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Good morning

I am writing in conjunction with a pending complaint, of which reference number is [protected]/GO. Details of the full complaint can be checked via reference number. The complaint was against Managerial staff and the contracting security appointed inside the Edgars store, Liberty Promenade, Mitchells Plain Cape Town, South Africa.

Friday 13th October my mother, Mrs Jacobs entered Edgars and took her carrier bags reflecting another retail brand to be sealed off at security before she continued into the store. After a quick browse she left to check other stores before purchasing sale items which she sells off at a small stand in her community flea market.

Upon her return to Edgars after seeing all the Malls sale items, she was subjected to a bag search by the security who opened the SEALED carrier, initially sealed by one of his colleagues who was not present at the time. Unfortunately the receipt could not be produced at the time for the items found inside containing sale clothing from various retailers, including Edgars.

A long interrogation by the security to Mrs Jacobs ensued sans the failure to produce receipts. Accusation of theft by security and manager led to the breakdown in tears of Mrs Jacobs.

She was forced to take public transport (2 taxis to and fro at her own expense)to obtain receipts at home, while they kept her goods in their possession. I am utterly disgusted that my mother was treated as if she was a criminal and degraded by retail service provider staff.

I have verbally complaint at the store, sent an email on Facebook and contacted customer care the 18th October, .

I was assured on Wednesday that i would receive a call to advise the outcome of such complaint within 24 hours but i still have not received the awaited call as yet.

Following the ordeal my mother experienced from not only Edgars staff but security affiliated to them as well, i find the lack of empathy and interest to the experience extremely insulting.

As advised on Wednesday, the follow up call should be to me and not my mother.

Your response is highly anticipated

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