Elite Singles South Africano way of submitting a refund

S Aug 01, 2018

On the 25th July 2018 i was given a 'special offer' for a Premium Subscription for the amount of R119.00, i submitted my my card details and to the right of the screen, it clearly showed an amount of R119.00, once i did the payment, i received an SMS which showed R714.00 had been deducted from my account, i went looking all over the site to see how i can contact Elite Singles, and there was a website,,
unfortunately, this website does not exist, i also found a fax number, i typed out a letter for a refund and faxed this. I then contacted my bank who advised me that they can reverse the transaction, however as the company has already debited my account, they can still deduct the account at the end of the month. I continued to search for any means of contact for Elite singles, i found an email address, which is [protected]@elitesingles, and sent my refund request, i then kept receiving emails from google to notify me that the email has been sent, but not delivered, this continued for 3 days, and today my account was debited

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