoned the insurance department and was informed that a service provider will be asigned to the problem
Saterday Morning I phoned again due to I did not received a notification as yet. I was given the ref number over the phone. Saterday later during the day I phoned again because I was not contacted by a service provider for any arrangement to come and do repairs or replace the geyser. I was put on hold while the service provider was contacted and afterwords I was told that the service provider will contact me and today is Sunday and I haven't received a call from anyone recarding this claim.

I'm disapointed due to i'm still without hot water. This is also not the first claim on this geyser. Not long ago the thermostat and element was replaced by JJ Plumbing due to the geyser was not heating and also caused my prepaid meter to go into tamper mode.

Bad service esi attorneys and sahomeloans

My bond was reassessed by SA Homeloans and then came back as unsuccessful due to my retrenchment. The attorneys they refered me to is now refusing to pay back my lodgement fees of R12000. I contacted SA Homeloans and informed them about it and they have not assisted me in getting my money back eventhough ESI attorneys are their lawyers and it was their job to inform the attorneys that lodgement cant take place. It is also their duty to get my money back seeing it is their attorneys and this is unforseen circumstances.

insurance claim no: cl4332298.

I am very disappointed with SA insurance poor customer service, they don't provide feedback on claims till a customer calls them several times. I am now wondering if SA home loans will ever approve the claims I am submitting. This is pathetic and it's like we are paying for nothing. I want to cancel this insurance and join other service providers. I am fed up with SA insurance.

I am also considering switching the bond to another bank.

insurance bhavish and jj lourens

So we contacted them for what I thought was a leaking geyser... They sent an assesor from jj lourens to do assessment. The assessor turned off inlet tap to geyser, said pressure valve. Thermostat and element needed replacing. That was friday. Saturday I noticed the leaking was worse and my gut feeling was really not good. Tbeir guys rocjed up and within 1 min told ne geyer was burst. They were just going to replace geyser without insurance approval... No way will I pay the excess twice. I told them to leave the property. They emptied the geyser and disconnected the inlet pipe from the geyser... 21h00 and there is water coming out of the light switch in our children's room. No answers from tbe 24hr service at jj lourens. Funny how protected they are... Here is the video of the water running down the wall. The next assessor said it was not their fault... This was after the initial assessment. Still no geyser going on 3 weeks. There was water coming out an electric light switch after they had been and it is not their fault. All I ask is that jj lourens answer why they disconnected the inlet pipe and why they did not inform us. What price do they pay for doing this...

unethical behaviour regarding processing of home loan application

To Whom It May Concern:

This correspondence serves to register a formal complaint against an SA Home Loan Property Finance Consultant by the name of Claude Naidoo (with cellphone, +[protected] for intentionally providing me with false information regarding my home loan application. Furthermore, for providing client information to a third party. The false information led to me loosing a deal with Standard Bank.

It is requested that relevant action/sanction be taken against aforementioned person to protect the rights of consumers.

Thanking you in advance.

Best regards,

LN Masiza
Cell: +[protected]

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further loan application declined

Mr A and Mrs D Muller - Account Number 3572977

Our application for a further loan of R152 778.47 was declined due to the following reason:

Inadequate life cover to cover the outstanding balance on the home loan on our retirement

Mr Muller Transnet Retirement Fund Benefit currently stands at R5 220 637.65 and the death benefit at R7 237 538.38

Mrs Muller provident fund at retirement age equals R140 000.00

All the proof of the above was submitted together with our application.

Mr Muller will retire at the age of 63 which means his retirement benefit will be well in excess of R6 000 000.00 which is more than sufficient to cover the outstanding home loan balance should the further loan application be approved

Please assist by looking into this matter and to provide us with URGENT feedback.

Thank you

Kind regards

inability to obtain settlement figure

My account number with SA Home Loans is 2188778. On Friday, 16 August 16, 2019 1:26 PM, I sent an email to [protected] to request a settlement figure so that I could cancel my bond. I received no response. I then forwarded the email on 20 August to [protected] for a response. I received no response. That same day, I phoned SA Home Loans in Durban about it. It was a bad line and the woman to whom I spoke at around midday (I didn't get her name) promised to email me the information right away. I received nothing. I then forwarded the email to the Fourways branch as that is where I signed up with SA Home Loans ([protected] I have still not received a response. I then tried to phone the Fourways office and was cut off.

The desirable resolution of the complaint is that I want to cancel my bond by paying it up in full and I need to know what this involves. For example, I think I need to obtain a settlement figure and then to complete and return a Paid UP Home Loans option form. Is that correct? Please could someone contact me on [protected] to provide me with the settlement figure and whatever else is required. Thank you. Best wishes, Karen Paul


Sa home loans, they a special bunch I tell you, quickly to lodge judgement's against default payments yet when it comes to refunding closed accounts they take their own sweet time.

So much for having a service schedule which speaks to refunds are completed within 7 working days, 18days later still no refund processed.

