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A Sep 10, 2018 Review updated:

If you want to have a nice and relaxed trip and enjoy some positive energy after, avoid Edreams at any cost. It is a terrible experience since the reservation to the invoicing.

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My experience:
- When you search flights at Edreams, prices are cheaper than anywhere else. However, when you reach the end of the process, and you are tired enough to search for other alternative, the price has increased absurdly due to payment method expenses, service fees, insurance expenses, and other stupid expenses they charge you. You start feeling you were fooled
- If you contract an insurance to cover flight change costs you will find that it only covers Edreams services. Edreams wont charge you nothing to change the flight but you will have to pay the cost charged by the airline, which can be 100 USD or more
- Edreams offers a nice automatic online check-in service. Forget it. It did not work. When I tried to do the online check-in with the airline it was too late. I had to go to the airport 3 hours before the flight to ensure I would get a seat because it was overbooked
- I downloaded the invoices and noticed a difference of 70 euros between the amount charged on the credit card and the total amount of the invoices. The credit card is from a company, so I need an invoice. I asked Edreams support and they said I must ask the invoice to the insurance company. After finding the name of the insurance company on the flight information, I contacted the insurance and they answered that the invoice must be issued by Edreams. And here started a sequence of emails, Facebook chat and international phone calls to Edreams and, when they answer, either they say the same "the insurance company must issue the invoice, bye", but they won't, or they tell me they will send it by email, but they don't. I started commenting posts on the Edreams Portuguese Facebook page about this problem, because they don't answer to my chat, and they just ignored my comments. They don't even seem to care if you complain. This is very simple to solve. If they charged me 70 Euros on my card, either they send me and invoice, or tell the insurance company to send me one (I tried unsuccessfully several times) or give me back my money.
To finish, if you want to avoid extra costs, international call costs, absurd problems, and dealing with a third world customer service, don't use Edreams.


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    iris wiener Sep 16, 2019

    I am fed up with edreams. I have taken out an insurance policy with them for cancellation and flexible dates. I paid over Euro100 for this. NOw I want to cancel two flights and I am having terrible trouble!
    First I contacted the German edreams and was on the phone for over 30 minutes ( I am calling from overseas)
    Next I contacted the English number - well of course it was through India - what else???
    After being on the phone with them ( also an overseas call) for over 20 minutes the Indian fellow informed me that I have to contact the other insurance company - they are only the agents. I paid edreams and I want edreams to settle it, I said, but they put me on hold for over 10 minutes ( I guess he had enough).
    Now what do I do??
    I phoned the French company with which they are insured and it only speaks French.
    Only the Irish one there is only a voice message!!!
    What the hell should I do after I paid so much money for insurance?????
    Why insure???

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