eDreamsthe refund amount is wrong - booking ref number: [protected]

I called eDreams call center on 24.Aug to cancel my Tokyo trip in Jan.2020, I triple confirm with the colleague the refund amount and she told me the amount I will get back is $6292.04 HKD, thats why I agree with the refund and I got their email reply with the amount as proof.
However, I got the refund on 10.Sep, the amount is 1300 something HKD.
I called the call center again today (1.Oct) but the colleague quibble they can only refund 80% of the airfare. I request they send email to me with the breakdown why the amount become $1300 now but they rejected to do so. The point is, the airfare charge $7865.05, noway I can only get $1300 for the refund.
Suppose they should pay back the money to me through the credit card I pay, but they do the refund to me by remittance now. I suspect maybe there is someone do dirty work in middle and embezzle the amount in difference to own account.
I want my money back, this is cheating and fraud case!! Looking forward to hear from you soonest...


Oct 01, 2019

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