People take your business somewhere else because this company is fool of... Ish

hoc policy 1683456

On the 10 of January I logged a claim and got immediate response advising me of my claim number CL4302018 that I must contact Victor Van Der Merwe who is my claims handler.
I have sent two emails to him, he has read requested these emails but does not respond to them at all. it is now 13 days and no response!
I called again today and spoke to Sue who has sent an email.
Please can I get a response from someone?
The front beam got water damaged on the 1 Jan 2019 due to the storm and heavy rain and we have had to replace it as i cannot be without this beam as crime in our area is very bad.

recalculation on my bond

I took out a home loan with stander bank 2007 with the total amount of 306000, i've been staying and paying...

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no service delivery for a claim that's been lock the 3 sept

CL 4292654 was registered the 3 of September .Shavonne is the person handling this. Very little if any feedback was given and today i found out that the only quotes they have is the one i got. Non of the services providers they sent, 3 in total, came back with a quote . The issue is that my safety is in jeopardy because it is our security gate that must be replaced. Also my roof was damaged in a srorm and ererytime it rains my ceilings get damaged. Why am i paying for this tipe of service?
Riaan Louw

further loan

Id no - [protected] W Els I have applied for a further bond or loan and was called and told it has bee...


I've never been so pissed off at any one as I am at you guys. My wall is breaking because of a tree outside my property. The municipality refuse to take down the tree due to pollution in the vaal and you refuse to rebuild my wall. I pay my loan every darn month and you just take and take. That tree has been there long before I moved in and now its my fault. How can you be so cruel not to even pay out something for the damage? Ive already paid R30 000 in insurance over the few years but you refuse a darn R10 000 rebuild of my wall. Well you just suck! Im switching my loan to another bank who will assist me.

homeowners insurance

Gives only information bit by bit so that each step in the process is delayed by a few days. My claim...

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application on a new bond - a total nightmare

Last month my wife and i decided to try and buy a new bigger house and contacted SA Home loans, as our current house is financed through you. We got through to a Shaun Pillay who started the process of acquiring all of our documentation. We thought that all the documents were in order as we had not heard anything back from Shaun. We called a week later to see how things were progressing only to be told that there were still outstanding documents. Utterly frustrated due the lack of communication and follow up we sent through the required documents. From there on my wife and i had to CONSTANTLY follow up or we would get no feed back. Every time we called we were told one or other department had the forms and we would have an answer the next day, and after following up time after time we were told that there was always something wrong after being assured on numerous occasions that all was in order. Finally we were told we were declined with no further explanation or possible steps that could be taken to further assist us as i made it clear we had a deposit as well as cash that could cancel a certain amount of debt that could assist i just needed to know what amounts i needed to settle to assist from the possible sale of my house. I called Head office to vent my frustration and made contact with a team leader "Fazal" who listened to what i had to say and looked over our application. He picked up discrepancies with amount that was put on our expenses under insurance that we had no knowledge of as well as validated by bank statements as it was not there. He said he would take it back to Shaun's team leader and ask them to review it and get back to me. This was Wednesday 5/06/2018, i called 7/06 to ask Fazal if he handed everything over to which he assured he did and would go there now to ask them to call me. Yet another day has passed and still no one has contacted me. My offer to purchase expires tomorrow 09/06/2018 and i am EXTREMELY disappointed by SA home loans lack of ability to communicate with potential home buyers. I will NEVER recommend SA Home loans to any one if this is the level of service that is to be expected in an already stressful situation of buying a house, and then having to deal with such incompetence. If we don't qualify great say so, tell us why and then explain if we had settled X, Y or Z it would be affordable can you do that and at least we know what our way forward will be. We are currently busy with one of the major banks and they have above and beyond exceed what is required of them and should we get the bond the second i have sold my house I will pay the 335k i owe to you and close my home loan with you with immediate effect. All i have asked for is feedback with information regarding my application and the amounts that no one can explain that's been put on my expenditures sheet.


I want put in a formal complaint against Adrian Roodt, he works at the Kenilworth branch. We have been...

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logged a claim with SA homeloans insurance for a broken airconditioner.after much debate i was informed that...

house destroyed by a tornado

My house was destroyed by a Tornado on the 30 December 2017, I logged a claim on the 2nd of January 2018. my claim was assigned to Irene Dreyer claim number 4274786, an assessor came and submitted his report to the insurance. a couple of days later the insurance offered me money that was too little to fix my house. I rejected the money and requested that they send a building contractor to come fix the house, since then they have been requesting quotations after quotations, they have been reviewing these quotation for 5 days now and in the meanwhile I am staying in a house with no roof. it has been raining for the past few days and my house is a mess.
I pay my bond and insurance every month without fail, and yet when its time for the insurance to play their part and all you get is a slap in a face.

claim taking long to be attended to

Good day, I have lodged a claim about with your company three week ago. The claim relates to a roof leakage...

informing me on the 14th of outstanding payment.

This is the email I sent to SA Homeloans: Ref No: 4742599 Something just does not make sense to me. Please...