EliteSinglesrefund from elite singles is overdue. not honoring elite policy

D Dec 10, 2018

Hello there ELITE SINGLES Customer Care

Since November 17, 2018 I have been requesting you to cancel my subscription and refund me the transaction made with Elite Singles of $194.85. The details of the payment made in advance and taken from my Master card is given below for easy reference.|

EliteSingles* EliteSin Berlin DEU

Please note that my Master card that was used to make this payment ends with the number XXX. I have notified the local Mastercard customer service and they have been alerted of this refund. Please note that the cancellation of my Membership was requested on the first day itself which is within the first 3 days of my paid Membership as per your terms and conditions in Clause 12 titled" Cancellation of your paid membership during the three day cooling-off period" So in keeping with your posted policy and terms and conditions since I have fulfilled this requirement please give me this promised refund of $194.85 amount in full back into my master card. Further I have NEVER started using your Services. Please do not keep sending me any Elite singles mail either. Thank you very much for your assistance and I look forward to having the refund of $194.85 back into my Master Card as quickly as possible.

Not honoring your policy, terms and conditions is fraudulent

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